Gift Ideas That Win Christmas - Diamond Necklaces & More

Gift Ideas That Win Christmas - Diamond Necklaces & More

Whether you’re shopping for Mom, your wife, or your partner, one thing is for sure; Christmas is hard! But buying her a gift she’ll love past February doesn’t have to be.

While buying fine jewelry like diamonds for the holidays might seem a little cliche, it doesn’t have to be camp. Diamond necklaces can be super sweet and personal, pendants pure and romantic, and eternity bands can be a big refresh in the “I do” department.

In other words, finding the right gift for this holiday season simply slays. So let us help you narrow it down to something she’ll low-key love for years to come.


How To Holiday

The Isabella pendant, eternity ring, zodiac pendant in white gold. image

The Isabella pendant, eternity ring, zodiac pendant in white gold.

Gifting is hard. Sure, it’s easy to come up with a gift that’s a great fit for the holidays, but finding something that’ll still be a fav after February is a little trickier.

Want a gift that will last? Diamonds and other fine jewelry are forever presents. They’ll live long past the festivities, and unlike the fruitcake, she’ll actually like them. So what should you give? You’ve got options,

● Diamond necklaces are a lovely gift that can be as personal as you’d like them to be. There are many options under 1k, which make an excellent gift for your mom, wife, girlfriend, or even sister.

● Diamond Pendants are an elegant and slightly elevated gesture. They can be made with moissanite or a diamond and are a perfect gift for your partner.

● Eternity Rings traditionally mark a big event, and holidays can be a great time to give them. It can be a gesture of renewing your love for each other or a huge sign of appreciation. We see you, mama! They’re a great gift for your wife, mom, or partner.

● How much should you spend? That’s between you and your bank account. But to make it easier, we’ve broken it down into categories so you can find something stunning in any price range.


A Little Somethin’ Somethin’

Buying her a piece of fine jewelry doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg; love certainly isn’t measured by your pocketbook.

Here are a few epic gift ideas that are a little less expensive. We’re talking under 1k.



The Evil Eye Pendant symbolizes protection and power against evil and bad luck. It’s a great way to show someone you love and care for them. It’s purely good vibes in 14k gold, and it’s modestly priced to boot.

Perfect for mom, sister, daughter, wife, and girlfriend


Pretty Playful

The Butterfly Pendant might be the perfect gift for your girlfriend. It’s super sweet yet seriously stunning, with delicate sparkle and shine from 14k gold and glittering lab diamonds. It’s dreamy. It’s cute. It’s everything.

Perfect for mom, sister, daughter, girlfriend


Stellar Symbol

The Zodiac Pendant, or the Constellation Pendant if you want to get a little more pricy, are personalized gifts showing off their zodiac sign in glittering perfection.

The symbol is created in brilliant pavé diamonds or stunning and studded diamond stars in a constellation. It’s considerate, personal, and shows you’ve been paying attention. And that is the best gift of all.

Perfect for a partner or mom


Give Some Glamour

The Curved Bubble Pendant is seriously elevated, and it’s giving low-key eleganza that could take you from yoga to the opera with a simple outfit swap–ok, maybe hair too, but you get the picture.

Its effortless drape is flattering to the neckline, while the subtle grace of diamonds tapering from the center to each corner gives off a sophisticated shimmer.

Perfect for a wife or mom


Oh, Christmas Twig…

The Eternity Twig is part of our signature collection. It’s delicate and stunning, with a touch of brilliant sparkle from round diamonds sprinkled throughout the band.

The unique texture makes this piece a standout, and its reasonable price makes it perfect for the first addition to a stack, an early-on eternity ring, or any other occasion.

Perfect for wife or partner


Several Years Later

Into something a bit more serious? If you’ve been together a few years, or just because you can, stepping up your price range a bit opens up a world of options. You can snag more elaborate and intricate pieces or amp up your sparkle game.


Smooth Sparkle

Looking for a delicate and elegant piece? The Chevron Pendant is like a soft swoosh of fresh air with diamonds on.

The delicate curve of the pendant is slimming to the neckline and those graceful lines make the perfect highlight to any ensemble—perfect for an evening out or elevating a casual look.

