Victoria Beckham’s engagement ring

Victoria Beckham’s engagement ring

Have you ever seen Victoria Beckham in the same outfit? Well this fashionista also likes changing her engagement rings along with her outfits! Since one ring wasn’t enough for David’s wife, she has a collection of 15 dazzling rings…

The English footballer proposed to Victoria on 4 July 1999 with a three-carat marquise-cut diamond ring with a yellow gold band that we think costs about $85,000.

Since then, VB showed off her glamorous collection of rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. Let’s dive into the details!

1/15: the “happily ever after” ring

In 1998 David proposed to Victoria with a 3 carat marquise cut diamond on a plain yellow gold band, which we believe cost about $85,000 at the time.

2/15: Platinum eternity band

Emma, 4,6 mm Princess Lab Diamond</b><b> image

Emma, 4,6 mm Princess Lab Diamond

In 2001 Victoria stopped wearing her marquise diamond and started wearing a platinum set eternity band for about 18 months. It featured a bevelled edge and white diamonds. Looks like she decided to step it down a notch for a while…

3/15: Emerald cut beauty

Liv With Baguette Side Stones, 2.5 ct Emerald Lab Diamond</b><b> image

Liv With Baguette Side Stones, 2.5 ct Emerald Lab Diamond

The modest eternity ring didn’t last too long… in 2003 David gave Victoria her very first upgrade on their wedding anniversary. This gorgeous emerald cut ring with side baguettes and a platinum setting is worth about $1,500,000.

4/15: The champagne pink diamond

Kylie, 5 ct Oval Moissanite</b><b> image

Kylie, 5 ct Oval Moissanite

It isn’t a birthday without a new ring! To celebrate VB’s 30th birthday in 2004, David gifted her a pink champagne oval cut ring in a halo setting. It’s worth about $1,200,000.

5/15: 17-carat upgrade

Pave Kamellie, 4.5 ct Pear Moissanite</b><b> image

Pave Kamellie, 4.5 ct Pear Moissanite

Just when you thought the diamond couldn’t get any bigger… In 2005 VB got another upgrade to a 17-carat pear cut ring set on a diamond pave band. It costs a whopping $2,200,000! It’s one of VB’s biggest and favourite rings and she’s often seen wearing it now.

6/15: fancy-shmancy

Pave Natalie, 2.5 ct Emerald Moissanite</b><b> image

Pave Natalie, 2.5 ct Emerald Moissanite

VB didn’t stop at that! She decided to go “fancy” in 2006, with a yellow emerald cut diamond on a yellow gold pave band. She wears it with 2 eternity bands.

7/15: The Emerald

We’re guessing diamonds got a little old for Victoria, since David gave her her first emerald in 2007. It’s a huge cushion cut emerald set in a diamond spiral. We believe it’s worth about $900,000…

8/15: Chopard Emerald cut

This beauty was designed by Chopard. In 2008, David gifted VB a 15 carat emerald cut diamond in a pave band setting. It’s worth about $1,900,000. Isn’t it just flawless?

9/15: Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby…

Pave Natalie, 2.1 ct Oval Lab Diamond</b><b> image

Pave Natalie, 2.1 ct Oval Lab Diamond

It’s ruby time! In 2009 VB got an oval cut beautiful ruby mounted in a white diamond setting. She sure loves some colour in her jewellery…

10/15: The Sapphire

Set with Twig Band, 2 ct Oval Blue Sapphire</b><b> image

Set with Twig Band, 2 ct Oval Blue Sapphire

Time to complete the precious gemstone collection… In 2010 VB got a sapphire! It’s a stunning oval cut sapphire in a skinny pave band.

11/15: Another pink diamond

VB decided to go pink again in 2011, but she went for a more modest size… She got a gorgeous oval cut pink diamond on a yellow gold pave band. We love it!

12/15: Back to classics

Liv With Round Side Stones, 1.2 ct Oval Lab Diamond</b><b> image

Liv With Round Side Stones, 1.2 ct Oval Lab Diamond

In 2015 Victoria had a short-lived love affair with a huge round-cut diamond in a halo design with 2 round side stones. She wore it constantly for a couple of months, until she decided it was time to move on…

13/15: The Moonstone

In 2015 VB stepped away from diamonds again and added a grey moonstone to her collection. It’s set in a diamond-encrusted platinum band and really grabs your attention!

