5 Reasons to Avoid the 2-Carat Princess Cut

5 Reasons to Avoid the 2-Carat Princess Cut

What's better than a princess cut diamond? A giant chonk of a princess cut diamond, of course! 

Princess cuts are number two in the popularity contest that is the engagement ring game. While second place might not make the princess cut a dark horse, it certainly does imply a unique dankness that we absolutely stan for.  

If a squared-up sparkle-fest is exactly what your drip requires, why not double down and go for 2 carats while you're at it? 

Snatched Lil' Sparkle Square

Princess cut diamonds are the delightfully sparkly little square diamonds that are known for their sharp corners and bangin' brilliance. Seriously tho, that sparkle. Princess cut diamonds have between 50 and 58 facets meaning they really spare no expense in the shine department. 

Their shape is pretty similar to that of a pre-cut diamond in the rough, making them a lot more affordable than their brilliant buddy, the round brilliant. Translation? Bigger rock, less cash. We love that. 

And when you consider the fact that a brilliant-cut means you get a little breathing room where shine covers color and clarity? That's a chonky upgrade. So we'll take 2 carats, please!

Baguette Three Stone Liv, 2 ct Princess Moissanite image

Baguette Three Stone Liv, 2 ct Princess Moissanite

Add a few extra sharp lines with this Baguette Three Stone Liv, and you’ve got a high-key modern masterpiece that seriously slaps.

Boujee Boarders

Princess cut diamonds are the squared-up fancy shape brilliant diamond your mama warned you about. 

No, seriously, she probably warned you cause princess cuts have sharp little corners that love to catch a little sweater now and then.

Charlotte, </b></span><b>2 ct Princess Lab Diamonds image

Charlotte, 2 ct Princess Lab Diamonds

Those unprotected corners are a total menace tbh, and not just to your knitwear. They are delicate as all get out, but fear not. We've got shiny solutions. 

Halo settings are a flippin' gorge way to protect your edge–and make your center stone look bigger while you're at it. Not to mention adding a ton of extra sparkle while you’re at it. Yes, please! 

But if you're into a slim magical sleekness, The Charlotte just hits different. It's all the beveled realness to keep your sidelines safe, plus a hidden halo, cause literally, why not? This setting is really giving the best of both worlds, and we absolutely live.

Shift Your Perspective

Scarlett, 2 ct Princess Lab Diamonds image

Scarlett, 2 ct Princess Lab Diamonds

Look, we love the square sparkle of a princess, but despite that, sometimes we want it to look a little less square.

It makes sense. Hear us out! 

There is very little we don’t love about a 2ct princess cut, but sometimes you just wish it was more, more. 

The Scarlett straight up stretches out the sparkle–and sneaks a few more carats in while it’s at it–adding a unique new perspective to the whole situation.

We still absolutely stan for the square, but we have to admit this setting lives luxuriously rent-free in our heads, and we are totally here for it.

High-Key Glam

Like your shine a little spread out? 

We love a little fatty brick of diamonds as much as the next person, but sometimes a little blank space goes a long way.

Scattered Mia, 2 ct Princess Lab Diamonds image

Scattered Mia, 2 ct Princess Lab Diamonds

The Scattered Mia gives the sharp curves of the princess cut something soft to sit on. It’s also on that hidden halo pave magic combo that makes your stone look huge–we love an eye-popping sparkle moment. 

It also breaks up the party giving pops of that golden color that breaks up and spreads out the shine. That’s some composition we can get behind.

Pay-Less Princess 

Here’s the deal, 2 carat rocks are expensive, or at least they can be. The good news is a princess cut is already more affordable carat for carat than a round brilliant, and we love that. 

However, if you want to get a 2ct rock that goes hard without breaking the bank, there are a few workarounds that’ll save you a pretty penny on your pretty pretty princess. And who doesn’t love a deal? 

Science Slaps

We’re gonna let you in on a little secret the big diamond companies don’t want you to know. There are actually two kinds of diamonds out there. Both gems are high-key sparklicious beauties. In fact, they’re absolutely (atomically) identical.

