Why a 14k Diamond Ring is the Durrible Drip You Deserve

Why a 14k Diamond Ring is the Durrible Drip You Deserve

We all love the straight-up gorgeocity that is a diamond ring dripping in gold–or do the diamonds do the dripping? In any case, gold is everything. Whether rose, white, or yellow, it is hands down the CEO of snatched settings.

Penelope, 0.5 ct Oval Natural Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold</b><b> image

Penelope, 0.5 ct Oval Natural Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold

But what kind of gold do you go for? While some people might go for the opulence of an 18k, it’s not actually the best choice for active people. 14k diamond rings are the low-key GOAT for those of us who work with our hands. So if you’re looking for that durable drip, you’ve come to the right place.

14k Realness

Here’s the deal. Pure 24k gold on its own is much too soft for daily wear. Periodt. Like bump it into something, and you’ve bent it out of shape. It’s soft.

So the gold used in jewelry is an alloy made up of different metals to make it stronger so you can wear it on the daily, worry-free.

The higher the karat, the higher the amount of pure gold in the mix. 14k gold is an alloy made up of pure 58.5% pure gold and 41.5% metal alloy. It’s really a fire balance of style and function. Glitzy enough to pair with snatched sparkle and strong enough to keep those little gems snuggly in place.

It’s the perfect choice for anyone with an active lifestyle who wants a ring that's a bit more durable. TBH it’s a great choice for anyone. Along with looking totally gorge, it's stronger and a bit more cost-effective than 18k gold which contains 75% pure gold.

Mellow Yellow

Yellow gold is gorge, obvi, classic, for sure, and still bringing that main character energy to the party after literal centuries.

Like, for real. Historically yellow gold is straight up the most popular choice, hands down. And is it any wonder? Look at that boujee warmth it brings to our Twig Emily. It’s seriously full fantasy vibes and we are living. 

Twig, 0.5 ct Round Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold</b><b> image

Twig, 0.5 ct Round Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold

Fun fact, yellow gold is the most hypoallergenic of all gold settings. So if you’ve got sensitive fingers, we love a yellow gold. It’s also a legit fantastic choice for both vintage and modern settings.

Icy Vibes

White gold is giving icy cool with a high-key modern flair. It’s seriously no wonder why it’s the top pop pick for settings.

And for us, it’s that white on white for the serious W since nothing sets off a diamond quite like that cold gold. Like, for real, check this white gold Chelsea set with an oval diamond, can you even?

Chelsea, 1.65 ct Oval Lab Diamond, 14k White Gold </b><b> image

Chelsea, 1.65 ct Oval Lab Diamond, 14k White Gold 

Going with 14k white gold does mean that clean metal is going to show off the coloring of your diamond tho, so make sure you pick G or higher.

We gotta hit you with the tea tho, so just know white gold also has a rhodium plating making it tricky to resize. But worry not. Keyzar will resize your diamond ring for free. We got you.

Did we mention white gold goes with everything? It’s really hard to go wrong. The stuff is the high-key business for any style. Eclectic, modern, classic, she does it all.

Pretty in Pink Periodt

Rose gold is having a major moment, and we absolutely stan for it.

This pinkish gold gets its gorge color from copper, which also happens to make it super strong. That means not only does 14k rose gold look great, but it’s also a durable diamond setting option, and we so love to hear it.

While it may have only recently popped into major popularity, rose gold has also been around the block. In other words, rose gold is premo at bringing the vintage vibes.

Baguette Three Stone Liv,<span> 2 ct Radiant Lab Diamond, 14k White Gold</span> </b><b> image

Baguette Three Stone Liv, 2 ct Radiant Lab Diamond, 14k White Gold 

At the same time, its recent boom back into popularity makes it a glam dunk for the modern looks too. Like for real, this Baguette Three Stone Liv with a Princess diamond is living the best of both worlds with modern lines and Art Deco feels. 

Picky Choosy

So, is 14k gold a good choice for a diamond ring? You know it.

