Rose gold engagement rings

Rose Gold Rings for Women

Rose Gold Rings for Women

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Rose gold is feminine. It’s romantic. It’s sophisticated, and it goes with everything. No wonder it’s so popular right now. 

But is rose gold right for you? Not necessarily. To help you make sure, we’ve put together this complete guide to rose gold rings for women. Read on to learn about rose gold, see how it’s different from other gold types, and hear responses to frequently asked questions.

What is Rose Gold?

All gold used for jewelry making is an alloy. Rose gold is made of gold, copper, and silver, accounting for the different tones of blush in the gold. 18K rose gold contains 75% gold. 14K Rose gold contains 58.5% pure gold. 18k has a warmer hue; 14k can have a more intense pink color. Keyzar’s unique rose gold alloys are patina and tarnish-resistant, using our unique formula for enhanced durability.

Is Rose Gold Popular?

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Rose gold first appeared in Russia around the nineteenth century, but it has gained more notable mainstream popularity in recent years.

Its blush color helps bring out the brilliance in white and colored diamonds and stones with a deeper hue, such as pink sapphires or take this fun pink Morganite center stone for example.

Although rose gold has gained more mainstream popularity in recent years, it is still a unique choice when it comes to engagement rings. If you are looking for something that will stand out, rose gold is a wonderful choice.

Doubts about whether or not a rose gold engagement ring will stay in fashion have been cropping up all over the internet. But rest assured, a classic setting and a beautiful stone are timeless in any tone.

Does Rose Gold Tarnish?

Rose gold can hold on to its luster for life with regular cleanings.

</b><b>Keyzar’s rose gold is patina and tarnish-resistant, meaning it retains its original, pink look. image
Keyzar’s rose gold is patina and tarnish-resistant, meaning it retains its original, pink look.

Other manufacturers’ pink gold can oxidize and get a layer of patina. Some people like the patina look; others don’t. Some women feel it gives rings an old-world vintage vibe, others think it looks cheap and tacky.

Yellow, White, and Rose Gold - What’s the Difference?

Pure 24k gold is too soft to be made into jewelry on its own. All gold jewelry is made of alloys, a combination of metals that give each type of gold its unique properties.

So what is the difference between rose, white, and yellow gold?

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold ring

Yellow gold is an alloy made from pure 24k gold and a combination of other metals such as zinc and copper.

The warm tone of yellow gold looks best on darker and olive skin tones. Fairer skin tones may prefer the look of white or rose gold.

Yellow gold is a timeless choice and looks great in classic settings and pairs perfectly with diamonds.

Rose Gold

Rose gold ring

We know rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper, but what we didn’t mention earlier is this makes it stronger than 14k yellow gold making it an excellent choice for anyone who lives an active life.

Work with your hands? Rose gold. Love to play sports? Have you considered rose gold?

Some couples choose rose gold for its warm romantic feel. Other people prefer it for how well it lends itself to vintage-inspired jewelry. Rose gold is available in different hues of pink. Red gold has an intense pink color with a high percentage of copper used. Pink gold is light pink and noticeably yellow.

Rose gold is somewhere in the middle; it has a visible pink tint, but not enough to look red. Keyzar produces true rose gold using an original formula.

Some rose gold also contains zinc, which is added as a lightener to counteract the copper and bring out the more silvery tones.

White Gold

White gold ring

White gold is made up of yellow gold and manganese, palladium, or nickel. It’s then rhodium-plated for color and durability, which makes it tough and scratch-resistant.

Its cool silver coloring makes it an excellent match for everyone. White gold engagement rings can be a perfect choice for anyone who likes to stay on-trend and wants a more classic look that will mesh well with their wardrobe and never go out of style.

Something to consider rose gold and white gold are not always hypoallergenic because of their copper and nickel content. If you are buying for someone in your life who has an allergy or sensitive skin, yellow gold rings may be the best choice.


Rose gold may be growing in popularity, but it remains a unique and romantic choice for engagement rings and everyday wear. Rose gold looks great with various stones and in a variety of settings, whether you're looking for a modern piece or a classic vintage-inspired look.

Looking for Inspiration?

Twig Emily

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, the Twig Emily could be a perfect fit. This unique design is both delicate and bold. It also pairs beautifully with a round center stone.

Solitaire Penelope

Our Solitaire Penelope is classic, timeless, and absolutely breathtaking with an oval stone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rose Gold

Rose gold ring

Does rose gold tarnish? No, rose gold doesn't spoil. Some rose gold alloys get a layer of patina after years of wear. Keyzar Jewelry’s rose gold blend was specifically engineered to be patina-resistant.

Are rose gold engagement rings timeless? Rose gold has gained mainstream popularity in recent years, making many wonder if it will go out of style. Rose gold has already withstood the test of time. Its subtle beauty makes it a fantastic choice for anyone looking for an engagement ring that is unique yet timeless.

Does rose gold match with white gold? Rose gold is uniquely suited to mix with other colors of gold, making it the perfect choice for stacking and blending pieces. Its ability to integrate with different tones of gold and silver also makes it a great addition to any collection.

Does 14k rose gold scratch easily? No. Rose gold contains copper making it more durable and scratch-resistant than yellow gold.

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