Khloe Kardashian's engagement ring

Khloe Kardashian's engagement ring

Khloe Kardashian sparked rumours of her engagement when she posted a photo on instagram, promoting her Good American brand, wearing a blindingly huge rock on her finger. 

Her 13 carat pear-shaped diamond ring is said to be valued at over 2 million dollars! The Keeping up with the Kardashians start hasn’t since commented whether she planned on marrying her boyfriend Tristan Thompson, keeping her fans guessing…

Want to know more about Khloe’s ring? Let’s get started…

The story behind the ring…

Khloe and Tristan’s relationship was in for a bumpy ride ever since Tristan admitted to cheating on her. The parents of 2 year old True had an on and off relationship ever since. 

But, on her 36th birthday in 2020, Tristan gifted Khloe a beautiful ring, which was followed by an instagram post from Khloe saying their relationship was now “stronger than ever”, but she said nothing about her intentions on marrying Tristan. Keeping up the suspense…The Kardashians sure love that!

The beautiful ring on Khloe’s finger was made by a famous UK celebrity  jeweller Steven Stone. The 13 carat pear-shaped centre stone with two 1 carat diamonds on each side, VS2 clarity with a platinum white gold setting, we believe is worth over 2 million dollars! Looks like Tristan was doing his best to make it up to Khloe…

Khloe Kardashian’s engagement ring image

Khloe Kardashian’s engagement ring

Why you don’t want Khloe’s ring…

The bigger the better?

Big fat no. That’s certainly not true, because…

A huge diamond is impractical. It’ll scratch your clothes, cling on your hair and you’d really feel the weight on your finger. The weight would also make it spin around your finger and it wouldn’t stay in one place. That could get pretty annoying. 

If you’re a very active person, you’d almost never wear it. Now celebrities probably have a suite of engagement rings they can wear everyday, but the average person only has the one. We’re sure Khloe has several beautiful diamond rings she can show off…

So when you pick your ring, you need to make sure you’re going to be able to enjoy it. With such an expensive and huge diamond, you’re always under pressure not to lose it. You’d definitely have to insure it against theft or loss. At “Keyzar” we help appraise diamonds, for example. 

We would really recommend going for any diamonds that’s between 3-5 carats at the most, because it would look just as gorgeous and still catch everyone’s eye, but you’d get much more pleasure out of wearing it. You wouldn’t even feel it on your finger. 

The “pear” issue

Buyer beware! The pear shaped cut isn’t for everyone. There are some things you should know before buying it:

The “bow-tie” effect

Because of the way it’s cut, there’s always going to be a shadowy area in the centre of the diamond that just doesn’t look good. 

Taking care of the pointed tip

Also, you’d have to be very careful about the tip of your diamond, because it’s more prone to breakage. 


If your pear-shaped diamond isn’t cut, you’ll see shoulders that don’t match. Let’s face it, that ain’t pretty!

It’s not just a fairytale…

Khloe’s ring is every girl’s dream. Of course paying $2,000,000  for an engagement ring seems impossible, but it doesn’t mean that your dream can’t come true. 

Have you heard of diamond alternatives? We recommend checking our oval 5 carat moissanite or go lab-grown. At “Keyzar” we’ll help you get a lot of diamonds for your dollar. You’d be getting all the same sparkle and fire, but your credit card balance would stay positive. 

We believe that 5 carats is the maximum you should go for if you want to stay practical. 3-5 carats looks very elegant and just big enough. No need to go over the top.

Our pro-tip would be to go for a thin band to make your stone look even bigger. A white gold setting would be perfect, but if you’re going to cut on clarity then you’d better go a yellow gold setting. It’ll help hide some of the inclusions too. If you’re going to a white gold solitaire like Khloe’s you’re going to have to choose higher colour and clarity grades. 

The pear cut actually has the advantage of being cheaper than most other cuts, while still being absolutely stunning. The elongated shape of the ring makes your finger look longer and leaner. The shape is unconventional and may be a more unique choice for your “happy ever after.” 

Which other celebrities have similar rings?

Victoria Beckham’s engagement rings image

Victoria Beckham’s engagement rings

One of Victoria Beckham’s 14 engagement rings from David Beckham is an immaculate 15-17 carat pear-shaped diamond ring.

<span>Paris Hilton pear-shaped diamond ring</span> image

Paris Hilton pear-shaped diamond ring

Paris Hilton had a blinding 20-carat pear-shaped diamond ring, for over $2,000,000, which she lost at a nightclub! What a shame!

Avril Lavigne’s pear-shaped ring image

Avril Lavigne’s pear-shaped ring

Avril Lavigne’s 10-carat pear-shaped diamond ring from Chad Kroeger is estimated to be valued at over $350,000…

Recreating Khloe’s ring

If you really want Khloe’s ring, all you have to do is visit our website and choose from our huge selection…

For example, this 5 carat VVS1, F colour, excellent cut pear-shaped moissanite. 

If you have a higher budget, then have a look at lab-grown options.

This 4.3 carat, H colour, VVS2, excellent cut lab-grown diamond would be just $16,000. No need to pay millions for your dream!

Khloe’s gorgeous ring from Tristan Thompson is really every girl’s dream. It doesn’t have to stay a dream though! 

At “Keyzar” we’ll help you get a ring just as gorgeous or even identical AND your credit card balance will be just fine. A pear-shaped moissanite or lab-grown diamond would really catch your eye just as well and would be a great alternative option.

A celebrity ring can become your reality and your “forever” guy can easily afford to make it happen…

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