Blake Lively’s Engagement Ring

Blake Lively’s Engagement Ring

Celebrity engagements always generate a buzz, but some rings stand out more than all the rest. Blake Lively’s stunning engagement ring is one of those - timeless, brilliant, and of course with a breathtaking diamond!

While the Gossip Girl star didn’t post an up-close snap of her ring when she got engaged in 2012, we’ve all become familiar with its looks since then and can’t get enough. Read on to get the scoop on Blake Lively’s engagement ring…

Then see how you can design a similar version for yourself using our 3D tool!

Mandy, 2.06 ct Oval Lab Diamond image

Mandy, 2.06 ct Oval Lab Diamond

What Blake Lively’s engagement ring looks like

Lively’s engagement ring is a thing of beauty. Its oval cut diamond that clocks in at a whopping 12 carats. The flawless center stone is set in a thin, rose gold pave band that adds tasteful sparkle to the ring. Let’s break it down and look at what exactly makes this ring so special.

What we love about Blake Lively’s engagement ring

First thing’s first - let’s talk about how the setting is made of rose gold. Blake Lively was the first celebrity to have a rose gold engagement ring, so you could say she started the trend! Her rose gold setting complements the delicate pink hues of the diamond.

And while we’re talking about the diamond, we love the classic solitaire look of Blake Lively’s engagement ring. A solitaire setting allows the center stone to shine, and Lively’s 12 carat pink diamond center stone does just that.

Ever the attentive husband, Reynolds opted for an oval cut center stone because it’s more flattering on petite fingers like Lively’s than other cuts, like the round brilliant. The oval cut has had a popularity boost since Lively got engaged - once again, this couple is giving major trendsetting vibes!

It’s all in the details

Pave Kamellie, 1.5 ct Oval Moissanite image

Pave Kamellie, 1.5 ct Oval Moissanite

A pave band adds a little extra “oomph” to this already jaw dropping ring. Tiny diamonds stud the circumference of the band, increasing the sparkle factor and complementing the brilliance of Lively’s hefty center stone.

Speaking of, we’ve got to shine a spotlight on the color of Lively’s center stone. The ring features a pale pink diamond - an extremely rare color in natural diamonds - making this ring a true work of art. Pink diamonds are romantic and unique, so this choice is perfect as a symbol of Reynolds’ and Lively’s love.

How to get the look

With a significant price tag of 2 million dollars, it’s no secret that Blake Lively’s engagement ring is a bit out of most people’s price range. But don’t let that dash your dreams of having an engagement ring that looks like hers. There are a few ways you can get her look without winning the lottery.

Center stones like Blake Lively’s

If the massive size of the center stone is what you love most about Lively’s ring, we’ve got great news for you. Choosing moissanite, an affordable diamond alternative, means you can ramp up the carats for a great price.

5 ct Oval Keyzar Moissanite image

5 ct Oval Keyzar Moissanite

While a 12 carat stone is a bit impractical for daily wear, you can snag a 5 carat oval cut moissanite at Keyzar. An oval cut moissanite of this size will look huge and flattering on your hand, and give you that Blake Lively look without costing a fortune.

If the size and price of the center stone don’t matter as much but Blake has inspired you to choose an oval cut diamond, you have plenty of natural and lab grown options to choose from. Keyzar offers oval cut diamonds in a variety of carat weights and at different price points, so you can find your perfect center stone no matter what you’re looking for.

Settings Like Blake Lively’s

Lively’s engagement ring is defined by its thin, rose gold pave setting. Fortunately, over the years rose gold has become more readily available, so you can rock this look with the best of them.

And the pave look has only gotten more popular since Lively debuted hers ten years ago. Pro tip: the thinner the pave band, the bigger your center stone will look!

Similar designs that won’t break the bank

Blake Lively’s engagement ring is iconic, and it’s no wonder why women want to recreate her look with their own engagement rings. We’ve put together some Lively-like engagement ring inspiration for you here, so you can start designing your dream ring!

Setting inspo

Pave Rachel Band, 0.3 ct Lab Diamonds image

Pave Rachel Band, 0.3 ct Lab Diamonds

Blake Lively’s engagement ring features a rose gold setting studded with pave diamonds. This makes Keyzar’s 1.5mm Helen setting in rose gold the perfect choice for this look. This feminine band comes with pave diamonds all the way around, just like Blake Lively’s engagement ring.

The Helen setting is Keyzar’s thinnest pave band. And since thin pave bands make center stones look even bigger than they are, your diamond or moissanite will get a beauty boost in this setting.

If you love Lively’s look but want to amp up the sparkle when it comes to your own ring, check out the Pave Rachel setting. The Rachel is a dream in rose gold, and features three bright rows of pave diamonds lining the band.

Center stone inspo

Pave Aline, 1.5 ct Oval Moissanite image

Pave Aline, 1.5 ct Oval Moissanite

While Lively’s 12 carat diamond center stone is a little impractical for everyday wear, some people prefer the look of a huge center stone. The shape of her center stone is more important for recreating the look, so be prepared to fall in love with the oval cut. Oval cut center stones appear to elongate the hand and create a graceful, flattering look.

Natural oval cut diamonds over 3 carats can cost upwards of $20,000. On the other hand, you can find lab grown diamonds between 4 and 5 carats for just over $10,000. Choosing a lab grown diamond means you can go up in carat size while also saving a pretty penny.

If you’re looking for an even more affordable option, look no further than moissanite. Pairing a 5 carat oval cut moissanite center stone with the rose gold Helen setting will have you rocking Lively’s look in no time - and at a fraction of the price. 


Ten years after her engagement, Blake Lively is still serving major inspo on her ring finger. Whatever your price range, you can recreate Blake Lively’s look for your own engagement ring. To customize your ring even further, check out our design tool here and experiment with different looks!

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