Conflict Free Diamonds

At Keyzar, we are committed to stopping the conflict diamond trade. We work together with Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange-certified vendors, adhering to the standards laid out in Kimberley Process.

Our Policy on Diamonds

We make sure that all the diamonds we buy and use are certified under the Kimberley Process. So far, we have had no cases of conflict diamonds being used in our jewellery. If such a case were to happen, we would immediately stop collaborating with the vendor and look to pursue legal action.

Our Policy on Gold

We work with certified, ethical mines and gold resellers. We do not do business with organizations that do not meet our social, environmental and human rights standards. Where possible, we always strive to use recycled gold.

Our Screening Process

We screen our suppliers to make sure they offer no conflict diamonds or dirty gold. We do this by looking at their past purchase and sale histories, as well as carrying out our own primary research.

If you want to let us know about a diamond or metal seller who works with unethical suppliers, please use this form immediately.