Which Moissanite Cut Has The Most Sparkle? Our Top 3 Picks

Which Moissanite Cut Has The Most Sparkle? Our Top 3 Picks

If a gemstone was ever accused of being extra, it must have been moissanite. This glittery little space rock is just about twice as sparkly as diamonds, talk about twinkle. 

All that stellar sparkle is certainly magical, but if you’re looking for the most sparkly moissanite, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk shiny space rocks, what they are, why we love them, and best of all, the top three shiniest ones around. 

Shiny Stardust

Even more sparkle, you say? We know moissanite is a super sparkly diamond alternative, but what on earth is this stuff anyway? Well, moissanite is actually a totally out-of-this-world gemstone. 

First discovered on a meteorite that crashed into the earth, Moissanite is straight-up stardust. Pretty wild, right? It’s made of silicon carbide, which is naturally occurring. Only the stuff is so rare that all moissanite used for jewelry is 100% lab-made.

Moissanite has double the sparkle index of a diamond, and it’s almost as hard at 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness. In other words, moissanite has twice the sparkle and way more rainbow light–aka fire–as a diamond, and it’ll last just as long. 

Special Kind of Sparkle 

Moissanite has a unique sparkle, and cutting it can majorly change how it shines. It can be cut to look more like a diamond or to bring out its signature rainbow fire. 

A brilliant cut brings out the most sparkle in diamonds; the same can be said for moissanite. However, since moissanite is high-key shiny from the gate, a brilliant cut will bring out all the fancy fire and look less like a diamond. 

If you want your moissanite to look more like a diamond, go with a crushed ice cut. It’ll bring out just the right amount of glittery shine and gorge fire. 

No matter the cut you choose, you’ll get a stunning, sparkly stone to show off for days on decades. 

Different Shapes, Tons of Sparkle. Round, Radiant and Oval Cut Moissanite image

Different Shapes, Tons of Sparkle. Round, Radiant and Oval Cut Moissanite

Crispy Cuts Only

Cut quality has everything to do with how a rock will shine, no matter the type of gemstone. A well-cut stone will reflect the most light, meaning a brighter look with more sparkle. 

Conversely, a poorly cut stone will absorb light, causing it to look dull with many dark spots. In other words, it will be a total bummer lacking everything we love about gems. 

Hot Tip: Always look for an excellent cut, no matter the shape or type of stone.

1. Queen Supreme 

Round cuts have the absolute most sparkle. The brilliant cut was designed to slay, and it delivers in both diamonds and moissanite. 

58 facets of stunning provide ideal depth and shine. It’s no wonder round shape engagement rings are the most popular. They’re so iconic they have their own emoji. 

Round-cut moissanite has a spectacular and supremely gorgeous shine. Of all moissanite shapes, the round also looks the most like a diamond. So if you’re looking for some dazzling sparkle or an ideal diamond dupe, this is the way. 

Her Royal 1.5–Ness 

We’ve got to give an honorable mention to the princess cut, also known as a modified square brilliant. The princess is a super sparkly cut that also looks supremely stunning in moissanite. 

It’s a popular cut that seems to slip off the radar, so princess-cut engagement rings can be a unique choice. Those super sharp corners look amazing and unexpected and are steller at switching up softer silhouettes. 

2. Cut Corners 

Sometimes it pays to cut corners. The radiant is packed with tons of sparkle. An incredible 77 facets mean tons of tiny surfaces for light to bounce off of, creating glittery magic galore. 

Radiants aren’t your average single-flavor sparkle stone. They have two styles of cut and two types of shine, brilliant and crushed ice,

Brilliant cut radiants have longer, more traditional style facets. Think round brilliant. They have tons of depth, dimension, and the classic sparkle you know and love.

Crushed ice radiants have oodles of tiny facets, giving the stone a more glittery effect. Think bucket ‘o’ ice in the sun or a dreamy geode. They’ve got tons of little sparkles and more of a white-face-up look. 

No matter which style you choose, radiant-cut engagement rings are seriously stunning and have tons of sparkle. Our favorite? You can’t beat all the sparkle and shine of a crushed ice cut. It’s got the look, and we stan big time. 

3. Soft Sparkle 

Yet another sparkle city cut, the cushion gives off tons of glittery shine. The pillowy shape moissanite also has that diamond-like look we love. 

With soft corners and a squarish shape, the rock has a great silhouette and a stellar sparkle that makes cushion-cut engagement rings a house fav. 

Cushions are a deep cut, so they can look a bit smaller carat for carat, making them a great pick for moissanite. The affordable stone means you can size up the sparkly softness to your heart's content. 

Elongated cushions, on the other hand, don’t have the size problem to begin with. The stretched-out shape provides loads of finger coverage, making them look much larger. And never to be outdone, they shine like the best of them. 

Ready For Some Extra Sparkle?

We love a little competition, and while all moissanite is super sparkly, that glittery round shines bright like a diamond. It’s number one for a reason. 

That being said, those other shiny shapes certainly hold their own. So whether you’re going cushion, radiant, princess, or entirely off the charts, you’re sure to find the rock that’s right for you–and it’s going to be plenty shiny too. 

All of our moissanite is precision cut to bring out the glorious glitter. Don’t believe us? See for yourself. 

Moissanite Misconceptions 

There is tons of misinformation about moissanite. We think the rumours should be left to Fleetwood Mac. So let’s set the record straight on these common moissanite misconceptions. 

1. Moissanite Isn’t Clear. It Has a Greenish Hue

Colorless stones (including diamonds) tend to have a hue. Diamonds have a yellow or brownish hue, that’s why they are graded for color. 

Early moissanite had more of a green or yellowish hue to it. However, modern moissanite is usually colorless. 

All the moissanite sold at Keyzar is completely colorless. 

2. Moissanite Has Too Much Sparkle and Looks Fake

Moissanite has a slightly different sparkle than a diamond, so it doesn’t look like one. In other words, moissanite doesn’t look fake. It looks like moissanite. 

3. Moissanite Gets Cloudy and Doesn’t Last

Moissanite doesn’t get cloudy, but it can get a little dirty, like any gemstone. Cleaning your engagement ring will keep it looking shiny and new.  

Moissanite is nearly as hard as a diamond and will last just as long. AKA literal lifetimes. 

4. Moissanite Is a Type of Diamond

No. The term “moissanite diamond” has been popping up a lot lately. The phrase is a bit misleading–which is why we don’t say it. 

Moissanite is a stunning gemstone that makes a great engagement ring, but it isn’t a diamond.


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