X Reasons Not to Buy a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

X Reasons Not to Buy a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Oh, hey halo, didn't see you there!

Halo engagement rings have been a hit for 20+ years, and it's easy to see why. They are classic, stylish, shiny as all get out, and they make your center stone look huge. But novice ring shoppers often ask us… 

Why on earth would you want to hide all those diamonds? 

Hidden Halo Penelope image

Hidden Halo Penelope

Good question. The idea is that a hidden halo adds sparkle, shine, and flair to a ring discreetly. It goes under the center stone and preserves a ring's original silhouette. Hidden halos literally put your diamonds on a pedestal! 

In this article, we'll cover what hidden halos are, how they add size and glitz to a ring, why they are perfect for ring stacking. We'll start with…

What the Heck is a Hidden Halo

The Rachel image

The Rachel

So, a hidden halo features a ring of smaller diamonds surrounding a center stone. But unlike a traditional halo, this one rests below the girdle of the diamond. Hidden just out of view… Or so you'd think.

A hidden halo is invisible when you view a ring head-on. Still, it's easy to see from all other angles - adding a gorgeous helping of sparkle and style where you'd least expect it and illuminating and lifting the center stone visually.

Hidden halos emphasize the center stone where classic halos share the spotlight with them. There are a whole bunch of different hidden halo styles, but their key feature is all about those below-the-belt sparkles.

Why Tho?

The Scarlett image

The Scarlett

Why spend more money on extra diamonds just to hide them away?

The answer is that we're not hiding them, obvi! Instead, we're just adding sparkle from new angles by going under the diamond. This adds size and emphasis to the center stone, but discretely. It's giving understated yet flashy, and we're so here for it. 

A big reason to go for a hidden halo is to avoid making the ring head bulky or changing its overall shape. It's pure, streamlined sparkle. Only extra in all the best ways, just like you. 

It's All About Perspective

How do you like the view from the top? We sure love it, but let's get real. That's not the only angle you see your engagement ring from. In fact, more often than not, you're going to be looking at your own ring from a side angle. It's just the way of a finger. 

So why not do it just for you? After all, you're the one that's going to be looking at it on the daily, might as well enjoy the view. And if it's all about first impressions, why not catch a little extra sparkle with that side-eye, and make sure your hidden halo is the reason for dozens of double-takes. 

Size Queen

</b><b>Oh, did we mention a hidden halo setting will make your center stone look bigger? image
Oh, did we mention a hidden halo setting will make your center stone look bigger?

Higher set stones let in all the light, stepping up the shine and bringing on the brilliance. So while the size of your stone may appear relatively unchanged from the top-down view, from every other angle, it'll look larger.

It's like putting your diamond up on a pedestal made of diamonds. Not only will it add more sparkle and obviously more carat weight, but it'll also make it look like one big honkin' chonk of a diamond, and who doesn't want that?

Am I the Drama?

Yes, babe, you are. And who doesn't love a little drama?

Another fun fact about hidden halos is the drop-dead gorgeous silhouette they bring to your ring. Something is satisfying about that sneaky sparkle, dimension, and unexpected uniqueness it adds to simple settings. She looks expensive, and we are living!  

The best part is these babies have range. Yes, some of them are flashy, dramatic, and in all other ways, total eye candy. But others are more subtly elegant, understated, and endlessly sophisticated. 

Sneaky Sleeky

Hidden halos are masterful at keeping a clean line and a sleek silhouette without sparing the sparkle. Think of them as more of a streamlined version of the classic halo, all of the benefits, none of the bulk.

The<span> </span>Scarlett image

The Scarlett

Wait, is bulk bad? Not necessarily. We love chonky diamonds. But it's not ideal if you're going for a more sleek and dainty look.

As much as we love a traditional halo setting, sometimes we'd rather avoid them. A hidden halo lets you pack in all those extra carats and hold on to your delicate figure. 

Shape Up and Shine Out

One of the absolute best things about hidden halos is that they add a little sparkle to any diamond shape. 

Pear, oval, princess, even the classic round brilliant all look mighty fine with an extra helping of diamonds on the side. The options are truly endless, so go on, sprinkle a little more shine on your dream diamond. It looks good on you.

High Hopes

Most hidden halos sit up high. It's just the nature of the beast. 

And while that might make a ring more prone to snagging on your favorite sweater, it also gives it a super lux profile that brings the glamour like no other. Now, what kind of glamour? That depends on what you're after. 

Solitaire Nelly Ring image

Solitaire Nelly Ring

For a super sweet fairytale setting with a low halo, our Solitaire Nelly brings the charm and some seriously understated princess dream vibes. Or you can go in a completely different direction and choose something with more modern sophistication and a slightly higher halo, like our Solitaire Natalie.

Solitaire Natalie Ring image

Solitaire Natalie Ring

Higher settings like these let in light from every angle, bringing out every bit of brilliance from your center stone. Not to mention, it adds a seriously unique level of dimension to your ring.

