Promise ring vs Engagement ring

Promise ring vs Engagement ring

Promise rings are a beautiful expression of commitment. But unlike engagement rings, they do not mean that you're about to get married. In this article, we help you choose the right ring by sharing the main differences between a promise ring versus an engagement ring.

What is a promise ring?

A promise ring is a symbol of commitment that's not an engagement ring. It usually means that you want to become engaged in the future. Promise rings are popular with couples separated by distance, work, or academic commitments.

What is an engagement ring?

An engagement ring symbolizes a formal proposal of marriage. You're ready to marry and you want the world to know! Promise rings are small and symbolic. Engagement rings are usually more expensive, with a large center stone. The size and style of an engagement ring symbolize your love for your partner.

Promise ring vs engagement ring point-to-point comparison

This point-to-point comparison shows the clear difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring:


A promise ring says, “I promise to marry you one day”. An engagement ring says, “let’s start planning our wedding; I’m ready to marry”:


Compared to engagement rings, promise rings are understated. A simple setting and a smaller gem - often Moissanite - are enough.

Traditional engagement rings attract attention and often cost more. They feature a larger center stone and fancier settings. Pave, halo, and three-stone options are popular.


Simpler settings and smaller center stones make promise rings cheaper than engagement rings.


Gifting a promise ring can be relaxed and flexible; anything you want it to be. An engagement ring represents a proposal of marriage, requiring more thought and planning.

Promise ring vs engagement ring examples

You can give any ring as an engagement ring or a promise ring. Some couples opt for Moissanite promise rings, upgrading to a larger stone or diamond engagement ring later. Here are some of our bestselling rings:

Eve ring

Eve ring image

Eve ring

This understated band in fine 14-karat white gold with subtle detailing is a discrete but enduring design.

Eve engagement ring

Eve<span> engagement </span>ring image

Eve engagement ring

A solitaire engagement ring with a hidden halo commands attention and lets everyone know you are betrothed!

Twig Emily ring

Twig Emily ring image

Twig Emily ring

This delicate nature design with diamond detail will make any wearer feel special.

Twig Emily engagement ring

Twig Emily image

Twig Emily

The smaller diamonds in this sweet band are accents to the brilliance and sparkle of a center stone.

Pros and cons of promise rings

Many committed couples who can’t get married opt for a promise ring. To help you decide which type of ring is right for you, here are the pros and cons of a promise ring.

Pros of buying a promise ring

A promise ring signifies a long-term commitment to you and your love.

You can gift a ring that is cheaper and simpler without the pressure of asking for a hand in marriage.

Cons of buying a promise ring

When you follow up your promise ring with an engagement ring, wearing both rings together will be hard.

Many people don’t know what a promise ring is. Your friends and relatives may misinterpret your gift.

In conclusion

A promise ring is a thoughtful token of commitment. If marriage is in your plans but is currently impractical, a promise ring is a great choice. Shop promise ring settings on our settings page.

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