3 Carat Moissanite Ring

3 Carat Moissanite Ring

The 1-carat diamond is clearly the CEO of center stones. It's popular, it's gorgeous, it's classic, and it's really no wonder why. It's a good little hunk of rock and a reasonable price. But what if the price wasn't an issue?

Most couples stick with a single carat because as you slide up the size scale, the price of your center stone tends to skyrocket. The truth is, if the price weren't an issue, most couples would be looking for something in the 3-carat range instead. 

Moissanite makes it possible for everyone to afford the engagement ring they're really after. No more settling. So why is moissanite the literal dankness diamond dealers want to talk you out of? Hope you like tea.

Sparkly Starseeds 

Check it out. Moissanite is a flippin' gorge gemstone that often gets compared to diamonds. While they both look exceedingly good in an engagement ring, the two are actually quite different. 

Solitaire Penelope image

Solitaire Penelope

So what exactly is this super affordable sparkle city diamond simulant? Moissanite is from outer space! *Que spooky organ music.* Seriously tho, we love space rocks, and moissanite was first discovered in the wake of a fallen meteor.  

It's made up of silicon carbide–not carbon like a diamond–and is so super rare in its natural form that all the moissanite you see in jewelry today is lab-made. 

While many diamond companies like to drag moissanite–because it's less profitable than the inflated price of diamonds–it has a host of advantages that make it a fantastic choice for engagement rings.

Peep this 14k Rose Gold Solitaire Penelope with 3ct moissanite and tell me she isn’t stunning. We live. But for real tho, moissanite is more sparkly, more affordable, and more often than not easier to find in your ideal cut than a diamond. 

Say Cut

The most important factor for any stone is cut. The cut is responsible for the fire and brilliance, aka sparkle, a stone gives off.

3Ct Pear Keyzar Moissanite

In most cases, it can also perform the magic of hiding minor imperfections in a stone's clarity, but that’s not an issue for moissanite–more on that later. Still, cut is majorly important. 

Moissanite has so much to give in the shine department. In fact, it's about twice as sparkly as a diamond. Well-cut moissanite will reflect back the max amount of light, meaning not a single sparkle goes to waste.  

And since you’re saving so much money by going with moissanite over a diamond, there’s no reason to go for anything less than an excellent cut. Like, hi, this 3ct Pear Keyzar Moissanite with an excellent cut. Can you even?

Crystal Clarity

A major W for moissanite is that it's almost always near flawless. While a flawless diamond is practically a mythical creature, it's not even a concern for moissanite. 

We quite literally have oodles of moissanites that are 3ct or above (yep, we’ve got the smol ones too, dainty fingers rejoice), and all of them are VVS1 clarity. 

Can you find that in a diamond? Absolutely, but it's gonna cost you. You can read all about VVS1 diamonds here, but let's peep a little comparison while we've got you.



On the left is a flippin’ gorgeous VVS1 lab diamond, and on the right is a sparklicious VVS1 moissanite. These stones have the same color and clarity grade, but the 3ct moissanite costs 3x less than the 1.2ct diamond.

We’re not trying to make you solve a word problem here–We would never. The point is you can get a 3ct. Moissanite, and it's got baller clarity. On top of that, it’s going to save you a fairly fat stack compared in comparison to a lab diamond. 

Oh, and a natural diamond with VVS1 clarity? This 2ct VVS1 Round Natural Diamond is gonna run you $33k. But hey, if you got it, flaunt it. We’ll take the moissanite. 

Color Me Colorless

Moissanite often gets a bad rap from big diamond companies for its yellow or green coloring. The truth is that fact couldn’t be more old school.

Diamonds and moissanites alike have certain color tints to them. That’s why color grading exists in the first place.

Here’s the tea, science kinda slaps, and it keeps improving. All of our moissanite–did we mention we have oodles–is colorless and absolutely gorge.

So finding colorless moissanite in your price range is less about searching and more about choosing which of the many options is your style.

See for yourself. If anything is a true tell of color, it’s white gold. And this 14k white gold Kristen with a 3.5ct moissanite? Sheesh! 

Chonky Carats

So carat weight is the universal standard to measure gemstones. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams.

The thing is, moissanite is a whole 15% lighter than diamonds, which makes the whole carat weight situation a little off. That's why most sellers measure moissanite in terms of millimeters instead of carats.

Rather than making you math, we sell all our moissanite by carat size instead of weight or measurements. So a 3-carat Keyzar moissanite is approximately the same size as a 3-carat diamond. 

That way, rather than wondering how a 6mm rock might look, you can shop in comparable chonkage. Doesn’t that make life a little easier?

3 Carat Drip

Pave Kamellie

Any way you slice it, 3 carats is a whole lot of rock. That doesn’t mean you can’t still slide into something delicate like 14k yellow gold Pave Kamellie. She’s 3.5ct and dainty as all get out. 

If you’re after something that feels a bit more, more, we’ve got you. Whether you’re after a solitaire, a 3-stone setting, or you want your 3ct moissanite dripping with extra glitter, you can consider all the bases covered. 

Seriously, you are the main character, so design the ring of your dreams. We’ve got all the pieces, and you tell us how you want to put them together.



We love a chonky pave, and this White Gold Adelle is smashing all the buttons. This Baguette Three Stone Liv is giving high-key modern vibes with the clean lines. We live. 

Prices You Don’t Have To Simp For

Here are the facts. Diamonds, especially natural diamonds, are expensive. That’s not a bad thing, but it does limit your options if you’re just out here tryin your best on a budget like most of us are. But here’s the deal, getting a 3ct ring is absolutely possible with almost any budget.



(From right to left) Let’s compare this 3.5ct Cushion Keyzar Moissanite, a 3.15ct VS1 Cushion Lab Diamond, and a 3.04ct SI2 Cushion Natural Diamond.

This really isn’t even a fair comparison–because the color and clarity on the moissanite are so much higher than either of the diamonds–but hey, we’re here for the price tag, so let's get into it.

The lab diamond comes in at a reasonable $5,649. Not too bad for a huge rock! Now strap in cause that 3ct I color SI2 natural diamond is $32,070. That’s right, the moissanite costs less than the sales tax on the natural diamond, and that’s before you factor in the setting. 

If spending that much on a ring is comfortable in your budget, then congrats, your life is probably pretty epic. For the rest of us, there’s moissanite. Maybe we can use the money we saved to Airbnb your yacht. 

Must Be Moissanite

What can we say? We stan for the big boujee rock that is a 3ct center stone. We also love that moissanite makes it possible for any couple to go home not just with the average 1ct diamond but with the actual ring of their dreams. 

Moissanite has twice the sparkle and all the right moves at a price that lets you design a 3-carat ring that’s high-key fantasy and that low-key budget-friendly. TBH, your friends probably won’t even be able to tell the difference. 

Seriously, glow up your goals cause you deserve the big ring with a honeymoon to match. With all the money you save sizing up to 3 c’s with moissanite, why not have both?

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