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Everything You Need to Know About Hidden Halo Rings 

What is a hidden halo engagement ring?

The hidden halo engagement ring is a diamond ring design that encircles the base of the center stone in a ring with a pavé diamond band or individually set diamonds. It may also be called an under-halo ring. 

Unlike the traditional halo that surrounds the face of the center stone, the hidden halo is far more discrete, electing to offer its luster and glow away from direct view.

Viewed straight on, the hidden halo engagement ring appears to be a solitaire, but when viewed in profile, the skillfully set accent diamonds come into view.  

History of the hidden halo 

The hidden halo is a modern style of engagement ring that was first introduced at the start of the millennium and has remained a favorite of contemporary brides-to-be who make this versatile design their own.  

It is an innovative update of the traditional or classic halo that was first introduced in 18th century Europe, later becoming popular in the Victorian era.  

Types of hidden halo engagement rings

</b><b>Part of the appeal of the hidden halo ring is the variety of types and styles of under-halo that are available. image
Part of the appeal of the hidden halo ring is the variety of types and styles of under-halo that are available.

The only limit to what you can achieve with this style of ring is the skill and expertise of the master setter who creates it. 

Most hidden halo ring designs include either:

  • - one or two rows of pavé diamonds encircling center stone at the crown or girdle of the center stone
  • - micropavé on the vertical prongs and horizontal bands (known as the basket) that holds the center stone 

    In addition, the pavé diamond detailing may extend along the shank of the ring or right around its band.

    Pros of the hidden halo engagement ring

    Here are some of the great benefits of including the subtle glitter of the hidden halo in your engagement ring:

    Upgrade the sparkle of your diamond ring

    The hidden halo takes a simple solitaire and tastefully transforms it into a statement ring. By adding more diamonds, you increase the number of facets that can interact with light for maximum scintillation as you move your hand. 

    Works with any shape of center stone

    This exceptional detailing brings out the beauty of any center stone. The halo can work with the curve, contours, and angles of the leading diamond cuts including, round brilliant, pear, baguette, and heart.

    Your center stone may look larger

    The iridescent band of accent stones beneath your center stone creates a glow that may make your center stone appear up to 15% larger. With the hidden halo, the emphasis is always on your center stone. The brilliance on the profile of the ring will immediately draw the eye to your show-stopping center stone.

    You can mix metals

    A hidden halo is one of the few instances where mixing metals in an engagement ring is not a faux pas as the pave diamond halo can be set in an alternate metal to the band of the ring.  

    Cons of the hidden halo engagement ring

    There are some great reasons for making this striking ring design your own, but the hidden halo is not for everyone. Here are some reasons this style of engagement ring may not be for you:

    Complexity makes cleaning a challenge

    Hidden halo rings are intricate, with multiple stones and settings that can accumulate dust and dirt. These are exquisite diamond rings to own but the maintenance requirements will be higher than for a solitaire. Consider professional cleaning or the use of an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to protect your stones.

    The pavé detail may lose stones over time

    The numerous small stones that adorn your hidden halo ring increase the risk of an impact knocking one loose. This is a common problem with pavé-set diamonds and usually can repaired by a competent jeweler.

    The hidden halo may create a challenge for stacking

    If you haven’t yet thought about the wedding band and perhaps even the eternity ring, you may struggle to find rings that stack properly with your hidden halo engagement ring.

    Your hidden halo may increase your costs (but only slightly)

    Adding pavé detailing to your ring with a hidden halo is actually a cost-effective upgrade to an engagement ring as the small stones that are included are highly affordable. 


    The hidden halo is a dazzling accent that makes any engagement ring stand out from its peers. This modern and stylish design is perfect for Its delighting the wearer and turning heads 

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