Reasons Not to Buy a Halo Ring Setting

Reasons Not to Buy a Halo Ring Setting

5 Reasons To Avoid Halo Engagement Rings

Who doesn't love halos?

Pave Lenny image

Pave Lenny

It's like a tiny crown of diamonds for your diamond. Not only does it add more sparkle, but it can make your center stone look bigger, and who doesn't want that? A lot of people, as it turns out. 

Look, halos might be a huge hit with celebs like Lady Gaga and Cardi B, but high-sitting snaggable settings can be a total bummer for us awesome, active, ordinary folk. Here are our heck-no-halo highlights to help you decide for yourself.

Halo History

Halos have been around forever, or since the 1700s, same thing. In the early 2000s, they were everywhere. Although they never truly went out of style, it seems like everything else from the early '00s is trending again, so this one seems like a no-brainer. 

Oh Heavens

Here's the thing, halos come in many styles, and each has its own unique set of pros and cons. So to properly spill the tea on this classic setting style, we're gonna have to break it down.

In general, a halo setting has a ring of tiny shiny diamonds (aka pavé or melee diamonds) circling a center stone. From there, they get grouped into their own categories. 

One Ring to Rule Them All

The classic halo setting features a single row of accent diamonds surrounding the center stone. 

Pave Michelle image

Pave Michelle

Unlike the angelic headgear, however, halo settings can come in all shapes and sizes, not just round. Princess, Emerald, oval, cushion cut, and even pear-shaped diamonds can all have their own custom-fitted halo. 

Not only does this ring of diamonds make your center stone look larger, but they'll also keep it protected from chips. If you ask us, that's a win-win.

Double Trouble

A double halo is, well, you guessed it, double the rows, double the diamonds. 

Really though, isn't that just like putting a hat on a hat? Well, not if you want your diamond to look huge. And hey, why stop at two when you can make it a triple?

Ok, maybe that's a bit much, but hey, you know what they say, if it's too much, find less. While the look might not be for everyone, it certainly is a show-stopper. 

Buried Treasure

The hidden halo is slightly different from its concentric sisters, hiding its sparkle below the belt. Instead of a top-down enhancement, the hidden halo spices up the side view. 

</b><b>It's like a sparkly secret just for you!  image
It's like a sparkly secret just for you! 

This can give the illusion of a more simple solitaire when viewed from the top and add an elegant uplift from the side. 

The Incredible Bulk

The halo's biggest flex is making the center stone look bigger, like a whole carat bigger. 

These little stones pack quite a punch, and sizing up the look with a halo will cost way less than sizing up your center stone. 

The only problem is that while the tiny diamonds add a ton of extra sparkle, they also take up quite a bit of space. That bigger look means a bigger setting and a bigger ring overall. If you want to keep it small, look away! 

High Flyer

There are no two ways about it; hidden halos are high profile. All those little gems need somewhere to hide, and that usually calls for the center stone to sit a bit higher up. 

On the positive side, who doesn't love a flashy ring? 

A high-set diamond lets more light in from the sides and has more angles to admire. Add a hidden halo to this, and it's twice as nice, with a ton more sparkle. 

The Michelle image

The Michelle

This tricky little setting also makes the stone appear bigger, which we love. It's also super versatile. You can add a hidden halo to most diamond shapes to add a little extra flair. As a final bonus, the high profile makes it easier to stack than a traditional halo since the main event is above the band line. 

High-profile settings are glamour galore, but they do have a few drawbacks. The raised nature of a hidden halo also means it's more likely to get banged into counters and doorways. It's also more likely to snag your sweater or give you grief when you glove it up. 

This is up to personal preference, and while it might drive someone as clumsy as myself up the wall, a more graceful gal will fair just fine. That or you can just take it off when you do your yard work. 

Loosy Goosy

While you gotta love a lot of stones, you should know you're probably going to lose a few while you're at it. 

Every tiny stone is a new opportunity for a snag that leads to a bent prong and thus a missing stone - what a bummer. 

Fortunately, at Keyzar, we use micro pave diamonds which are much smoother than the alternative. This makes them less likely to snag and, therefore, less likely to go bye-bye while you're out on the town. 

High Maintenance 

The big drawback to lots of tiny shinies is more lifetime maintenance. Is this the biggest deal in the world? Hardly. But it is something to consider.

Maintenance seems inevitable when you account for the possibility of losing small stones (that goes double if you've got a pavé shank). Pair that with nooks and crannies that come with dozens of tiny diamonds in tiny settings, and you've got a little dirt trap on your finger.

Pave Lenny image

Pave Lenny

While that might sound like a pain in the halo, it's not much when you consider a lifetime of being the sparkliest person in the room. 

If you’re worried, think small. Micro pave halos (and shanks) have a smoother surface, making them less likely to trap dirt. They are also less likely to lose stones. 

In the end, budgeting in a little steam clean every few months is more like a spa day. And doesn't your ring deserve a little self-care for all it does for your finger? 

Sitting on the Sideline

Ok, so there is a slight drawback to the whole hidden halo thing...

Setting diamonds on the side of a ring sounds great. They're sparkly. They're the hardest thing on earth. What could go wrong? Well, you know how your stack your rings? You know how the only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond?

Yeah, that. Not to mention diamonds have no problem scratching the heck out of some gold. 

Cushion set image

Cushion set

Set on a hidden halo? It's not an unmanageable feat, especially if you opt for a higher halo. But it's certainly something to consider if you plan on stacking your wedding band and engagement rings. 

Of course, you could always plan ahead and buy a wedding band that is meant to pair with your halo engagement ring. It's a match made in heaven. (Eew, sorry I had to!) 

Still Hung Up on Halos?

Are you still here? There's just something about the halos that grabs hold and won't let go. That's probably why it's been such a popular choice for engagement rings for the last 20+ years.

Pave Lenny image

Pave Lenny

Halos have their highs and lows, and whether you are going for the hidden halo or you're a fan of the classics, there's no wrong way to add more sparkle. Heck, throw it on a pavé band while you're at it, sparkle city; here we come! 

So Many Questions 

Halo lovers rejoice! Your questions have been answered.

Are Halos More Expensive?

Halo settings are more expensive than a plain solitaire setting due to their inlaid diamonds.

Since halos make your center stone look bigger, however, the cost is far less than sizing up your stone to match the look. In other words, the cost of many mini diamonds is far less than the cost of one big 'ole honkin' diamond, even if they have the same total carat weight. 

Are Halo Engagement Rings Tacky? 


Halos are second in popularity only to the solitaire diamond engagement ring. While "tacky" remains largely a matter of personal opinion, it's safe to say halos have been in style for centuries, and they're not going out of style anytime soon. 

Is a Hidden Halo Worth it?

Hidden halos are totally worth it. 

They make your diamond look larger, which is, of course, a huge plus. Additionally, while they might not be visible from the top, they'll add sparkle to your ring from every other angle.

They also add uniqueness and depth to the ring that few other settings do. If you're looking for a more interesting ring with extra hidden sparkle, you might be into it.

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