Gwen Stefani Engagement Ring

Gwen Stefani Engagement Ring

Punk-pop princess Gwen Stefani and country music star Blake Shelton wowed the world with their engagement announcement in late 2020. And it was impossible to miss Gwen's $500,000 custom white gold-and-diamond three-stone engagement ring which has become one of the most popular celebrity engagement rings of the new decade.

If Gwen's ring has got you and your girlfriends talking and you would like to rock an engagement ring like this, this fabulous but expensive design does not have to be out of your reach. Read on to find out how you achieve this stunning engagement ring design for under $2000!

Gwen Stefani's engagement ring

Gwen has teased fans and followers with multiple sightings of her engagement ring on Instagram. Her delight with it is evident - and here's why:

First, you can’t not look at the “Blow Ya Mind”, crystal-clear diamond on Gwen's ring finger! This impressive radiant center stone is at least six carats in weight and cut for maximum brilliance.

2.2 ct Radiant Diamond image

2.2 ct Radiant Diamond

Second, the sparkling rectangular side stones that flank the center stone multiply the effect.

Third, flawless craftsmanship. The diamonds of Gwen's three-stone ring are beautifully set in delicate prongs on an understated ice-white metal band (white gold or platinum) that keeps all eyes on the gems.

You don't have to be a “Rich Girl” to own a ring like this!

With its large stones and delicate prong setting, this engagement ring is not up to the rigors of daily wear, but you can use its style cues to create a more practical, affordable design that will turn just as many heads.

1 to 5 ct Radiant Moissanite image

1 to 5 ct Radiant Moissanite

Create your own version of Gwen Stefani's gorgeous ring for (Shhh!) $2000! 

Make this look your own by creating a three stone engagement ring with angular accent stones. Choose your own setting and high-quality Moissanite stones to enjoy a $2000 ring that is every bit as spectacular as Gwen's. Here are the steps:

1. Start with a setting 

Gwen's bright white gold band perfectly partners her flawless stones, and you can achieve a similar shine by selecting a shining 14-carat white gold band for your engagement ring. 

2. Select your stones

Achieve the Gwen Stefani aesthetic by taking time with your stones. Aim for a beautifully proportioned ring rather than just the largest stones you can afford. 

Being able to select a loose center stone online means that you can take the time to find the perfect match for your three stone ring at a competitive price with all the expert help you need from the comfort of your own home. 

Search loose stones by cut, color, clarity, and carat size for a selection that will make your three-stone engagement ring radiate light!

3. Match your accent stones

Baguette or pear accent stones provide an angular detail that is similar to the Gwen Stefani engagement ring. Use them to increase the wattage of your center stone. They are usually no more than 50 percent of the center stone's carat weight. 

Take a look at these stunning Gwen Stefani engagement ring copycats

These outstanding engagement rings have all the brilliance and fire of the Gwen Stefani engagement ring, with fine craftsmanship and exquisite detailing at a fraction of the price:

Liv, 1.5 ct Radiant Moissanite image

Liv, 1.5 ct Radiant Moissanite

If you love the Gwen Stefani engagement ring, the old-Hollywood charm of the Liv three-stone engagement ring is ideal for you. A beautifully cut radiant or princess stone can be accented with round, pear, or baguette stones in this classy design.

Scarlet, 1.14 ct Round Lab Diamond image

Scarlet, 1.14 ct Round Lab Diamond

Artful use of multiple accent stones at the sides of the dazzling center stone makes the Scarlet side-stone engagement ring a real head-turner with enduring appeal.

In conclusion

The Gwen Stefani engagement ring certainly has high-fashion optics but its elements are classic through and through. Use this bright and bold engagement ring as great inspiration for selecting a three-stone engagement ring that is “Luxurious” whatever your budget.

If large stones are a must, those in the know are rocking Moissanite! This synthetically produced gemstone has all the strength, light, and fire of a diamond but is competitively priced, meaning you can easily upgrade your carats without downgrading your bling!

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