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Everything You Need to Know About Ring Sizing

When shopping for an engagement ring, it’s important to know how to make sure the ring will be the right size. Finding a perfect fit is critical as there’s nothing more embarrassing than trying to shove a ring onto your partner’s finger unsuccessfully after they’ve already said yes just because you got the wrong size! 

Here’s a guide to help you understand ring sizing to ensure that the ring you choose will be as perfect as the person you’re presenting it to. 

How to Find an Accurate Ring Size

The first thing you should know is that there are multiple ways to find a ring size. Naturally, some methods work better than others. Let’s take a look at the top 3 methods for finding an accurate ring size. 

Method #1: Measure the Ring Size Manually Using a Piece of String

To measure someone’s ring size, you can use string, dental floss, or a strip of paper. Simply take the material and wrap it around the finger in question. Take a note of where the material overlaps and mark that spot with a pen. 

Always try to make the smallest mark as you can when marking the spot where the material overlaps on your finger. The smaller the mark, the more accurate it will be when determining the proper ring size.

The next thing you’ll need to do is to measure the length of the material that you used. For example, if you used a piece of string, measure the length of the string in millimeters. You can use the length in millimeters to determine the ideal size for the ring.   

Method #2: Use a Ring That Already Fits Perfectly to Determine Your Ring Size

Another option is to use a ring that already fits perfectly to determine the ring size you’ll want to look for. All you need is a ring that fits the appropriate finger and a size chart to compare it to. 

Simply take the ring and find a printable ring size chart. Once you have printed the chart, you can place the ring on the chart to see what size is the best match. Make sure you print a chart that is true-to-size to make the comparison as accurate as possible. 

Method #3: Invest in a Ring Sizer for Utmost Accuracy

If you don’t trust your measurements, you can always just buy a ring sizer. Having a ring sizer on hand makes the process of finding the right ring size quick and easy. 

Using a plastic ring sizer can give you a more accurate ring size than using a piece of string or dental floss. That’s because string and dental floss can stretch. If you pull on the string too hard when using it to measure your finger, you might throw the measurement off. 

Plastic ring sizers don’t stretch, they’re easy to use and incredibly accurate. Simply place your finger in the ring sizer, pull the end of the ring sizer through the buckle, and tighten it until you get a comfortable fit. Finally, take the number from the inside of the buckle and write it down. Voila! 

Things to Take Into Account

When measuring someone’s ring size, it’s best to take the measurement in the evening. The exact size of your finger can change several times throughout the day in response to changes in temperature. 

That’s why it’s best to measure the finger several times and use the average from the resulting measurements to determine the ring size.

Things to keep in mind: 

  • - Opt for a slightly larger size for rings that feature a wide band. 
  • - The best fit is a ring that fits perfectly at the base of your finger without being able to slide over the knuckle too easily.
  • - When you’re in between sizes, go one size up. It’s much easier to make a ring smaller than it is to make one bigger.  

        Remember, it’s important to be as accurate as possible in determining the ring size so the ring you’re about to buy will fit perfectly without having to make any adjustments. 

        How to Determine Your Partner’s Ring Size Without Spoiling the Surprise

        If you want your proposal to be a surprise, asking your partner for their ring size might sound counterintuitive. In situations in which you can’t ask your partner for their ring size, you can always try asking one of their family members and tell them to keep it a secret. 

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        If you’re shopping for an engagement ring, we wish you a successful proposal from Keyzar Jewelry, simply flawless. Then again, if it’s a wedding ring or an eternity ring that you’re looking for, we compliment you on your good taste, we’re sure you’ll find something fabulous. 

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