Why More Couples Are Choosing Moissanite

Why More Couples Are Choosing Moissanite

It seems like just yesterday moissanite popped into the zeitgeist, and already it has skyrocketed into major popularity. Is it any wonder why? This shiny little space rock is loaded with sparkles, shine, and the absolute audacity to give diamonds a run for their money.

But why are more and more couples choosing to ditch the time-honored tradition of overpaying for diamonds in favor of keeping their cash and going home with a giant rock? Well, if that question wasn’t enough of an answer you’re gonna want to take several seats.

Let’s get into it.


What The Heck is Moissanite?

Well, it’s a shiny rock that was found living under a rock. Or, to be more precise, it was discovered when a meteor crashed into Arizona.

It’s made of silicon carbide, and while that’s totally naturally occurring, it’s also totally rare. So all moissanite used in jewelry is lab-made.

The stone itself is a gorge little gem that’s actually twice as sparkly as a diamond and gives off a high vibe rainbow shine. It’s also almost as hard as a diamond which means it will last just as long. As in forever.

All this, and it’s a literal fraction of the price. Wig!


Gains Vs. Guap

TBH, the old “drop a ton of guap on a ring if you really mean love” narrative is so plaid out. More and more couples, especially younger ones, are spending money on a life together instead of a diamond. Who can blame them with the rising cost of everything?

But people still want a big rock, and the romance of what that stands for is worth staning for. That doesn’t, however, mean you have to pay a literal grip on a diamond anymore.

With the same budget you’ve got stashed for a 1ct diamond, you can get a 3ct moissanite. Quite the upgrade. And as for the whole average size of an engagement ring being 1ct? Well, that average size is a price anyone can afford with moissanite.

We’re not exaggerating when we say the difference between a large diamond and large moissanite is the cost of a house in some places. Couples these days are choosing not to choose, and instead having a big rock and a nice vacay too. We love to hear it.

This 5ct moissanite Twig is literally less than some 1ct natural diamonds. Uh, yes, please.


Shiny and Sustainable

Here’s the tea, the earth, she’s a flame. And while we love shiny goodness that comes out of the planet, we like living atop her too.

Diamond mining causes major irreparable damage to our gorge little globe. And while that’s probably not stopping anytime soon, many couples have said, “no more!” and we are so all-in here for it.

But let’s be real, that doesn't mean we don’t still want something shiny. Moissanite (and lab diamonds) are sustainably produced sparklicious alternatives to natural diamonds you can feel good about showing off.

So if you’re looking for a snatched little stone that leaves the earth alone, look no further.

Also, side note, are you living for this 2ct Kristen? We cannot.


The Fabulosity

Moissanite is sparkle city snatched. In technical terms, that means it’s got twice the sparkle index of a little old diamond and rainbow flash to boot. We literally love it.

All this sparkle is giving something different, and couples are loving the unique appeal. That’s probably it’s all over your FYP. Brilliant moissanite offers a great alternative to the traditional diamond look. Match that with a little rose gold realness and it’s all love all the way.


Say Less

Some couples don’t like the rainbow vibe, and that’s ok too. Not only can moissanite out shine a diamond, it can shine just like one too.

Instead of rainbow sparkle, it can be cut to show off all that rainbow realness or toned down to look more like a diamond. And we do both.

So no matter the level of glitz you want in your glam, we’ve got you covered. Couples on both sides of the equation are loving it.

Here’s the tea. More and more couples are choosing to write their own story. They don’t want to buy a diamond just because they feel like they are supposed to.

Moissanite is a beautiful option for those who still want a gorge symbol but without the old storytime attached. With the money you save you get to write your own story… while you’re on vacation.


When Affordability Meets Forever

Moissanite is absolutely snatched. Whether you go for the rock that shines like a diamond, or a glittery chonk of magic space dust, moissanite lets you go home with the rock of your dreams for a price that lets you sleep at night.

No matter the particular reason, we’ve seen so many couples go home happy. And hopefully, they’ve gone on to buy that home with all the absolute grip they saved by skipping that natural diamond and choosing something a little different. We love to see it.


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