Brilliant VS. Crushed Ice Moissanite

Brilliant VS. Crushed Ice Moissanite

Moissanite is gorge; we know this. It’s got twice the sparkle of a diamond, the same boujee vibes, high key hard enough to last a lifetime, and the absolute audacity to be a fraction of the price. What’s not to love?

Okay, but how come some moissanite looks like a rainbow-sparkle-fantasy, and others look low-key just like a diamond? That friends, is the difference between brilliant and crushed ice moissanite. Let’s get into it.


Bling, Bling, Brilliant

A brilliant-cut is the most traditional way to cut moissanite. It brings out those magical rainbow sparkly vibes we so often associate with moissanite.


How does it work? Why we’re so glad you asked. Brilliant cuts feature symmetrical triangles and diamond-shaped facets that create that classic sparkly pattern. This uniform cut causes light to enter and bounce back through the crown in a majorly efficient way.

In other words, it allows for the most sparkle. That's why round brilliant diamonds are so sparkly and dramatic. It’s also why brilliant-cut moissanite will show off all the things we love about this fab little space rock. It brings out its double sparkly brilliance, showing off its rainbow shine.

If you want the most possible shine, and you want to lean into the rainbow realness, you want a brilliant cut.


Drip, Drip, Ice

Crushed ice moissanite hits a little different than brilliant. While still packing quite a bit of sparkle, it’s toned down, so it better resembles a diamond. We’re talking, “which is which?” realness.


In technical-ish terms, this icy vibe comes from a more irregular-shaped facet on the pavilion. In general, a crushed ice cut also has more facets than a brilliant one. These facets cause the light to bounce around a lot more within the stone, causing the light to scatter.

All that scattered light tends to look a bit like, you guessed it, crushed ice in the sunshine. And oh, how gorge it is. It’s a different kind of sparkle, and in general, it has less sparkle, fire, and brilliance than a brilliant cut.

Before you scream, “oh no, less sparkle?!” and run back into the arms of a brilliant, let us remind you that we’re talking moissanite here. See, moissanite has more than enough sparkle to go around, so toning down the glitter show actually makes it look more like a diamond.

And that’s a look we love.


Ice Sculptures


Ok, we know crushed ice is the absolute tea, but what shapes can actually be cut into this oh-so-fantastic diamond dupe fantasy? A lot of them, actually. Ovals, radiants, pears, cushions, and elongated cushions can all be cut to reveal that icy realness.

Not only do these fab crushed ice cuts allow for more contrast in fancy-shape stones, but the cut also tones down the tell-tale rainbow moissanite sparkle. Making them look, you guessed it, more like diamonds.


Cutting Practice

Look, we know that if you want something done right, you gotta become an expert. So we did.


At Keyzar, we cut our own moissanite. That means we get to put our diamond cutting experience to work, and let’s just say we understood the assignment. Knowing the ins and outs of diamond cutting means we can cut moissanite with major precision. Making them as close to diamonds as possible.


Super Sparkle, Or Icy Realness?

Here’s the deal, if you’re super into the rainbow sparkle vibe, then brilliant might be your bag. However, we love the look of crushed ice moissanite.

It gives off a more elevated brilliance and sparkle, allowing it to shine more like a diamond. And hey, if we sound like we’re really driving home the “looks like a diamond” point, we are.

We love moissanite. It’s a gorge alternative to pricy diamonds, and TBH we love seeing clients go home with the rock of their dreams at a price they can afford. You could realistically go home with a 5ct moissanite for less than the cost of a 1ct natural diamond. We love to see it.


Plus, we absolutely stan for the elegant look and feel of it all. So if you’re looking for a diamond alternative, we simply can’t say enough about crushed ice moissanite. It will last forever, keep its gorge sparkle, and save you a bundle over diamonds.


Ready For Your Glow Up?

Crushed ice moissanite is the absolute tea if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to diamonds. It’s truly giving all the dankness at a literal fraction of the price, and we are living.

Seriously, why not go home with a gorge hunk of ice? We’re talking serious chonkage for pennies on the guap. But fair warning, crushed ice moissanite looks so good, you’re gonna turn some heads. Hope you’re ready to embrace some serious main character energy.


A Little Moissanite FAQ Moment

You’ve got moissanite questions; we’ve got moissanite answers.


Does Moissanite Get Cloudy?

No. Your moissanite ring will look stunning for a literal lifetime, just like a diamond would. And it will never get cloudy or tarnish.

If your moissanite ring or other fine jewelry loses its original luster, it might just need a cleaning.


Does Moissanite Scratch Easily?

No. Moissanite is super hard, landing at a 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness. That means the only thing that can scratch moissanite is a diamond or more moissanite.

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