Less Simple, More Sparkle - His & Hers Diamond Wedding Bands

Less Simple, More Sparkle - His & Hers Diamond Wedding Bands

When you hear “wedding band,” the image of a couple of classic golden rings might spring to mind. If you’re vibing with the vintage look, then you do you with timeless, simple sleekness. It’s certainly stunning.

But if you want something with a little more sparkle, we’re with you. Diamond wedding bands bring on the shine. They can enhance any engagement ring, bringing out the best in your center stone, or, if they’re flying solo, they can steal all that attention for themselves.


Diamond Who?

You don’t have to be Rihanna to shine bright in a diamond wedding band. Anyone who can pull it off can put it on, and having the audacity to pack a sparkly punch is all about Y.O.U.

Diamonds are seriously stunning, and not just for women anymore. Men have been wearing gems a lot longer than we realized. And hey, why should girls get all the sparkle?

Anyone can wear a diamond. Adding a few diamonds can change the look and feel of the band, grab some attention, and create some serious movement.


What Now?

Wondering what sort of band you should get? That’s where the fun comes in. You can mix and match with an engagement ring, your wedding band can match your partner, or you can go for a set.

Narrowing down your diamond decision can have a lot to do with lifestyle and personality. The busier you are, the more wear and tear that ring will receive. But that doesn't mean you can’t find a little shine.

     ● If you work with your hands or just aren’t into flashy jewelry, go for a subtle band with studded sparkle, or keep the diamonds to the face of the ring. It’ll add a gentle accent.

     ● If you work in an office or don’t mind taking your band off when you get busy, the sky is the limit. You can be just as shiny as you like.

    In either case, be sure to find a band that matches your vibe. After all, you’ll be looking at it every day. And guys, if you’re unsure of the hard-working rules of fine finger jewelry, check this out: When Should Men Wear Their Wedding Band?


    His & Hers Subtle Sparkle

    If you’re into the classic look with a shiny twist, The Claire and The Andrew could be right up your alley. It’s undercover glitz at its finest, and we love a mystery moment.

    The faces of the bands are smooth and classic, with a surprise right around the corner. The edges of each band are set with rows of pavé diamonds, giving them a sparkly side view.

    They’re attractive, unexpected, and totally out of the box. Timeless wedding bands with a modern kick? We love to see it.


    A Little This

    The Aria has that little somethin’ somethin’ that packs a timeless, romantic appeal into a tiny little package. She’s giving Guinevere vibes, and we love a little princess fairytale moment.

    Its tapered face is slimming, elegant, and flattering to the finger. Clusters of diamonds add dynamic sparkle and movement. It adds a simple flawless dimension and shine that won't distract from your engagement ring.


    Sparkle With A Twist

    The Alice brings a whole new meaning to tying the knot. With a smooth, twisted rope design, it puts a serious spin on the classic silhouette.

    It’s cute, sweet, and totally unique. Not to mention that rope-like texture makes a fab fidget.

    Shimmering diamonds alternate with the shine of the gold braiding around the delicate band, adding a simple texture to any engagement ring. Want to double up the vibe? How about a little matchy-matchy moment with a twinning set?


    A Dusting Of Diamonds

    A simple line of tiny little pavé diamonds can have a big impact. It enhances silhouettes, adds tons of sparkle and movement, and brings on a whole new vibe. Best of all, they don’t cost an arm and a leg. Everyone deserves a little opulence, come and get yours.

    The Elijah features a brick-like texture creating a warm, classic appeal. A delicate row of pavé diamonds completes the look making this a clean and contemporary piece.


    Keeping it Classic

    Wanna add a little bit of fairy dust? The Helen is a simple, classic wedding band with a whole lot of sparkle.

    The pavé band is a thing of beauty. It brings out the shine of your engagement ring while offering a timeless and delicate silhouette with endless sparkle.

    The Chevron Helen brings the drama by switching up the silhouette of any engagement ring, especially with elongated stones.

    The shape goes around the diamond, so you don’t miss any sparkle when that big ole diamond overhangs your wedding band. Glad we solved that problem!

    Both bands work wonders, slinging tons of sparkle and still somehow directing your eye inward to the center stone of your engagement ring. Oh, and it’s also pretty good at making that rock look a bit bigger. Slay.


    The Strong Sparkly Type

    Industrial vibes loaded with tiny shinies, The Ethan has some seriously striking modern lines in a bold and beautiful package.

    The smooth face of the ring meets an asymmetrical band of pavé diamonds giving the ring an exciting flow. It’s a rugged silhouette with some stunning sparkle.

    The polished and matte finishes each add a unique quality to the piece. A high shine complements the diamonds, while a subtle matte accentuates their shine. A hammered finish adds more movement to the band playing with the light and sparkle.


    Bold Move, Big Sparkle

    More diamonds, more sparkle, more more. We love a bold band. Adding a few extra pavé diamonds means more movement, while slightly larger stones can change the flow altogether. Either way, it’s a little something extra for everyone.


    Double Stuff

    The Kayla is pavé times two, but unlike those terrifying twins in the shining, you’ll be shining in pure gorgeosity.

    Delicate diamonds tilted at an angle catch the light from every which way adding tons of sparkle and oodles of movement. It's a clean contemporary look, and you can amp it up to 4x sparkle with a seriously snatched matching set.


    The One Two More

    The Lindsey brings on a different sort of drama. Round and marquise diamonds alternate creating movement in the band and adding stunning sparkle. The delicate band contributes shiny texture and flow to any piece, and we are living for it.

    Looking for more drama than The Bachelor in Paradise? Add a little dip to your drip. The Kristen has that same stunning round and marquise rotation with a brilliant chevron silhouette.

    The curvy band can switch up your stack or frame the center stone on your engagement ring, upping the visual size and highlighting all the stunning.


    3-Sided Stunning

    Adding another layer or two of dazzling pavé diamonds creates crazy movement, adds incredible shine from every angle, and makes it kinda hard to tell where one diamond ends and another begins.

    That’s why we love The Rachel. It’s the best kind of mystery, and we don’t need Scooby-Doo to figure out it’s a total snack.

    The Cathrine has the same three sides with a totally different vibe. It's a more dynamic and squared look. The Intricate milgrain design gives it a vintage feel, creating sparkle and flow in every direction.

    Much like playing Miley Cyrus in a period piece, it’s timeless yet modern, and we are absolutely living for it.

    Both bands are a total vibe that’s always better when they’re together, and either one can easily be two in a matching set that stuns.


    The CEO Of Shine

    Looking for something with a little more ice? The Anthony looks like pure luxury. Rows of round brilliant diamonds, dazzling glittery sparkle, and bold lines with a solid modern silhouette. It’s everything.

    Delicate bead prongs hold the diamonds in place, adding a hint of gold glimmer. The small but sturdy settings cover little of the diamond allowing max surface area and major sparkle.

    It’s an elevated piece with a modern flash and a classic appeal, and it absolutely slays.


    Ready to Say “I Do” to Dazzling?

    The shiny wedding band is certainly a thing of beauty. And whether it’s his, hers, or theirs, diamonds are a finger's best friend, and we are totally here for it.

    Diamond wedding bands can add a touch of shimmering sparkle or an entirely extravagant flair. Stunning solo, a good band can also bring out the very best in your engagement ring, highlight your center stone, and complete a look.

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