Patrick Mahomes’ Engagement Ring

Patrick Mahomes’ Engagement Ring

When it comes to rings, NFL star Patrick Mahomes is pretty much an expert. Between his Super Bowl ring and the gorgeous diamond ring he proposed to high school sweetheart Brittany Matthews with, Mahomes knows his way around jewelry.

Read on for all the sweet deets on the radiant cut stunner that turned Matthews from football girlfriend to fiancee. And find out how you can design a similar version for yourself using our 3D tool!

Natalie pave band with 5ct Radiant Kamellie image

Natalie pave band with 5ct Radiant Kamellie

What Patrick Mahomes’ engagement ring looks like

It’s easy to see why former soccer pro Brittany Matthews is proud to flaunt her engagement ring from Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The ring features a huge 8 to 10 carat radiant cut diamond set in a platinum or white gold double band lined with pave diamonds. This couple’s engagement ring is valued at about $800,000.

What we love about Patrick Mahomes’ engagement ring

We’ve got to start by talking about that gigantic radiant cut diamond as the ring’s center stone. Since Mahomes spared no expense, its cut is pristine and it appears to be flawless. Radiant cut diamonds offer the sparkle and brilliance of a round brilliant cut, but have a more unique shape.

We love that Mahomes opted for a more special shape for his bride to be. As well as the fact that an elongated shape like the radiant cut is particularly flattering on petite hands like Brittany’s. Radiant cut diamonds give the hand a more elegant, feminine look.

When it comes to this center stone, the solitaire look reigns supreme. Adding large accent stones or a pair of side stones would have detracted from the size and beauty of the radiant cut diamond. Mahome’s ring allows the large radiant cut diamond to be the star of the show.

Silver settings for the win

As far as the setting, Mahomes was perfectly on trend with his choice of metal. Silver toned metals like platinum and white gold are the most popular look nowadays. Brittany’s platinum or white gold setting pairs with her flawless diamond to create a timeless, elegant piece.

To add a little extra sparkle while keeping it classy, Mahomes chose a setting with a pave band. Not only that, but he went with a double banded setting - both lined with pave diamonds. This look adds just enough bling to complement the center stone without detracting from its brilliance and fire. And, the double banded setup adds more security for the center stone.

How to get the look

Okay, so we don’t all make NFL money and probably can’t shell out close to a million dollars for an engagement ring. But if you’re set on a look like Patrick Mahomes’ engagement ring, don’t sweat it quite yet. You can still get an engagement ring that looks like Brittany’s without spending your life’s savings and then some.

Center stones like Patrick Mahomes’

If the large center stone of this couple’s ring is what speaks to you most, there are ways to make it happen. You can design a ring with a moissanite center stone for a much lower price than you might think. Moissanite looks almost exactly like a diamond and is always lab grown, so it’s much less expensive.

This sized radiant cut moissanite offers major finger coverage and sparkle factor, and gives you the same elegant look that Patrick Mahomes’ engagement ring has.

5Ct Oval Keyzar Moissanite image

5Ct Oval Keyzar Moissanite

If you’re set on a diamond engagement ring, you can opt for a lab grown diamond instead of natural to save some serious cash. That way, you’ll be able to go up in carat size and snag a bigger radiant cut diamond to crown your ring.

Settings Like Patrick Mahomes’

Brittany’s ring has a setting made of platinum or white gold. The silver-toned look of these metals has become very popular, so opt for a white gold setting to get this look. Double banded settings are less popular, but if you prefer a thicker band, there are plenty of options available.

Similar designs that won’t break the bank

There’s no doubt about it - Patrick Mahomes’ engagement ring for Brittany Matthews is a stunner. So much so that some women are interested in recreating the look for their own engagement rings. We’ve collected some looks based on this couple’s ringspo for you to check out here!

Setting inspo

Pave Celine image

Pave Celine

Patrick Mahomes’ engagement ring features a double banded platinum or white gold setting lined with pave diamonds. Keyzar’s split shank Angelina setting offers a double banded look, complete with pave diamonds along both bands. The split shank Angelina adds subtle sparkle, with added 0.44 carats in pave diamonds.

If you adore pave diamonds but aren’t a fan of double banded settings, try the pave Celine on for size. This setting is a vision in white gold, with three rows of pave diamonds set on a single band.

For a daintier look, the pave Alex is a single pave band that embodies elegance and femininity. As an added bonus, the thinness of this band makes your center stone look bigger. So even a smaller diamond will look its best in this setting.

Center stone inspo

Split Shank Pave Angelina image

Split Shank Pave Angelina

For Brittany Mahomes, an 8 to 10 carat center stone might be practical. But for most of us, a slightly smaller center stones makes more sense for everyday wear. A radiant cut center stone of about 5 carats still looks huge, while also reasonable enough to wear on the daily.

High quality natural radiant cut diamonds larger than 3 carats can cost upwards of $30,000. For a more affordable option, lab grown radiant cut diamonds between 3 and 4 carats for well under $10,000. Opting for a lab grown radiant cut diamond can save you tens of thousands of dollars, so you can get a bigger stone for less.

If you want to step up your savings game even further, moissanite is here to help. You can pair a 5 carat radiant cut moissanite center stone with the split shank Angelina setting in white gold to recreate Patrick Mahomes’ engagement ring at an affordable price.


Mahomes must have done something right with the engagement ring he chose, since the couple is now married and happier than ever. Brittany’s ring is modern, elegant, and of course, full of sparkle - and still serves as inspiration for many women.

You can recreate this look for your own engagement ring with Keyzar, no matter your price range. To recreate this look or to design your own ring, check out our design tool here and to try different looks!

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