5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Looking at cushion cut diamond rings? We understand. The cushion is a sparkly all-get out; it’s a real head-turner. It has more life and fire than any other cut. And because of the way it’s cut, you get loads of diamond for your dollar. No wonder Kim Kardashian and other celebrities rock it proudly. 

3.01 ct Cushion Diamond image

3.01 ct Cushion Diamond

That being said, buyer beware! The cushion definitely ain’t for everyone. So today, let’s talk about the dark side of cushion cut diamond rings; the cons other jewellers won’t tell you about.

Why are cushion cut diamonds so popular?

Cushion cut diamond rings are a hit. The cushion is a new version of an old classic - the mine cut. The unique shape and larger facets give it tremendous sparkle and fire. Plus, no two cushion cuts are alike - which makes them a good way to symbolise your love, which is also one-of-a-kind. 

</b><b>3.01 ct Cushion<span> </span>Diamond image

3.01 ct Cushion Diamond

Another great thing about the cushion is its price. Compared to the classic round brilliant,  less diamond is wasted in the cutting process… So you get more diamond for less money. 

Want to see a stunning example of a cushion cut? Check out Kim Kardashian’s gorgeous 15 carat cushion cut ring, courtesy of Kanye. 

The problem with cushion cuts? 


1. Too hard to find

You won’t find many cushion cuts at your local jewellers’. The cut is rare and exotic, and finding a quality cushion can be tricky. Your local jeweller may not have what you’re looking for - and overcharge for what they have. That’s why we recommend you don’t get it…

At least not in a physical store. 

Penelope, 0.8 ct ct Cushion Lab Diamond image

Penelope, 0.8 ct ct Cushion Lab Diamond

The best place to get a cushion cut diamond ring is online. At Keyzar, you can preview hundreds of cushion cut stones; a selection you’d never find in real life. This way you can pick the perfect stone without overpaying.

2. Cushions are unpredictable

The modern cushion cut doesn’t have an official grading system. There are two main cut styles and dozens of different proportions, which leads to endless - sometimes overwhelming - variation.

Cushions come in two main categories: the cushion brilliant and the modified cushion cut. They sound similar, but you’d be surprised at how different they are. 

-Modified cushion cut diamonds are blindingly brilliant. 

-Some cushions are more “pillowy” and square, others are elongated and rectangular. 

-Some have wide and rounded corners while others have a tighter, sharper turn on the edges.

These minor details make it impossible to know what your diamond will look like without seeing it first. This endless variation can create a lot of confusion.

Solitaire Natalie, 1.3 ct Cushion Lab Diamond image

Solitaire Natalie, 1.3 ct Cushion Lab Diamond

We will give you one pro tip though… See your cushion in person or use “Keyzar’s” 3D preview tool to make sure you’re getting a stone you really want. Otherwise, your cushion may look wildly different from what you expect. 

3. Too much brilliance

If you want a subdued look, the cushion ain’t it. It’s glamorous and out there. Cushions are so brilliant they’re impossible not to notice, which isn’t for everyone.

Cushion modified brilliants are especially shiny. They have what we call a “crushed ice” look, being as sparkly as a radiant cut, rather than a round brilliant. They are usually cheaper than the standard cushion cut, which is why most people go for them.

4. Tricky ratios

As if all this information didn’t create enough chaos in your head…

Cushions come in different ratios and proportions- square, rectangular and in-between. Shopping for different cushion shapes and proportions makes a big difference and can be super tricky!

Squarish cushions have more sparkle and are actually a squarish version of the round brilliant. What matters is that thanks to the extra sparkle, you can downgrade in colour and clarity because it will hide the small flaws and tint. These cushions are the most common type, though a 1:1 ratio is almost impossible to find. 

1:1.05 ratio would look something like this… squarish…

Twig Emilly, 3 ct Elongated Cushion Lab Diamond image

Twig Emilly, 3 ct Elongated Cushion Lab Diamond

Elongated cushions have excellent spread and finger coverage. They look big and slim the finger, but here we have another issue. These larger facets reveal the defects more and this means with these cushions you’d have to pay for better clarity and colour.

This is a more elongated cushion that would have a ratio of 1:1.15+...

You can see very clearly that a tiny difference in ratio results in two very different diamonds… Which one will suit you more depends on your hand shape and the length of your finger.

Alice, 2 ct Elongated Cushion Lab Diamond image

Alice, 2 ct Elongated Cushion Lab Diamond

A pro tip from “Keyzar” would be getting a slim band setting and an elongated cushion to make your stone look massive…

5. They’re old school

Cushion cut diamonds are based on the old mine cut, which has been around for hundreds of years. It’s got a vintagey, romantic feel to it… in fact, your grandmomma may have even received one from grandpa! 

Though this may be something you want, you’ve got to be careful. Older cushion cuts don’t correspond to modern standards. You’ll mostly find them in lower colour grades, with poor cuts, and big black spots in the middle. .  You don’t want that! 

We really don't recommend buying an actual vintage cushion cut. Our pro tip is to look at a wide selection of modern, recently cut cushion stones. If budget is a concern, you can always go lab-grown!

Still want a cushion?

Naomi</b></strong><strong><b>, 2 ct Cushion Lab Diamond image

Naomi, 2 ct Cushion Lab Diamond

Things to remember with a cushion…

The crushed ice look really hides the lower clarity and colour grades. This means you can go down in clarity and colour if your cut grade is high. 

Elongated cushions slenderize the finger with lots of spread. You get a stone that looks bigger at a lower carat weight. Square cushions are more sparkly, with more fire (i.e. more colored light).

Though we think cushions are best bought with the help of an expert, if you do decide you don’t need assistance,  always make sure you preview the stone ahead of time. You can use our 3D preview tool for that or book an appointment with us to get the help of an expert. 

All that being said… If you see a cushion cut diamond and it’s love at first sight, just take it! All cushions are unique, so chances are you’ll never find one like it again!

Questions everyone is asking

3.01 ct Cushion Diamond image

3.01 ct Cushion Diamond

Why are cushion cut diamonds cheaper?

Cushion cut diamonds are usually about 25% less expensive than round diamonds. That’s because when jewellers work with the stone, more of the diamond is cut and so more is lost in shaping than in the case of round diamonds. The cost of each retained carat is higher because of this.

Do cushion cut diamonds look smaller?

Cushion cut diamonds look smaller than some other shapes. Cushions “face up” smaller than some other diamond shapes , which makes them look smaller when seen from the top. As they are cut deeper, they carry more of their weight on the bottom of the stone, where it can’t be seen.

Are cushion cut diamonds a good value?

Cushion cut diamonds are still quite brilliant, though not as brilliant as round diamonds. Because of their large facets, they usually have more fire. Many people love the intense fire of cushion cut diamonds. Also, these diamonds are cheaper than their round counterparts, which may be an advantage, when budget is an issue.

Ready to shop?

Ready to find your very own cushion cut diamond? 

Check out our diamond collection, where you can see 360-degree, HD images of a huge variety of diamonds. You can see exactly what you’re getting, which is important with the cushion cut. We offer both virtual and offline appointments at our New York location, where you can view our assortment with your own eyes and fall in love.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us at contact@keyzarjewelry.com and we’ll find the unique stone that matches your preferences perfectly. 

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