Keep It Low

A hidden halo without the high profile? You just want to have your cake and eat it too, huh? Sure! What can we say? We love cake.

The Low Profile Maia has all the glorious side shine without that (somewhat) hindering height. Look, we love a high profile. It's giving everything. But sometimes it's just in the way, especially for people with a more active lifestyle.

After all, don't people who work with their hands deserve all the surprise sparkle too? We like to think so. 

Cuddle Up

Love ring stacking? Listen up. 

When going for the hidden halo, one thing to know is that the super unique profile we love so much can cause a bit of a headache when it comes to stacking bands. Okay, this isn't really a problem. It's more of a mild heads-up than anything. 

The thing is a low halo, gorgeous as it may be, might not sit uptight next to every wedding band out there, but there are a few things you can do to mind the gap. First off, you can always go with a higher halo. Such a simple solution! Wow, that was easy, have a great day, bye… 

Okay, for real tho, a higher halo will be easier to match up with most wedding bands. This is because the micro band of diamonds around your stone will have enough clearance to avoid pushing up against it. 

</b><b>Love a lower halo? We hear you. image
Love a lower halo? We hear you.

All you gotta do is plan ahead. When you're shopping for a hidden halo, spring for a set! When you buy a hidden halo engagement ring and a wedding band that are meant to be together, you'll end up with a perfect fit - every time. 

And if that's not your style, that's ok too. Just try a few on. It shouldn't be too hard to find one that stacks up. 

Scratchy Sidenote

You know how diamonds are like the hardest thing on earth? Yeah, that.

Hidden halos do just so happen to have a bunch of glorious, and hard as heck, diamonds sticking out from the sides. While this is largely the point, it's also something to keep in mind when looking for a band to match up.

The only thing that will scratch a diamond is another diamond, and that would be a total bummer to find out the hard way. Just make sure your gems have enough room to steer clear of each other, and it'll be smooth sailing to sparkle town.

Oh, and while you're at it, you'll want to make sure your gems aren't rubbing up on that shiny gold band. For real, that gold be scratchin' cause it's soft as all get out–relatively speaking–so watch for rubbage. Unless, of course, you love an… avant-garde patina. Then knock yourself out!

Little Diamonds Everywhere

We love tiny diamonds. Would you like an endless loop of tiny sparkles? Um, yes, please, hello! However, people often worry about losing little gems here and there.

While it's true that tiny little settings do get bumped and can occasionally come loose, it's not something we worry too much about. We set all our tiny shinies like we do our micro pave. It creates a smoother surface that's less likely to snag, keeping your lil lovelies snug as a bug. 

But hey, if you're still worried, you can always go with something with a little extra security and a whole lot of style. Check out The Charlotte, for example. Not only will your center stone be protected by the bezel setting, but the channel pave halo will keep all your littles firmly in place. 

The Charlotte image

The Charlotte

Really, we couldn't think of a better match for busy hands that love to sparkle. Bump away, baby! Those little lovelies ain't goin nowhere. 

Hyped Up for Hidden Halos?

So are we. 

Hidden halos really do bring out the brilliance of your center stone while adding a sprinkling of sparkle to your setting. Not to mention the whole "makes your diamond look huge" situation, which is always a win.

And we would be remiss if we didn't mention the 360-degree shine hidden halos bring to the table - no more one-sided sparkle. With a hidden halo, you're stunning from any angle. Whether you're live for clean, classic lines, or you long for something uniquely you, who doesn't love a little extra sparkle?

What in the Halo?

Have questions? We've got answers. 

Are Hidden Halo Rings Hard to Clean?

Not particularly.

While it's true that tiny settings can gather tiny bits of crud over time, a gentle home cleaning will take care of any grossness. Better yet, the occasional trip to the jewelers for a little steam clean will have your ring looking right as rain. 

Do Little Diamonds Fall Out of Halo Rings?

Not as often as some would have you believe. 

At Keyzar, we use micro pave settings that provide a smooth surface for your halo, making it less likely to snag. 

However, the occasional side stone may pop out from time to time. But fear not, these little guys are easily replaced, and smaller stones won't break the bank. Think of it as a bit of maintenance now and then for a lifetime of extra shine. 

Is a Hidden Halo More Expensive?

As compared to a solitaire setting, hidden halos and standard halos alike are going to pump up the price of your engagement ring. 

However, both of these settings also make the center stone look larger. The cost of a halo setting is much more affordable than sizing up your stone to match the appearance or even the overall carat weight of the stone. 

Are Hidden Halos Good?

They're great! 

Hidden halos add a ton of extra sparkle to your setting, and they do it from almost every angle. They have a more delicate appearance than a traditional halo, as well as a little extra lift.

Another bonus is they do all this without distracting from your center stone. So if you're looking to keep the focus on the main event while still adding a ton of extra dimension and sparkle to your setting, hidden halos may be just the ticket. 

Scared of Halos?

You're not alone. 

If you think you'd rather look the other way, check out our article on 5 Reasons To Avoid Halo Engagement Rings. Cause, hey, wouldn't you rather know? 

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