Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

While there are any number of diamond cuts out there, pear shaped engagement rings are some of the most unique. Pear shaped diamonds have been symbols of love and commitment for hundreds of years. This bold, unique diamond shape is becoming even more popular thanks to its beauty and rich symbolism.

So what exactly does a pear shaped engagement ring mean, and is it the right choice for you? Let’s take a deep dive into the romantic symbolism behind pear shaped engagement rings. If it melts your heart, it might just be the perfect shape for you!

First thing’s first…

Pear diamond image

Pear diamond

…What is a pear shaped diamond? Pear shaped diamonds are the lovechild of the round brilliant and Marquise cuts. These diamonds have one end that’s rounded and one end that tapers to a point, creating the appearance of a teardrop.

This is a brilliant cut with 58 facets, so their sparkle and radiance are top notch. Not only is this shape brilliant and full of fire, but it flatters the wearer’s finger as well. Since pear shaped diamonds have an elongated shape, they make your hand look slender and more elegant.

What does a pear shaped engagement ring mean?

In addition to their stunning sparkle, pear shaped engagement rings have a deeper symbolic meaning. There are a few interpretations of what this diamond shape symbolizes, and all of them are beautiful.

Art Deco Jasmine image

Art Deco Jasmine

Tears of joy

Since pear shaped diamonds look like teardrops, they’re said to symbolize tears of joy. When a bride to pictures her wedding day, it’s easy to imagine tears of joy - both hers and her groom’s. Since tears of joy at a wedding come from a place of deep love and happiness, pear shaped diamonds can also symbolize a couple’s romantic connection and emotional bond.

Standing out from the crowd

Pear shaped diamonds are a unique choice, separating those who wear them from those who choose more common shapes. Since this shape makes a bold statement, it symbolizes individuality, strength, and empowerment.

Pear shaped engagement rings usually mean that the wearer is an independent thinker with an adventurous spirit and oodles of confidence. People who choose this shape aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and let their personalities shine.

Beauty and grace

Pear shaped engagement rings are representative of timeless beauty and captivating elegance. This diamond shape has been a symbol of glamour and beauty for centuries, and that meaning has stuck around through modern times.

So is a pear shaped engagement ring right for me?

Twig Emilly image

Twig Emilly

If you love love and the symbolism of a pear shaped engagement ring brings tears to your eyes, this is the shape for you. Or, if you have a fierce independent streak and enjoy marching to the beat of your own drum, this symbol of strength would look great on you.

For those looking for a unique ring who want to celebrate love as well as staying true to themselves, a pear shaped engagement ring is the perfect choice. Pear shaped engagement rings are a special choice for empowered women who also have a romantic streak.

How long have pear shaped diamonds been around?

Pear shaped diamonds have existed wince the fifteenth century, when jeweler Lodewyk van Bercken popularized the cut. Van Bercken invented a tool used to cut and polish diamond facets, revolutionizing the diamond industry for years to come with clean cut, brilliant gems.

In more recent history, Richard Burton gave a 69 carat pear shaped diamond to his wife, Elizabeth Taylor.

</b></span><b>Since then, the pear shaped diamond has been considered a symbol of classic glamour and timeless beauty. image
Since then, the pear shaped diamond has been considered a symbol of classic glamour and timeless beauty.

The gigantic Burton-Taylor diamond helped secure the pear shaped diamond’s symbolic meaning of love and happiness.

Who else rocks a teardrop diamond?

Elizabeth Taylor aside, even more modern celebrities are loving on pear shaped diamonds these days. Ariana Grande, Victoria Beckham, Mia Farrow, and even Princess Charlene of Monaco famously rock pear shaped engagement rings. As all of these famous beauties are known for their style, elegance, and independence, it’s no wonder why they chose pear shaped diamonds for their rings.

Which way is which?

You might be wondering which way to wear your pear shaped engagement ring - pointy end facing you, or facing out? While the pear shaped diamond is shaped like a teardrop, it’s most commonly worn with the pointed end facing toward you. That way, it looks like a teardrop to those who see it on your hand.


Pear shaped engagement rings are a unique and romantic design that more and more couples are choosing. For those who cherish their romantic symbolism, and those who embody the pear shaped diamond’s standout qualities, there’s no better shape. Between their years of history and deep symbolism, pear shaped engagement rings are timeless, elegant pieces that brides will cherish for decades to come.

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