Are You Overpaying For A Certain Diamond Carat Size?

Are You Overpaying For A Certain Diamond Carat Size?

We love a 1ct diamond. It’s the average pick for a reason. But did you know that this oh-so-popular carat weight costs a mini grip more than slightly underweight gems that pack the same visual punch?

The same goes for other so-called magic numbers like 1.5, 2ct, and on up from there. So, finding a diamond just below the size you’re looking for might be just the ticket to budget-friendly bliss. Who knew missing the mark could feel so good?


One Is So Done

You can’t argue with popularity, and the 1ct diamond is the “it girl” as far as US engagement rings are concerned. But whether you’re shooting for a 1, 2, or 3ct ring, you’re better off ditching the digits.

Size Varies based on things like shape, cut, depth, and more. While the average 1ct round brilliant is around 6.4mm, that size may vary even if the weight does not.

It is very difficult to spot these differences with the naked eye. The same goes for stones that fall just under certain carat weights.

In other words, a diamond that is just below the carat weight you’re looking for will have the same visual impact.


Magic Numbers

So why does a 1.98ct diamond cost less than a 2ct diamond if they have the same visual size? That’s where these so-called magic numbers come in.

A diamond that is a more round number (think 1, 1.5, 2, etc.) is considered more desirable and, therefore, more valuable than one that is just underweight. Even with the same visual size.

Bottle Line: magic numbers cost more, but diamonds with slightly lower carat weights will appear the same size.


Lookout Below

Instead of shopping for one of these on-the-nose numbers, look just below to snag a deal with the same visual size. For example, a diamond that is 0.95-0.99 will cost you less than a 1ct diamond.

Finding a diamond just under the magic number will have the same visual appearance and cost you less. The same goes for 2.5ct, 3ct, and everything else on up the list.

So, if you want a 2ct diamond, why not take a look in the 1.98 department? Check it out. This 2ct G VS2 Natural Diamond is totally gorge; no argument here. But this 1.95ct H VS2 Natural Diamond will look almost the same size and save you almost $2,500.

Bonus: Looking for diamonds that are just below your carat mark doesn’t just save you money. It also expands your options. Meaning you’re far more likely to find that perfect rock. And we simply love to hear it.


Less Is More

When snagging your perfect diamond on a practical budget, never forget that a little less might add up to so much more.

Finding your ideal diamond just under your target carat weight might be a mini-quest, but the prize? You might just snag a diamond with the same visual size as that certain carat you’ve been eyeing; only this one leaves a major chonk of change in your pocket. We love that for you.


Diamond Size FAQ

What is the most respectable diamond size?

For years a 1ct diamond has been the US average and considered a good size diamond for an engagement ring.

More recently, however, couples have been choosing to size up. A 1.5ct diamond is considered a reasonable size up while sticking to a budget. Though if the price was no issue, most couples say they’d choose a 3ct stone.


Is it worth getting a 1ct diamond ring?

Yes. 1ct diamonds are a perfect size for a more modest engagement ring that still snags some attention.

When choosing your diamond, it’s less about the size and more about personal style. 1ct diamonds are great in traditional settings. Whereas choosing a more minimalist or dainty ring might mean going even more petite.


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