Four Stunning Three-Stone Settings That Slay The House Down

Four Stunning Three-Stone Settings That Slay The House Down

What’s better than one diamond? How about three?

We love everything a three-stone setting has to offer. Those little diamonds turn up the sparkle, switch up the silhouette, and make your center stone look huge. It’s truly a case of more to love, and we are so here for it.

So are the best of the triple shine designs? You asked, and we delivered. Here are our top four 3-stone settings in no particular order.


1. Three Little Diamonds Sitting In A Tree

Nature lovers rejoice cause this one’s a keeper.

Ok, so The Twig isn’t exactly your standard three-stone setting, but doesn’t that just make it a little more out of the box? The nature-inspired setting has undoubtedly made an impact on the internet, and who doesn’t love a signature collection?

The OG and Textured Twig are some of our all-time favs and worth an honorable mention since, technically, they do have three stones.

The twig-like branches twist around your finger while two little round brilliant diamonds add a little glitter to the mix. It’s a unique pick and definitely a dazzling piece–even if it made the list on a technicality.


2. Best in Flash

Want to shake up your sparkle? The Liv is bringing something entirely different to the table. Two step-cut baguettes surround your center stone, adding bright flashes to the mix. Set with a brilliant diamond, those flashing lights add all kinds of dimension.

On the other hand, if you favor some flash-on-flash action setting, the Liv with an Emerald creates some seriously high-key glamour energy. It’s twice the step cut, giving the whole piece a crystal clear hall of mirror vibe that’s undeniably gorge.

The elongated side stones stretch the silhouette, creating a whole new shape while also directing your eye inward. They highlight that stunning center stone and make it look a bit larger in the process. Sounds like a win-win.


3. All-Round Winner

Circles get the stares. The Lia features two round side stones that majorly amp up the brilliance adding oodles of sparkly shine to that diamond of yours.

The smooth band wraps into an intricate bridge giving this ring an enticing view from every angle. While we’re at it, those shiny little side stones switch up the silhouette, melding with your center stone like one big sparkly family.

Pick your fav diamond to pop in this one, and it looks stunning with any center stone. The shoulders on this one can carry anything, elongating the look and giving you more finger coverage and a larger look to your center stone. We live.


4. Fruity Sparkles

Who doesn’t love a pointy pear? The Pears Liv has two fruity pear-shaped diamonds resting on her shoulders and elongating the look of your center stone with all that sparkle.

The side stones point in either direction creating an almost marquise-like horizontal view with smaller stones and making any center stone look more prominent. All that brilliant sparkle in one place means extra attention-grabbing glitter, and we love to see it.

It is extra sparkle plus a shiny new shape, all packed into this uncomplicated, classic silhouette. She’s all the way elevated and forever stunning.


Triple Trouble - An Honorable Mention

Here, for another honorable mention, we present to you The Scarlett–hey, she’s got three stones per side, so that’s got to be somewhere in the family, right?

The setting is a big step up from the standard. While she doesn’t necessarily fit into the three-stone category, she is an entire vibe and very much worthy of a cameo, so if you love the way a three-stone setting stretches out a silhouette, consider The Scarlett, the amped-up model.

All those tiny shinies work together, creating a stunning marquise-like silhouette that also happens to make any center stone look huge. It’s six times the sparkle and all the extra you could ever need.


Good Things Come In Threes

Three stones are ready, set, stunning, and we simply can’t live without them.

If you want to switch up your silhouette or add a little oomph to your center stone, the three-stone setting is a sure thing. It’s all classic glamour, all the time. Not to mention it’ll size up the look of your center stone without leaving a carat-sized hole in your pocket. Don’t you love to see it?

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