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Everything You Need to Know About Three Stone Engagement Rings 

The three-stone engagement ring is a scintillating design that has remained popular since its introduction over 20 years ago. In this concise guide, we explain what a three-stone ring is and explore its enduring appeal.

What is a three-stone engagement ring?

A three-stone engagement ring is a ring that is composed of a large center diamond that is flanked by two smaller diamonds. image
A three-stone engagement ring is a ring that is composed of a large center diamond that is flanked by two smaller diamonds.

A three-stone engagement ring is a ring that is composed of a large center diamond that is flanked by two smaller diamonds. 

This style of engagement ring may also be called a:

  • Trinity ring
  • Trilogy ring
  • Trio ring
  • Past, Present, and Future ring

Designers usually set the three stones on an understated yellow gold, white gold, or platinum band, but you can choose any alternate style or setting. 

History of the three stone engagement ring

Despite its classic aesthetic, the three-stone engagement ring is a modern design that is just over 20 years old. 

In the early 2000s, a highly popular marketing campaign for the three-stone ring captured the public imagination with the phrase “Past, Present, and Future”.

The popularity of the three-stone ring has continued to the present day thanks to its simplistic design and its ability to convey multiple meanings. 

For example, the ring can stand to convey a wonderful, lasting sentiment for couples who want to communicate their friendship, love, and fidelity.

Prince Harry’s selection of a custom three-stone engagement ring for his wife Meghan Markle in 2017 further increased interest and demand for this refined design. 

What to look for in a three-stone engagement ring 

Three-stone rings do not have to do much to attract admirers. This iconic design endures, in part, because of these three features:


The proportional relationship between the three individual stones is key to the beauty of a three-stone ring. 

These rings either have a large center stone and smaller side stones or three stones of equivalent size and weight

Desirable size ratios between the center stone and accent stones are entirely the prerogative of the wearer, but accent stones that are a third or half the size of the center stone are most pleasing. 


Like in a solitaire, the quality of the diamonds imparts the elegance and exclusivity of a three-stone engagement ring. Select the very best stones your money can buy according to color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. The cut is especially important for bringing out the fire and brilliance of the diamonds that makes the three-stone ring so captivating. 

An Minimalist Setting

A simple band adds to the refinement of the three-stone ring. A band with a width of under 2 mm allows the stones to speak for themselves and looks elegant alongside a wedding band or eternity ring.

Diamond combinations in three-stone engagement rings

Make this engagement ring your own by choosing from a variety of center and accent stones. Emerald, marquise, oval, or cushion-cut diamonds are equally stunning alternatives to the classic prong-set round brilliant diamond.

Options for the accent stones that are set on either side of the center stones include:

Round brilliant

These diamonds in equivalent or smaller size than the center stone are a classic choice. The side stones should have the same number of facets as the center stone and excellent clarity.


Pear-shaped diamonds beautifully flank a center stone without detracting from its brilliance. Perfectly proportioned pear stones with a length-to-width ratio of no more than 1.7 keep the ring well balanced.

Tapered baguette

Tapered baguettes provide a flattering accent to a variety of center diamonds in a three-stone engagement ring.

One end of this modified baguette is wider than the other and adapts well to the curve and overall shape of the ring. 


Trillion diamonds are triangular side stones. This unusual cut has a large table width that makes these diamonds appear larger than their carat size. Trillion diamonds are a distinctive choice and enhance any center stone, following the natural curve of the engagement ring. 

Pros of the three-stone engagement ring

Here are some great reasons for making this contemporary classic a part of your union:

Enjoy the brilliance of three large stones

The arrangement of three substantial stones together makes for an arresting display that can exceed the brilliance and scintillation of a solitaire. By having three diamonds you multiply the facets, or windows through which light can enter and move through the diamonds, creating exquisite sparkle.

Greater diamond coverage

Nothing flatters the hand more than a well-cut diamond, and the three-stone engagement ring offers great surface area of beautifully cut diamonds to adorn your finger.

Beautiful enhancement of the center stone

Expert jewelers select side stones that enhance the beauty of the center stone. This grouping is carefully balanced for cut, color, clarity, and carats so that the accent stones do not overwhelm the center stone. 


You can make this design your own

The many combinations of stones in a three-stone ring provide a variety of options for customizing your engagement ring. It is one of the few engagement ring designs that can include an heirloom stone in a contemporary setting. 

Cons of the three-stone engagement ring

For some, owning a three-stone ring may have its drawbacks:

The three-stone ring is not a traditional engagement ring

Did you know that the three-stone ring design was not originally an engagement ring? The strong symbolism to the past, present, and future and popularity of this ring made it become widely adopted as one. Depending on your personal taste, you may prefer a classic solitaire.

Three stone rings require more maintenance

Like any diamond ring, your three-stone engagement ring will retain its beauty in the years to come if you actively maintain it. With three stones, this engagement ring requires more cleaning and maintenance than a single-stone design. Having your three-stone ring serviced annually by a trusted jeweler also reduces the risk of losing precious stones.


Three-stone engagement rings beautifully convey enduring affection. The simplicity of this design means that you can make it your own by composing your engagement ring from a wide selection of stones.

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