Terms Of Use

Keyzar is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all jewelry purchased in-store and online. We stand behind our products and will happily replace your item or offer you a refund equal to the original price. The below conditions apply.

1.1. The warranty applies from the date the customer receives a product for the first time.

1.2. The warranty applies to common defects including loose prongs, cleaning, rhodium plating, etc. It does not apply to the application of abrasive materials, exposure to damaging temperatures and environments, 3rd-party repairs and alterations, and misuse.

2. At the start of any warranty case, we start by inspecting a returned product with the help of a Keyzar jewelry expert. We appraise the repairs required and price any that aren’t covered by the warranty. We then tell the customer about any paid repairs that may be necessary. We never charge nor make paid alterations or repairs without permission.

2.1 The warranty does not cover cases of unusual, extreme, or gratuitous wear and tear. In these cases, the customer will be liable for all damage caused.

2.2 If a defect is discovered, the jewelry must be returned to Keyzar for inspection. Any attempts to repair the jewelry can lead to a void of warranty. Any evaluations done on your own or by third parties may not be upheld by a Keyzar expert.

2.3 If we find that jewelry has been damaged by an any unusual, extreme, or wantonly damaging process, we cannot be held liable under the terms of this warranty.

2.4 Resizing, customizing and otherwise altering jewelry via a 3rd party will automatically void the warranty.

2.5 Keyzar will cover shipping and insurance costs once an order is made. All subsequent shipping and insurance costs are the customer’s liability.

2.6 Keyzar cannot be held liable for cases wherein jewelry is not in our possession. This includes shipping, handling, packaging, etc. If you want to make sure your warranty doesn’t become void, consult us to decide on the best way to ship and receive jewelry safely.

2.7 Certain types of items are not covered by our lifetime warranty. This includes pendants, necklaces, and bracelet chains as well as ear-backs, nose rings, and other non-standard body jewelry.

3. Any rings bought directly from Keyzar can be re-sized free of charge within 24 months after the point of purchase. Subsequent re-sizing requests are paid, and the following conditions apply to the free initial re-sizing.

3.1 Any re-sizing must happen directly via Keyzar or an approved service center, and only after consulting with a Keyzar specialist. It is up to Keyzar to determine the degree to which a ring can be re-sized, and whether the alteration can happen under the lifetime warranty.

3.2 Subsequent re-sizings, as well as difficult alterations, are chargeable. The specific costs are determined by our company’s specialists on a case-by-case basis and relayed to the customer before any work is done.

3.3 Re-sizing a ring via a 3rd party without consulting with Keyzar will automatically void the warranty. Keyzar cannot be held for any costs or damages incurred as a result of 3rd-party alterations.

4. Keyzar provides free inspection and refurbishment, as well as plating, during the natural lifetime of its products. Keyzar will advise customers about any parts that have been damaged or worn to the point of being beyond repair and restoration.

5. Keyzar cannot be held liable for jewelry that requires repairs due to natural and extraordinary wear.

6. The loss and theft of center stones are not covered by these warranties. To avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend returning jewelry to us for inspection at the first sign of possible misplacement.

7. By purchasing a Keyzar product, the customer has agreed to this warranty’s terms. No signature or further action is required.