5 Reasons Not to Buy a Princess Cut Moissanite Ring

5 Reasons Not to Buy a Princess Cut Moissanite Ring

Thinking about going pretty, pretty princess on us? You're not alone.

The princess hit peak popularity in the 1990s, and unlike lowrise jeans, this is one trend we're excited to see back in style. Pair that with our personal favorite simulant, moissanite, and well, let’s say we hope you love sparkles because this combo has them.

Penelope, 1 ct Princess Moissanite image

Penelope, 1 ct Princess Moissanite

But before you and your princess cut go live happily ever after, there are some serious downsides you oughta know about. (See what we did there? Cause the 90s? Nevermind)

Princess What?

The princess popped into existence in the 1960s. It's a square version of the round brilliant. It’s also known as the modified square brilliant, which is ironic because, well… This hip shape is the furthest thing from square

The larger table atop this cut lets in loads of light and lets out oodles of gorgeous sparkles. All that sparkle is marvelous for oh so many reasons. It hides inclusions, it disguises color (not as well as a round brilliant, but what does?), and it looks great on your finger. 

But wait, with all this princess positivity, why do we still feel like it's stuck in the past?

</b><b>Since the shape hit peak popularity in the 80s and 90s, there's a good chance you're looking at a mom ring.  image
Since the shape hit peak popularity in the 80s and 90s, there's a good chance you're looking at a mom ring. 

But cringe not, friend! Just like mom jeans, a modern twist makes it better than ever. 

Blindingly Brilliant

Here's the deal, moissanite is from sparkle city.

Well, technically, it's from space, and even more technically, it's from a lab, but the point is it's super sparkly. Like twice as sparkly as a diamond. Match that up with the brilliance of a princess cut, and you, my friend, might just be blinded by the light.

Not only that, but moissanite tends to give off a ton of rainbow sparkle. Talk about flashy. If you're not trying to be sparkly as a ray of sunshine, then this isn't the combo for you. However, if you love a fiery sparkle, you can sit with us. On Wednesdays we wear pink. 

Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

What's that? A little birdy told us you have expensive taste.

And if that's the case, you better just move along because this isn't that. Princess cuts are much less costly than their round brilliant buddies.

Kamellie,<span> 0.7 c</span>t Princess Moissanite image

Kamellie, 0.7 ct Princess Moissanite

See, when cutters cut a raw stone, they have to leave a lot less on the table to get a perfect princess shape than they do with a round brilliant. Add this up with the already more affordable moissanite, and you've got yourself a major deal. 

If you're looking to spend all your money, then we'll just have to save these big shiny princess cuts for someone else. 

Durability? We Don't Know Her.

The princess cut has a weakness, it's true!

Actually, it has four, those sharp little corners. As much as we love the dainty look of a sharp edge, they do tend to chip and snag like nobody's business. And we already know what you're thinking, moissanite isn't as hard as a diamond, so it's way more likely to chip, right? 

Not really. The thing is, moissanite is almost as hard as a diamond. And even with a diamond, you're going to risk chips and snags with a princess cut. It's just the nature of the (beautiful) beast.

Jasmine,<span> 1.8 c</span>t Princess Moissanite image

Jasmine, 1.8 ct Princess Moissanite

But how could this be the second most popular engagement ring shape if it breaks all the time? The setting, friend, the setting. See, if you set that pretty princess with secure corners, protect it with prongs, or hit it with a halo, you're chillin'. 

Clarity, Color, Careless

One of the big bummers about princess cut diamonds is that they tend to show off inclusions and color a bit more than a round brilliant. Oh, wait a minute, we're not talking about diamonds. We're talkin' moissanite! 

See, that changes everything. 

While you might have to go up a grade or two if you were buying a princess cut diamond, moissanite just doesn't have that problem. The gems are nearly always flawless, and at Keyzar, all our moissanite are completely colorless

That means all our princess cut moissanite are eye clean, clear as crystal, and look oh so good on you! 

So, Are You Over Princess Cut Moissanite?

Angelina,<span> 1.2 c</span>t Princess Moissanite image

Angelina, 1.2 ct Princess Moissanite

Neither are we. 

There's a reason the princess cut has remained firmly in second place when it comes to engagement rings. And while it's may not take home the blue ribbon, we like to think second makes it a little more unexpected and unique. The dark horse, if you will. 

And with a moissanite princess cut, you're getting double the good stuff. Twice the sparkle, and because of its lower price, twice the size if you like, sounds like a win-win. It's a style that's certainly not going anywhere, on a stone that'll last you a few lifetimes.

Riddle Me This - FAQ

Why is Moissanite So Cheap?

Moissanite is a super affordable diamond simulant. It's cheaper than lab diamonds simply because it uses different materials and methods to produce. 

Since the price isn't driven up artificially, like the price of mined diamonds, it remains a sustainable, affordable, ethical, and eco-friendly choice. 

Do Princess Cuts Look Bigger Than Round Brilliants?


Carat for carat princess cut stones look bigger than round brilliant due to their larger table and larger face down appearance.


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