14/15: The Square red carpet ring

In 2016 VB got a ring fit to be shown off on the red carpet, so she did! She debuted her dazzling square cut diamond mounted on a platinum pave band at the Cannes Film Festival red carpet.

15/15: The fancy square

We could have finished up with the square… but what does VB not have? A “fancy” square! In 2018 she debuted her yellow square cut ring in New York. Similar to her previous ring, the yellow square sits on a pave diamond band.

The issue with VBs rings…

The bigger the better? Big fat no. That’s certainly not true, because…

A huge diamond is impractical. It’ll scratch your clothes, cling on your hair and you’d really feel the weight on your finger. The weight would also make it spin around your finger and it wouldn’t stay in one place. That could get pretty annoying.

If you’re a very active person, you’d almost never wear it. Now VB has a suite of engagement rings, 15 to be precise… The average person only has the one, so when you pick your ring, you need to make sure you’re going to be able to enjoy it. With such an expensive and huge diamond, you’re always under pressure not to lose it. You’d definitely have to insure it against theft or loss. At “Keyzar” we help appraise diamonds, for example.

We would really recommend going for any diamonds that’s between 3-5 carats at the most, because it would look just as gorgeous and still catch everyone’s eye, but you’d get much more pleasure out of wearing it. You wouldn’t even feel it on your finger.

Buyer beware! Most of VB’s cuts aren’t for everyone. It depends on your hand and finger shape and the price of a natural stone in this carat weight is just WAY out of line… The emerald cut looks really good on longer fingers because of its elongated shape. The cushion cut is more universal for both longer and shorter fingers.

It’s not just a fairytale…

Victoria’s rings are every girl’s dream. Of course paying $1,500,000 and over for an engagement ring seems impossible, but it doesn’t mean that your dream can’t come true.

Have you heard of diamond alternatives? We recommend checking our oval 5 carat moissanite or go lab-grown and get a stunning stone for just $10,000. At “Keyzar” we’ll help you get a lot of diamonds for your dollar. You’d be getting all the same sparkle and fire, but your credit card balance would stay positive.

We believe that 5 carats is the maximum you should go for if you want to stay practical. 3-5 carats looks very elegant and just big enough. No need to go over the top.

Our pro-tip would be to go for a thin band to make your stone look even bigger. A white gold setting would be perfect, but if you’re going to cut on clarity then you’d better go a yellow gold setting. It’ll help hide some of the inclusions too. If you’re going to go for platinum pave bands like VB’s, you’re going to have to choose higher colour and clarity grades.

The cushion cut really is one of the most practical cuts to go for, while the emerald cut makes the finger look slimmer and looks bigger than it actually is because of the way it is cut. Looks like Victoria loves them all!

Recreating some of VBs rings…

If you want to be proposed to like VB, then check out this lab-grown marquise cut, G color, VS1 clarity diamond, for just $11,500…

Marquise Lab Diamond, G Color, VS1</b><b> image

Marquise Lab Diamond, G Color, VS1

Want the round cut? No problem! Let’s have a look at this lab-grown round cut 5 carat, D colour, SI1 clarity diamond on a white gold pave band…isn’t it flawless? It’s price is $37,000, which is nothing compared to the millions of dollars VB paid.

Michelle, 1.3 ct Oval Lab Diamond</b><b> image

Michelle, 1.3 ct Oval Lab Diamond

Budget is an issue? For just $4,500, you could get this gorgeous emerald cut moissanite on a white gold pave band…

Pave Kamellie, 3 ct Emerald Moissanite</b><b> image

Pave Kamellie, 3 ct Emerald Moissanite

David Beckham gave Victoria Beckham the absolute best he could find. The exclusivity of VB’s rings speaks for itself. They’re all so flawless and colourless that it’s impossible to find an inclusion. Her gemstone collection is just dazzling… VB’s rings don’t have to stay a dream though!

At “Keyzar” we’ll help you get a ring just as gorgeous or even identical AND your credit card balance will be just fine. An emerald or square cut moissanite or lab-grown diamond would really catch your eye just as well and would be a super cheap option. A celebrity ring can become your reality and your guy doesn’t have to be David Beckham to afford it…

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