A Complete Guide to Rose Gold Rings

A Complete Guide to Rose Gold Rings

Pink gold is unorthodox and romantic. It’s an exciting alternative to yellow gold. It’s been used in jewelry for more than 100 years and is becoming a common choice today. Below, we’ll share everything you need to know about this beautiful metal.

What is rose gold?

Textured Twig Emilly, Rose Gold, 1.8 ct Oval Lab Diamond image

Textured Twig Emilly, Rose Gold, 1.8 ct Oval Lab Diamond

There are three types of gold commonly used in jewelry: white, yellow, and rose. Rose gold, also known as pink or red gold, is a blend of pure gold; copper; silver. The copper and silver give the metal its unique pink color. 

Rose gold has a rich history. Jeweler Peter Carl Faberge popularized rose gold, using it to make Faberge Easter eggs for the Russian Imperial family (1885-1916). Rose gold then got the attention of aristocrats and entrepreneurs in the USA in the 1920s.

Since then, rose gold has been associated with sophistication and elegance. This is why many of our customers choose  the dainty Twig Emily in a soft rose gold.

Twig Emily</b><b>, Rose Gold, </b><b>1.1 ct Princess Lab Diamond image

Twig Emily, Rose Gold, 1.1 ct Princess Lab Diamond

How many karats is rose gold?

“Karat” refers to the amount of pure yellow gold in a metal. Pure gold (24k) is too soft to be made into jewelry, so it’s combined with other metals to make it stronger.

A 14 karat yellow gold ring and a 14 karat rose gold ring have the same amount of gold: 58.3%. 

24 karat gold

Approx. 100% gold

18 karat gold

75% gold

14 karat gold

58.3% gold

The higher the karat weight of rose gold, the lighter it’s going to be. 18 karat rose gold is light pink; 14k rose gold has a more pronounced pink tint to it.

Is rose gold popular?

Rose gold is a stylish choice for both engagement rings and wedding bands. It’s popular with customers who want something a little different. Its pink color gives jewelry a romantic feel that’s especially popular with younger people (millenials and gen Z). 

The rose gold karats we offer are subtle and delightfully pink without being garish. 18k (75% gold) gold is light pink; it looks like yellow gold with a dash of pink added in. 14k (58.3% gold) is a more emphatic pink that makes tinted diamonds look clearer than they really are.

Are rose gold rings durable?

Engagement rings are meant to last a lifetime. You don’t want the one you’re buying to get nicked or scratched. Fortunately, rose gold is part-copper. This makes it harder than white or yellow gold. It rarely gets damaged during everyday wear, making it perfect for rings.

This durability is also why vintage rose gold jewelry is popular; it can survive through decades of wear. Note that Keyzar rose gold neither tarnishes nor develops a patina finish. 

How to clean rose gold rings

All gold rings require regular cleaning. Use the guide below to clean your rose gold rings. Make sure to use a soft brush; rose gold is durable, but hard bristles can still scratch it. As with all gold jewelry, avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the metal.

Follow our step by step instructions for properly cleaning and protecting rings:

Is rose gold good for everyday wear?

Rose gold has two visual advantages for everyday wear. First, pink compliments every skin tone thanks to its warm color. Second, pink makes tinted diamonds look clearer than they really are, enhancing their color. This makes it perfect for everyday wear. 

Style-wise, rose gold is elegant and luxurious without being too bold. It’s slightly less versatile than white gold, but you can wear it with any outfit. It is also less prone to damage, meaning you can wear a rose gold ring without worrying about nicks and scratches. 

The pros and cons of rose gold

Use the graph below to decide whether the pros outweigh the cons.





Colors vary - all of our rose gold has a beautiful pink tint, but some rose gold can  look yellow or only very slightly pink

Suitable for all skin tones

Difficult to resize - copper makes pink gold a little hard to work with for some jewelers


Low maintenance


Are rose gold engagement rings more expensive?

Although it’s rare and luxurious-looking, rose gold isn’t more expensive than white or yellow gold.

Twig Emily</b></span><b>, </b><b>Rose Gold, 0.8<span> </span>ct Oval<span> </span>Lab Diamond image

Twig EmilyRose Gold, 0.8 ct Oval Lab Diamond

It contains just as much pure gold as the other colors, the rest being silver and copper. The price of gold depends on its karat weight; not its color. Something that can make a rose gold engagement ring more expensive is the center stone. If you’d like to get a large stone without overspending, consider a lab diamond. They’re physically identical to earth-made ones, but cost a fraction of the price..


We hope this guide helped you to decide whether rose gold is the right choice for your ring. Why not browse our selection of rose gold rings to see if you like anything? You can use our engagement ring builder to preview what different combinations of settings, stones and rings look like. 


Are rose gold rings plated?

Rose gold rings are not plated. The pink color is a result of a gold, silver, and copper alloy. The addition of copper gives the rose gold its pink look. It also makes rose gold rings more durable than plated ones. 

Are rose gold engagement rings tacky?

Rose gold rings are fashionable and luxurious, with a color reminiscent of pink champagne. Fashion for every gold color comes and goes, but right now, pink is hot in the engagement ring world. 

Can rose gold rings be resized?

Rose gold rings are difficult to resize because they’re-part copper, which is a tough metal. It’s best to make sure you get the size right the first time if you’re going with a rose gold engagement ring.

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