14k gold is a fire choice for any jewelry, but its strength and beauty combo makes it incredibly awesome for diamond rings.

And here's the deal if you want to get that extra snatched drip like a pave or a hidden halo, 14k will put the work in. Those tiny settings need strong little prongs, and 14k does strong little prongs right.

It’s all grip all the time with a 14k halo moment on this Pave Lenny, and we love a criss-cross diamond sauce moment. 

1 ct Round Lab Diamond, 14k White Gold</b><b> image

1 ct Round Lab Diamond, 14k White Gold

All tea, the more intricate or delicate a ring is, the stronger the metal ought to be, making 14k not just a good choice but an ideal one. On top of that, it’s more affordable, but it looks expensive. That’s a major W.

Smaller Stacks

So here’s the deal, 14k gold is less expensive than 18k for one reason and one reason only. It contains less gold. And while that might seem obvious, what isn’t is that they both look totally gorge.

While the price difference isn't staggering but it can def save you a pretty penny if you'd like to spend elsewhere, like on a diamond.

Scarlett, 1.14 ct Round Lab Diamond, 14k White Gold</b><b> image

Scarlett, 1.14 ct Round Lab Diamond, 14k White Gold

Peep our Scarlett, for example. In 14k gold, it’s $300 less than its 18k sister.

What will change the price is what type of setting you choose. Of course, a solitaire will cost less than a ring with side stones or a pave. The more diamonds, the more dollars–but look at all that sparkle!

Daily Driver

Hello, durable drip, anyone?

14k gold cannot be beat for diamond rings (or any jewelry) you plan to wear on the daily. And like for real, why would you not want to wear your diamonds daily?

That does bring up the question of wetness, as in, can you wash your hands, shower, swim, etc., with it on?

Of course, you can. Maybe with the exception of swimming, as chlorine isn’t really a friend to fine jewelry.

You don't want to leave any jewelry soaking in water, of course, but washing your hands – or your hair – isn't going to ruin your diamond ring. Although if you get enough soapy build-up on it, you'll have to take it in for a cleaning.

For real, tho, 14k diamond rings just can’t be beat for busy hands and daily wear. It’s an absolute beast, and we love it.

Solitaire Penelope, 1 ct Round Lab Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold</b><b> image

Solitaire Penelope, 1 ct Round Lab Diamond, 14k Yellow Gold

This Solitaire Penelope is such a smash and a totally fire reminder that dainty and durable can be friends. We love that. 

Tacky Tarnish

Some people are totally worried that 14k gold will tarnish due to its higher metal content. It won’t.

If you get 10k gold, it might. But here’s the deal, not to drag the stuff, but 10k is trash. We don’t even sell it.

We don’t sell anything that tarnishes periodt.

So chill your gorge lil self, cause 14k gold will always look gorge. And before you ask, no, our rose gold doesn't patina either. Many vintage rose gold pieces will have a totally gorge patina on them due to higher copper content. And while we love that for a vintage ring, not so much for the new stuff.

We use a unique blend in our 14k rose gold, so it, along with the rest of our 14k gold, will never tarnish or patina. Like any ring, it may need cleaning now and then to shine up the diamonds and the gold alike, but that's more like a spa day, and don't we all deserve those?

Solitaire Alice,<span> 1 ct Round Lab Diamond, 14k Rose Gold</span></b><b> image

Solitaire Alice, 1 ct Round Lab Diamond, 14k Rose Gold

And this Solitaire Alice in 14k Rose Gold? A little polish, and she’ll shine like brand new for literally ever. Can’t argue with that. 

So, You’re a 14k Convert?

We love to hear it. 14k diamond rings are the serious business. They’re snatched in any style, perfect for active fingers, and last a literal lifetime. Or several, for that matter.

On top of all that, they’ll save you a bit of that grip to spend on other things, like a bigger rock, a nice dinner, or whatever. So what’s the hold-up? You can peep our settings and get the 14k diamond that’s been living rent-free and get it on that gorgeous, gorgeous finger of yours.

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