Ah, diamond clarity. With all the V's and S's and VVS's, who can keep track? Seriously, we're falling asleep over here! 

Well, here's the deal. VVS2 is crystal clear to the naked eye, close enough to perfection to shake a stick at… And with a reasonable price tag that'll give you (a little) breathing room. It’s basically a life hack for engagement ring buyers. 

But what is VVS2, and why, in this case, is 2 better than 1? 

VVS2 Electric Boogaloo 

VVS2 diamonds are always eye-clean. No imperfections can be seen with 10x magnification. So basically they’re as perfect as anyone actually needs to go. 

Can you go higher? Absolutely, but since you’re already getting an eye clean diamond… And since VVS1 and up is so expensive… It might not be worth it to you.

0.8 ct VVS2 Oval Natural Diamond image

0.8 ct VVS2 Oval Natural Diamond

VVS2 diamonds are slightly more included that VVS1, but they are still perfectly eye clean. They’re also pretty pricey, but a lot more affordable than a VVS1 or IF diamond… Which you’ve got to love. 

What's the difference between VVS1 and VVS2?

To put it simply, VVS2 diamond clarity is like being runner-up at a beauty pageant. Is it still stunning the house-down boots? Yes, obvi. But she's not quite the winner… Although she might just be the crowd favorite since she's more relatable and down to earth (aka less expensive). 

VVS1 diamonds are just one baby step down from IF (internally flawless). They’re eye clean, and they have no inclusions that can be seen by a trained pro under 10x magnification.

Now, the same goes for VVS2 - but these have even fewer inclusions than VVS1s. The difference, though, is only clear under a strong microscope. You can not tell the two grades.

1.02 ct  VVS1 Pear Lab Diamond vs. 1.11 ct VVS2 Pear Lab Diamond image

1.02 ct  VVS1 Pear Lab Diamond vs. 1.11 ct VVS2 Pear Lab Diamond

Apart under 10x magnification! 

These two diamonds look almost exactly the same, but one is a VVS1 F Pear Lab Diamond and the other is a VVS2 F Pear Lab Diamond. They are both practically perfect in every way, but the VVS2 diamond is slightly less expensive, and also slightly larger. Thats’s a win-win. 

Picture Perfect 

So you want a perfect diamond? Who doesn’t! One of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for diamonds tho is that it doesn’t need to be perfect to look perfect. 

Choosing an eye-clean diamond is an absolute must, but that doesn't mean you need to select a diamond that is flawless down to an atomic level. You'll be hard-pressed to find one anyhow. 

An eye-clean diamond is one that looks perfect to the naked eye. As in, “inclusions? We don't know her.” Unless you’re looking through a magnifying glass, shes perf. In the case of VVs diamonds, you can take that to the bank cause you’re gonna need an expert to see these flaws.  

See, flawless diamonds are a thing of legendary beauty, rarity, and price. So if you can even find a perfect diamond, you better believe you’ll be paying through the nose for it. 

Instead, you might as well save yourself some money in the clarity department and spend  it wher it matters–cut, carat, and clolor. 

The thing is, VVS1 or VVS2, for that matter, is really as high as it makes sense to go when you're looking for clarity. Even still, it's really possible to save yourself some cash on clarity. Eye-clean is eye-clean, whether it's VS or Flawless, so put that little fact in your back pocket with your extra money. 

Pretty Pennies

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls know how to budget. 

And that means not overspending where you ain't gonna get no bang for your buck. There's a time and a place to splurge, and while we always want you to have the finest things, you don't gotta be all fine all the time. 

Here are our recommendations on where to spread that bread and honey. 

Cut What?

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: it's all about the cut. Yes, the 3 other C's (color, clarity, and carat) are important too, but the cut has a magic way of fudging the numbers. 

Before you decide on what level of clarity you need, it’s best to think about what sort of cut you want. 

Secret Sparkle

Going for a round, brilliant? It’s not necessary to shoot the moon on clarity as this cut hides a ton of imperfections behind its dazzling sparkle.

