Moissanite Pear Engagement Rings

Moissanite Pear Engagement Rings

It's official! The pear silhouette is back from fashion exile with a vengeance! Right now, a pear engagement ring couldn't be more on-trend and with moissanite, there's never been a better time to go large.

Pave Kamellie, 4.5 ct Pear Moissanite</b><b> image

Pave Kamellie, 4.5 ct Pear Moissanite

Let us equip you with the insider take on moissanite pear engagement rings. We'll share what's great about this classic silhouette and show how, by choosing moissanite, you can upgrade everything about your pear engagement ring for a price that won't bankrupt you!

Everything's going pear-shaped!

It's a comeback that would even leave Rocky Balboa speechless. Pear diamonds, once outdated and mercilessly mocked in the late 90s and early noughties, are now the hottest thing you can have on your hand. 

The resurgence of the pear was kick-started by the engagement ring given to Ariana Grande by Pete Davidson back in 2018. Since then, celebrities, including Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, and most recently, Adele, have championed pear-shaped gems.

The enduring appeal of the pear

Despite the love/hate relationship, many have had with the pear in recent years, this quirky diamond has held firm as a classic.

With its elongated body with rounded ends that curve forward to a tip, this characterful cut has a uniqueness and personality that other shapes cannot match.

3.2 ct Pear Diamond</b><b> image

3.2 ct Pear Diamond

The pear-shaped modified-brilliant has amazing sparkle, combining the best of a brilliant round and a marquise. When expertly cut, its 58 individual facets beautifully radiate light from its teardrop shape. 

Moissanite is the perfect reason to go large on a pear stone

A pear engagement ring is definitely not shy and‌ unassuming. This distinctive gem will want everyone to know that it's on your hand. Many of the world's most famous diamonds are pears like the iconic 69.42-carat diamond owned by Elizabeth Taylor.

Of course, a large natural pear diamond is going to cost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. But if you're set on rocking a humongous pear gem, moissanite will make your dreams come true!

Moissanite is a diamond-lovers best friend!

1 to 5 ct Pear Moissanite</b><b> image

1 to 5 ct Pear Moissanite

Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral that has physical and optical properties that are extremely close to diamond. Like diamond it is one of the hardest substances on earth. 

Moissanite stones are created by a synthetic process and then cut and polished just like a lab diamond or natural diamond. The only significant difference is that moissanite is up to 80 percent cheaper than natural diamond! 

Up the oomph with moissanite pear engagement rings

If you want to rock a pear engagement ring just like the celebs, moissanite is a great alternative to smaller natural or lab diamond. With moissanite, choose a larger stone that shows off everything that is beautiful about the pear shape. Let's look at how diamond and moissanite pear engagement rings stack up:


Moissanite is not affected by the rarity and mining costs that come with natural diamonds. This means that you can own a high-quality gem at a much lower price. Compare these three 1-carat pear stones to see just how much you can save with moissanite: 

This is a fabulous 1 carat F colour pear natural diamond that costs $4,500.00

Now ‌look at this gorgeous 1-carat F color pear-cut lab diamond for $1,184.00

Spot the difference with this fabulous 1-carat F-color pear moissanite for just $400!

It's clear just how you can save without missing out on quality and sparkle.


Pave Kamellie, 4.5 ct Pear Moissanite</b><b> image

Pave Kamellie, 4.5 ct Pear Moissanite

With such amazing prices, moissanite means that you can upgrade your moissanite engagement ring and totally transform its scale and beauty. With a 4 or even 5 carat moissanite pear stone costing only $2000, there is no reason not to say yes!

Clarity and color

Moissanite is a laboratory produced gem that is formed under controlled conditions that reduce the potential for tinting, inclusions and blemishes in the formed stone. Gems of high clarity and color grading are more common and cost less in moissanite than diamond. In addition, moissanite has a higher refractive index than natural diamond for an even more brilliant sparkle.

Pros and cons of moissanite pear engagement rings

If we've got you thinking about moissanite pear engagement rings, these quick pros and cons should help you decide: 

Pros of moissanite pear engagement rings

Moissanites are an unconventional choice

The pear engagement ring has always been unique and different, much like its famous owner. The challenges of cutting a pear diamonds means that no two pear stones are exactly the same. For the right wearer, it reflects the personality and temperament beautifully.

Pears work well with a wide range of settings

Liv, Pear Side Stones, 1 ct Oval Moissanite</b><b> image

Liv, Pear Side Stones, 1 ct Oval Moissanite

When choosing a setting, you'll find a pear moissanite very versatile despite its uncompromising proportions. Use a pear moissanite as a center stone or select small pears on their sides as vintage accents. You can also up the wattage of your pear moissanite with pave or halo detailing on your ring

A pear stone flatters the hand

This is an elegant teardrop shape that instantly elongates the fingers. Wear your pear engagement ring with the tip pointing toward the fingernail.

Cons of moissanite pear engagement rings

You could chip your pear 

The tip of a pear-shaped gem is its most vulnerable part. Thankfully, moissanite is extremely hard, but a secure setting will ensure your engagement ring does not become damaged.

Stacking can be a hassle

Stacking a pear moissanite needn't be awkward. Common stacking options include open wedding bands like the pave Sofia, which allow room for even the most opulent pear gems. 

Select high-quality pear moissanite to avoid the bowtie effect

Eve, 2ct Pear Moissanite</b><b> image

Eve, 2ct Pear Moissanite

The bowtie effect is an optical phenomenon in pear engagement rings which creates a shadow, that looks like a bowtie in the center of the stone. The bowtie effect is a cutting-related problem, so select a stone with excellent cut quality. 

Frequently asked questions for moissanite pear engagement rings

How do you pick a good moissanite? 

You can select your ideal moissanite pear stone just like you would a diamond. Look for the best cut, color, clarity and carats (“The 4 Cs”) that your money can buy. 

Can I wear a moissanite ring every day?

On the Mohrs hardness scale, diamond is a 10 and moissanite is a 9.5. This stone is strong and durable and resitant to chemicals and abrasives. However, to prevent the pear moissanite from becoming loose in its setting, ‌refrain from high-impact activities while wearing it. 

What color grade is best for moissanite?

The great thing about moissanite is that the colorless grades like D, E and F are affordable, so you can enjoy an ice white stone in your engagement ring. 


If you want to wear the pear engagement ring of your dreams, the answer is moissanite. With moissanite you can rock that pear for as little as $800. Shop our selection of dazzling pear moissanite gems to find your perfect match!

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