Three Stone Oval Engagement Ring

Three Stone Oval Engagement Ring

Move over, round solitaires! Three-stone rings are having a moment. 

Baguette Three Stone Liv

Three-stone rings have lots of size and sparkle. They maintain the classic aesthetic of a solitaire ring while adding serious drip to your look.

They’re also rich in symbolism…

And are a fun, glamorous way to make your ring “extra.”

Three stone oval engagement rings where the center stone is an oval are the most popular, and you’re about to find out why!

Good things come in threes

Three stone engagement rings have one  center stone with a smaller diamond on each side. The ring is popular with consumers and celebrities alike. Meghan Markle, Christina Ricci, and Beyonce all flash theirs proudly…

As do millions of less famous but equally glamorous women - and hundreds of Keyzar customers. The three stones are said to symbolize a couple’s past, present, and future…how romantic!

But is a 3-stone oval ring in your future? 

Let’s find out! 

Enter the oval

Baguette oval center stone

Oval shaped diamonds are elegant, brilliant, and flattering. They look bigger than their carat weight, which means more finger coverage and crazy spread. Side stones play well with the oval, changing its shape; increasing its size; adding sophistication to the ring’s overall look.

Brilliant cut side stones like round cuts or pear cuts can add serious sparkle to the oval. Crisp, clean baguette cut diamonds also shine as side stones, adding elegance and beauty to the oval.

Whether you want to mix or match your center and side stones, the oval cut just works. Keyzar’s Round Three Stone Liv and Pear Three Stone Liv both maximize the sparkle of your oval cut diamond. These settings add some extra vibrance and brightness to your oval center stone.

Our Baguette Three Stone Liv is perfect for those looking to add some contrast to their engagement ring. She’s sparkly, she’s a classic beauty, and she looks perfect with an oval cut diamond as a center stone.

Want something extra-extra?

Want a little more sparkle and style than a three stone oval ring can give you? We made the Naomi just for you. It dazzles with small pear cut diamond side stones and our trademark bezel-set baby round diamonds… Your friends’ eyes will go oval when they stare at the ring with envy Naomi ringLook how beautiful:



If you’re looking for a way to pump up the wow factor of your oval cut diamond, three stone settings are the perfect way to do so. With multiple styles of side stones to choose from, as well as options for extra bling, your engagement ring will be uniquely yours. Three stone oval engagement rings are full of possibilities, and you’re sure to find the one that’s just right for you.

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