Reasons Not to Buy a Cushion Cut Moissanite Ring

Reasons Not to Buy a Cushion Cut Moissanite Ring

Hello softness, hello sparkle, hello cushion cut moissanite!

Cushions are somehow simultaneously super unique and majorly on-trend. Maybe this is because their variations speak to two different audiences. Seriously tho, whether you're going for that crushed ice vibe or that extra rainbow flair, the two sides are brought together by sparkle. Multiply that time two when moissanite comes to the party. 

Solitaire Natalie image

Solitaire Natalie

But wait! Before you fall head over heels into the pillow pile, you should know there are some serious drawbacks to the cushion cruse. Here are our top five reasons why you should ditch the cushion cut moissanite and head for less sparkly pastures. 

Cush-Oh-No Cut

Cushion cuts have a super unique sparkle. So unique, in fact, that each cushion cut kinda does its own thing. While no one's mad at a super unique engagement ring, picking a suitable stone can be a total hassle. 

First off, you've got to choose if you're going for the crushed ice look or a flashy rainbow vibe. See, there are two main categories when it comes to this glitterific cut, the cushion brilliant and the cushion modified brilliant. 

Hidden Crown Kamellie image

Hidden Crown Kamellie

A cushion brilliant will have a sparkle much more similar to the classic round brilliant. The variation is in the teeny tiny facets, and they make a big ole difference. These still vary a bit from cut to cut since a longer facet means more rainbow flash, whereas the shorter version is giving white light. 

On the other hand, cushion modified brilliants are going to provide you with all that endless sparkle crushed ice vibe. Add all that onto the already doubled-down sparkly rainbow magic that is moissanite, and you've got yourself quite the little light show. 

It's certainly not for the demure or the faint of heart. 

Don't Make Me Math

As if choosing the right cut wasn't enough work, cushions also have the audacity to range in shape. Is it even worth it? It seems like all these little things have in common is their soft rounded edges and their glowingly gorgeous sparkle...

Ok, it's worth it. And really, the bonus to this whole shape thing is you get to find a stone that matches your whole vibe. 

Say you're looking for something a little more squared. You'll want to shoot for a 1:1 ratio. A word to the wise tho, if you're planning on a princess cut feel here, this ain't it. A 1.00 to 1.05 ratio on a cushion cut is going to look a bit more like a round brilliant than the sharp little square of a princess.

If, on the other hand, you prefer something a bit more elongated, go with a 1.15-1.30 length to width. In the end, there's no correct answer in the LTW department.

</b><b><span>You're just going to have to choose what suits your mood and your finger.</span> image
You're just going to have to choose what suits your mood and your finger.

Far From a Featherweight 

Unfortunately, there's no magic trick when it comes to cushion carat weight. The stone won't look much different size-wise than a round brilliant. Quite frankly, you'll save more money going with a different fancy shape. 

However, this is really more of a diamond problem. Going with a cushion-cut moissanite engagement ring means you're saving a bundle. So why not apply that extra money you just saved towards a much bigger stone? 

Oh, and just FYI, moissanite is measured in mm instead of carat weight, so while you'll still pay more for a larger stone, we're not talking about the cost of carat here. But any way you slice it, the savings is pretty ginormous. 

Sparkly Clean

The Mia image

The Mia

So, here's the deal. Remember that whole "different cuts, different sparkle" thing? Yeah, that. The sparkle disbursement–very technical jargon here–has everything to do with hiding those unwanted inclusions. 

On the one hand, a crushed ice-style cut is going to hide oh so many secrets, and on the other, you're buying moissanite, so it doesn't matter. That's right, one of the very best things about moissanite besides its oh so superb sparkle is that they are almost always near flawless. 

While you might have to worry about the wrong things shining through when it comes to diamond dealings, moissanite is bringing nothing but crystal clear sparkle and rainbow radiance. 

Color? We Don't Know Her

It's true. While cushion cuts tend to show off quite a bit of a stone's color, we don't have that problem. Moissanite is completely colorless. Unless that is we're talking about all that rainbow sparkle, in which case, she defiantly delivers.

The Sofia image

The Sofia

See, moissanite is just one of those diamond simulants that people like to complain is just too perfect. But come on, there's no such thing! 

Anyone complaining that moissanite is too colorless probably spent a fortune on a near colorless diamond. We feel their pain. We can't all be perfectly fabulous. But cushion cut moissanite sure can. 

So, Still Clinging to That Cushion Cut Moissanite Daydream?

We are too. 

Cushion cuts are absolutely brilliant, and if we're being honest, everything that makes a good cushion hard to come by doesn't really count when you're looking at moissanite. It's really a match made in dreamland. 

The combo is sparklicious, beyond unique, and absolutely trending right now. Really, the only thing it's missing is your finger.

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