You’d literally have to be a scientist with some hardcore equipment to tell them apart. Well, that or look at the price tag. 

Ok, so maybe lab diamonds are no big secret, but they do offer huge savings over the mined variety.

2.12 ct VS2 Princess Lab Diamond image

2.12 ct VS2 Princess Lab Diamond

2 ct VS2 Princess Natural Diamond image

2 ct VS2 Princess Natural Diamond

Case and point, these two princess cuts are both G color, VS2 clarity, and about 2 carats, and they both absolutely slap. But this totally gorge 2.12ct lab diamond costs $3,013. How much is the natural diamond, you say? $24,514. 

But there has to be some major difference, you say? Nope, check the films. Like seriously, peep the 360 previews. They both seriously sparkle. Both diamonds are amazing choices, they both have excellent cuts, and they will look absolutely stunning on your finger. 

The main difference is that one is sustainable, eco-conscious, and created in a friendly, ethical lab environment. The other came out of a mine and costs as much as a downpayment on a house. 

Both choices are stunning, but we really love that lab diamonds mean everyone can afford to go home with their dream diamond. But hey, if you’ve got the guap, go for the natural diamond. We love a sparkle flex. 

We Love a Brilliant Cut

Brilliant cuts are, well, brilliant at hiding little imperfections, so finding an eye-clean diamond with a little savings in tow is a total sinch.

Cut is really the most crucial factor in any diamond. It can make or break brilliance and sparkle. It can hide a ton of imperfections, and, in the case of brilliant diamonds, it can even hide a bit of color.

As far as color goes, princess cuts can’t hide as much color as a round brilliant (nothing can, it’s the gold standard for a reason), but you can still get away with a little tint in this department. Shop around, but you could probably go as high as an H color for a princess cut and still be chillin. You’ll also be saving a pretty penny. 

And then there’s clarity. Princess cuts are fantastic at hiding inclusions. It’s just one of the many reasons we love them with all our little hearts. You can shop comfortably for a princess cut diamond in the SL1-VS2 range so long as you peep the baby to make sure it’s eye-clean, and you know we’re always happy to help. 

Picking Out Your Perfect Princess?

We love to hear it. 

While we might be biased, it’s the 2ct princess cut that gets the W every time. There are a million fire setting options, from bevel to pavé to halo–hidden or tradish–it’s tough to go wrong when you’re starting with such an epic foundation. 

Now whether you’re going lab-grown or natural, you know a few little corner-cutting secrets that’ll get you that diamond with the good points. 

Ready For Some Princess Realness?

Yeah you are! For real tho, if you’re ready to take the 2ct plunge, or you’re still sippin the princess tea, there’s no harm in shopping around. 

Pop over and peep our settings to detail your own drip, or just get some inspiration.

Twig Emilly, 2 ct Princess Lab Diamonds image

Twig Emilly, 2 ct Princess Lab Diamonds

Like our fan favorite the Twig Emily, or something a little more sleek like this Eve in 18k.

Eve, 2 ct Princess Lab Diamonds image

Eve, 2 ct Princess Lab Diamonds

Princess What? FAQ’s

Does a Princess Cut Look Bigger?


Because princess cuts have such a large table (the top of the diamond) they do tend to have a slightly larger visual size compared to round brilliants of the same carat weight. 

Is Princess Cut The Same As A Square?

Yes. A princess cut diamond is also known as a modified square brilliant diamond. 

There are other squareish cut’s that often get lumped into this square category, such as Asschers, Emeralds, cushions, and radiants. Although some of these diamonds can be square-like none are so perfectly pointy as the princess. 

Is A 2 Carat Diamond Too Big?

Is there such a thing? 

While a 2 carat diamond is certainly nothing to scoff at, it’s also not going to be weighing down your finger. Most of the time when we think of a huge diamond ring we’re picturing some massive celebrity stone like Kim K’s 16.2ct chonker. 

2 carats is definitely larger than average and absolutely stunning, but its certainly not too big.

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