1.02 ct VVS2 Round Natural Diamond vs. 1.08 ct VS1 Round Natural Diamond image

1.02 ct VVS2 Round Natural Diamond vs. 1.08 ct VS1 Round Natural Diamond

Check out these two stunners. One is a 1.02ct G VVS2 Round Natural Diamond, and the other is a 1.08ct G VS1 Round Natural Diamond. The difference? The VVS2 diamond is a little more than twice the price.

Sparkle is a total money saver, plus, hello, shiny! The same goes for all brilliant cuts. So if you’re thinking princess, cushion, radiant, or another sparkilicous stone, save yourself some scrilla.

I’m sure you can find something else to spend it on. 

Step It Up

If you’re a total clarity queen, then you already know a step-cut is where you’re going to have to it up on crystal clear realness. 

Cuts like the Asscher and Emerald are going to show off every fine little freckle, so a clarity upgrade like a VVS1 or VVS2 is money well spent in this department.

1.01 ct VVS2 Emerald Diamond image

1.01 ct VVS2 Emerald Diamond

Check out the absolute drama that is this 1.01ct G VVS2 Emerald Diamond. If that’s not the flash mob of a diamond you’ve been dreaming of, then check out this 3.09ct VVS2 Emerald Diamond. 

It’s the hall of mirrors that lives rent-free in our heads. 

Gotta Love a Lab Diamond

Look, we get it. You’re over the moon for clarity, you want a giant rock, and you still want to save a few dollars for the honeymoon. 

This is where lab diamonds come in, and they really are a thing of beauty. When you go rock picking with your beloved, there are two types of diamonds you’re gonna see. The natural mined, and the lab-grown variety. They are identical in every way–unless you count the price tag.

Lab diamonds are also more sustainable, but that’s a story for a different day.

1.5 ct VVS2 Cushion Natural Diamond image

1.5 ct VVS2 Cushion Natural Diamond

We love this 1.5ct G VVS2 Cushion Natural Diamond, obvi. It’s stunning. It’s also $14,348.

However, we also love this 2.39ct F VVS2 Cushion Lab Diamond. It’s almost a full carat bigger and less than half the cost at $6,625.

2.39 ct VVS2 Cushion Lab Diamond image

2.39 ct VVS2 Cushion Lab Diamond

This is far from a rare example. Lab diamonds are usually around half the cost of natural diamonds, meaning you can get a bigger, better rock with the same little budget. 

Now that’s some math we can get behind! 10/10 would recommend. 

Seeing Clearly?

VVS2 clarity diamonds are frickin gorge. We love them. But much like leopard print and karaoke, there’s a time and a place. 

Whether you’re living your step-cut fantasy or crazy about that cushion cut, there are different tools for different uses and clarity recs for different cuts. So if you’re looking for something nearly perfect, take a look at lab diamonds. And if you want to sparkle up and save yourself a pretty penny, bow down to the brilliants. 

Just To Clarify (We See You Had Some Questions)

Is VVS2 Worth It Over VS1?

The answer really depends on the diamond. 

VS1 diamonds have more inclusions than a VVS2, but they still require magnification to be seen. VS1 diamonds are always eye clean, so unless you’re carrying around a magnifying glass and pointing out imperfections, they won’t be seen. 

In a sparkly stone, like a brilliant-cut diamond, you’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the two clarity grades. Check out some of our diamonds and HD 360 previews to see the difference for yourself. 

In most cases, you’ll save some money by going with the VS1.

Can You See Inclusions In VVS2 Diamonds?


The inclusions in a VVS2 diamond are so small it takes a pro with special equipment to see them. They’ll never show up in your ring, and they’ll never affect the structure of the stone. 

VVS2 is pretty dang close to perfect. If you don’t mind spending the extra money, you’ll never have to worry about inclusions with this diamond.

Is VVS2 Better Than SI1?


VVS2 diamonds are always eye clean. SI1 Diamonds have inclusions that can be seen by 10x magnification and sometimes even by the naked eye. It is still possible to find a well-cut SI1 diamond that is eye clean. You just gotta shop around!

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