Perfect for a wife or girlfriend


Talk About Twinkle

The Curved Cluster Pendant is all holiday vibes. It’s got an undeniable snowflake/floral feel that makes it a perfect pick for year-round realness.

Clusters of lab diamonds along a delicate curve create a stunning sparkle adding a bit of brilliance to any look. A subtle silhouette highlights the neckline and elevates any look.

Perfect for a wife or mom


Drip, Drip, Diamond

The Marquise Diamond Pendant has delicate diamond accents that are giving glittery Christmas light in the best possible way.

It’s a stunning piece that is subtle enough for everyday wear with marquise lab diamonds along the neckline. It creates an eye-catching sparkle that won’t overwhelm the wearer and definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Perfect for wife, mom, girlfriend


A Little Extra Shine

A stunning pendant is a lovely gesture, and choosing moissanite for your center stone will save you thousands over a diamond. It’ll still be all that sparkle and shine and last you a lifetime plus, allowing you to stretch your budget. Christmas in Hawaii, anyone?

The Amelia is a simple and stunning piece in a smooth and modern setting showing off the center stone while draping it gently on the neckline. If it’s not your vibe, you can design any of our pendants with the diamond or moissanite of your choice.

Perfect for wife or partner


A Touch Of Eternity

An eternity ring is a romantic gesture marking a special occasion. They’re often given on holidays, baby’s first Christmas, or just because you want to show off your everlasting love, which is so sweet we’re getting cavities.

The Anne Round Eternity has a delicate setting, with a sweeping braid around the band, creating an exciting view from the side. Sweeping lines melt into gentle beaded prongs showing off all those tiny shinies.

It’s a delicate piece and a stunning addition to any collection. It can be worn many different ways, as a start to a stack, with your wedding and engagement ring. However you like.

Perfect for wife or partner


The Sky Is The Limit

If the price tag isn’t an issue, you’ve got every little option at your fingertips. Why not make it a holiday to remember? You can get a perfect gift for her style and one you’re sure she’ll love forever.

A diamond pendant is a special and significant gesture, whether you buy her another diamond to match her engagement ring or to bring out on special occasions.

An eternity ring is also a big deal. Marking a special occasion or simply renewing your love for one another. We love to see it.


Seeing Stars

The Aubrey is giving twinkling stars in a wish-granted sort of way. The setting surrounds your stone in round diamonds creating a starburst shape and amplifying the size and sparkle of your center stone.

Diamond pendants allow you to choose any diamond shape making the piece a truly personal gift. Match her favorite ring, or surprise her with something new.

Perfect for wife or partner


X-Mas and Oh’s

The Khloe Heart Eternity is the ultimate sweetheart gesture. Heart-shaped diamonds surround the band giving off crazy amounts of sparkle.

It’s like saying, “I love you forever,” in chonky diamonds. What’s not to love about that?

Perfect for wife or partner


All The Way Elegant

The Adelle Emerald Eternity ring is elevated, stunning, and true glamor at its finest.

Emerald diamonds give off intense flashes of light instead of brilliant sparkles, so adding them to any sparkly collection means shaking up the shine in the best way.

This chonk of an eternity ring–or a daintier version if you prefer–is a stellar addition, or start, to any stack. It looks incredible with other rings and can most certainly stand on its own.

Perfect for Wife or partner


A New Holiday Classic

Surrounded by round and marquise diamonds, The Harper catches light from all angles. It’s a stunning, timeless, and drenched in sparkles pendant. What more could you ask for?

Choose your ideal center stone and let the surrounding diamonds elevate it to a whole new level, increasing the visual size and maxing out the sparkle.

It’s a big move and a bold gift that has us dreaming of elevated brilliance. Royalty? We know her. She’s sitting under the Christmas tree with a giant smile on her face.

Perfect for wife or partner


Slay, Slay, Sleigh

Ready for the best Christmas ever? You may not be able to predict what will go down this holiday season, but one thing is for sure, you can’t go wrong slipping a little sparkle under the tree.

With so many options, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill–and your budget. Whether you’re shopping for a mom, girlfriend, wife, or special someone, you can’t go wrong with glitter.


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