4 Reasons Not to Buy an Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring

4 Reasons Not to Buy an Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring

Moissanite is the most diamondlike simulant on the market today. It has all the features of a high-quality diamond and even more sparkle. Since moissanite is lab grown, it’s more environmentally friendly than natural diamonds - at a fraction of the cost.

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It sounds like moissanite is a real “it” stone - so what’s the catch? Well, it’s not the best option for everyone - especially when it comes to oval moissanite engagement rings. We’re here to give you the scoop on why you should avoid an oval moissanite engagement ring.

Too trendy?

Right now, the oval cut is a rising star for center stones in engagement rings. In fact, Google searches for oval engagement rings have soared this past half decade. Ovals are now the most searched-for cut!

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The Jasmine

In Hollywood, everyone from Kourtney Kardashian to Hailey Beiber and Ariana Grande rocks the oval. Round brilliant cut engagement rings still dominate the market - but ovals are trending up. Wearing one yourself would make you a bit of a trendsetter. 

So if you don’t want to break the mold, the traditional round brilliant cut might be a safer choice. But if you’re not afraid to be ahead of the trends together with fashion-forward celebrities, rock on! The oval is safe to wear. 

Bowtie blues

Oval diamonds come with problems - the biggest of which is the bowtie effect. Oval cut diamonds have a black “bowtie” in their centers, with shadows reflecting off the back facets. While formalwear doesn’t sound bad, a pronounced bowtie can detract from the beauty of your engagement ring.

The good news? Bowties are an oval diamond problem. Keyzar oval cut moissanite doesn’t suffer from the bowtie effect. There might be a little shadow around the center, but nothing serious… So score - one point for moissanite! 

Making the cut

There’s a lot of moissanite on the market these days, and not all of it is high quality. It can be difficult to cut, since it’s so hard, and lots of stones end up dull and lifeless as a result. Poorly cut moissanite looks cloudy and dull - a far cry from what you want for your ring.

Finding high quality moissanite that won’t look drab can be tricky.

</b><strong>But here at Keyzar, we cut all our stones in-house to ensure we offer the best and brightest moissanite to our customers.</strong><b> image
But here at Keyzar, we cut all our stones in-house to ensure we offer the best and brightest moissanite to our customers.

Since we have total control over the process, the end result is brilliant, sparkling stones that wow for a lifetime. The main complaint our customers have is that our moissanite looks too much like real diamonds. More on that in the point below. 

I can’t believe it’s not diamond

Some of our customers have run into trouble. Their moissanite engagement rings look too much like diamonds! Walking around with dazzling, giant center stones has our customers’ friends thinking they must be rich… Which can be awkward.  

The thing is, well-cut moissanite - like Keyzar moissanite - looks impossibly diamondlike. The only thing that gives the stone away is how huge the rocks are. You can get a huge oval moissanite engagement ring for $3,000; a 5-carat diamond ring like that can easily cost $50,000 or more. 

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The Baguettes Liv

So if you prefer a center stone that won’t be confused for a diamond, stay away from moissanite. But if a realistic, affordable diamond simulant is what you’re looking for, a moissanite engagement ring is your perfect match. Check out our oval shaped moissanite options here and see what you think!

If You Insist… How to Buy an Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring

If the case against buying an oval moissanite engagement ring didn’t sway you, congratulations - you get to pick out your dream ring! The question is, where do you begin? With the following tips, of course!


When it comes to moissanite, color is super important. You want a high color grade so your moissanite looks as clear as possible. Fortunately, Keyzar only offers oval moissanite stones with color grade of F or higher (i.e. “colorless”). 


The clarity of your center stone can make or break its beauty. You should look for an oval moissanite stone with a clarity grade of VS2 or higher so you don’t see inclusions or imperfections. At Keyzar, all our moissanite has a clarity grade of VVS1 (nearly flawless).


Poorly cut moissanite tends to look dull, cloudy, and lifeless. To avoid a center stone that looks faded, aim for moissanite that is well cut. Our moissanite is all “excellent” in terms of cut grade, so your oval moissanite engagement ring will be full of sparkle and shine.

Ready to Shop?

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The Alice

So, you’re helplessly in love with oval cut moissanite engagement rings (and who wouldn’t be?). Well you’re in luck - Keyzar offers an array of moissanite stones that you can browse online

You can narrow down your search by shape, price, and carat so you can find your perfect moissanite center stone. Cut and color information are also right at your fingertips when you browse. Once you choose a center stone, browse settings to finish designing the ring of your dreams!

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