Reasons Not to Buy Eternity Rings

Reasons Not to Buy Eternity Rings

Endless love? Yes. Endless diamonds? Yes. Endless sparkle? We get it. Eternity rings are everything. They've got all the glitz and glamour you could ever want and then some. Besides, who doesn't love an excuse to add another diamond ring to the collection?

The Khloe Heart Eternity image

The Khloe Heart Eternity

While we certainly believe all those things, and while we'd never try to talk you out of extra sparkle, there are a few downsides to consider before going full speed down eternity street. 

All the Feels

</b><b><span>Ah, eternity rings </span><span>–</span> an endless circle of diamonds symbolizing everlasting love, how cute.  image
Ah, eternity rings  an endless circle of diamonds symbolizing everlasting love, how cute. 

For reals, though, as much as we love a good finger full of diamonds – and we love a finger full of diamonds – those rocks can be a little bit bumpy. While it might look like all party, all the time, the feeling of all those stones pressed between your fingers can be a little off-putting. 

You might be saying, hey, hey micro pavé! And tbh, that does smooth things over. However, it's good to keep in mind the bigger the carat, the chonkier the ring. So consider finger feel. 

Or go crazy and wear it on your thumb. You do you! 

You Better Work 

Here's the deal, if you want a shiny, beautiful band of dazzling diamonds, you're gonna have to put in a little work. 

Every little diamond has its own little setting, and that means two things. First, it's a bunch of little nooks that need cleaning. Secondly, it's a bunch of little chances to loosen up. But not in a nice relaxing way. In the "oops, I just dropped a diamond" way. 

That might sound scary until you factor in that literally every piece of jewelry on earth requires a little maintenance now and then. In the long run, it's nothing to worry about. Check your stones now and then by giving them a little tap, take your ring to the cleaners every so often, and you're great as a grapefruit kid.

Helen image


If you're extra worried about knocking one of the little beauties out of place, there's plenty you can do. For starters, why not consider a channel setting? It'll give you a little more protection around the edges to keep all your little duckies in a row. 

Really, there's not much to worry about when it comes down to it. A missing diamond can always be replaced. A little maintenance is to be expected over a lifetime, so this is really more of a heads-up than a warning. 

Set it and Forget it 

There are oh so many options when it comes to eternity settings. But the thing is, tiny prongs can lead to not-so-tiny problems, i.e., missing stones. 

So while we are telling you to pick a secure setting, be it prong, pavé, or channel, we are not telling you how to live your life. You do you! 

Pave Elianne image

Pave Elianne

You want all sparkle all the time? No problem. How about a pave Elianne? There's no underestimating a strong prong. Choose a solid setting, and you'll be a-okay. 

One Size Fits All

Okay, this one is like a total bummer. 

You know how you want that eternity ring to be a super romantic surprise? Well, see, it can't exactly be resized. 

Check it out. In the best-case scenario, you can have it sized up, and they'll have to leave a gap. Or you can size down, and they'll have to take out a diamond… and they'll have to leave a gap. 

Like we said, it's a total bummer. 

The best advice we can give you in this department is to be absolutely sure of your partner's ring size before you shop. And look, we know this isn't exactly ideal if you're trying to pop the question. But hey, this is where you buddy up to bestie and get some secret size intel.

Halfway There

If the sizing factor is a no-go for your nuptials, there's still hope.

While it's never ideal to size and resize any ring (it messes with the structural integrity, yo!), you can always go with a 1/2 or a 3/4 eternity ring if you need a little room to play around. These bands both leave you with a bit of blank space and still have an eye load of diamonds to go around. 

Lindsey image


Look, fluctuation is a factor, so there's no harm in giving yourself a little breathing room to be on the safe side. 

Another advantageous aspect to the 1/2 eternity is that all-important element, comfort. If you're sensitive to the bulky feel of diamonds going all the way around, why not have (half) your cake and eat it too?

So Scratchy

While there's no wrong way to wear an eternity ring, the classic sitch is to stack. Lovely, yes, scratchy, also yes.

Remember that whole "diamonds are the hardest thing on earth" thing? Well, that's true, but it also means the only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond, which doesn't really matter until you're stacking all your diamonds together. 

This, however, doesn't mean it can't be done. It only means beware. Suppose your engagement ring has, say, a floating setting or otherwise exposes those sweet little edges to the lovely little edges of the eternity band in question. In that case, it's best to keep it away. 

But look, this is a problem with many solutions. So many, one might say, that it's not even really a problem.

No hard and fast rule says you must stack your eternity ring. 

</b><b>In fact, there's not even a rule that says what finger you have to wear the thing on.  image
In fact, there's not even a rule that says what finger you have to wear the thing on. 

And while separation seems like a simple solution, there's always option three: plan ahead. It's easy peasy to find an eternity setting that fits snug as a bug in a rug right between your wedding band and your engagement ring. 

And if you're one for extra caution, there's always a channel setting, no edges, no problem. See, so many solutions. 

Still Think Eternity Rings Are Everything?

Eternity rings are everything, from sparkle to symbology, and they look pretty too! For all the "what ifs" that come along with eternity rings, there's a way bigger factor at play, the "why not?" 

Still mad at us for booing your bae? Look, while we'd never yuck your yum, we would hit you with the facts so you can find your forever ring for all the right reasons. If you're ready to take a look at some epic eternity rings, we've got your back there too. 

Quick Questions

It's everything you never knew you needed in an FAQ.

Which Finger Should You Wear an Eternity Ring On?

While there is no right or wrong way to wear an eternity ring, there are a few traditions you might try. 

What can we say, stackers, be stackin'. Traditionally the eternity ring is worn stacked on the left hand. This usually goes, wedding band, eternity ring, engagement ring. Or do your own thing and stack it however it feels comfortable.

Some choose to wear their eternity rings on their middle fingers. Others prefer to wear them on the ring finger of their right hand. There is no correct way to wear an eternity ring, so you do you.

When Do You Give an Eternity Ring?

Do you ever need an excuse for diamonds? We think not.

If you do, however, there are a bunch of special occasions, both traditional and not so much, that is the perfect time to spring a little extra love on your partner.

Milestone anniversaries are a crowd favorite, along with special birthdays, big life moments, having a kid, the list goes on! Eternity rings are a romantic gesture no matter the occasion. 

Long story short, there is no wrong answer. You know your love best. Pick a time to celebrate.

Can Men Wear Eternity Rings?

You mean you don't know about doing whatever the heck you want?

Traditionally eternity rings complete the look for ladies, but traditionally things change. More and more men are wearing both an engagement ring and a wedding band. It's all about personal preference. 

You know your partner best, and who doesn't love a little bling?

What Size Diamonds Should an Eternity Ring Have?

Eternity rings come in a range of sizes. Usually best to think in terms of millimeters instead of carats. Bands most often range from 1.6mm to over 4.5mm, depending on the cut and size of the diamonds.

If you're a stacker, you'll want to choose a diamond size that compliments your other rings without interfering with the flow of the stack, gotta avoid those gaps!

Additionally, it's good to remember that bigger diamonds mean a taller setting and a lot more feel between your fingers. If the sensation is a factor, smaller might be the way to go.

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