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Everything You Need to Know About Pave Style Rings 

Pave Kamellie

The pavé ring uses the brilliance of numerous small diamonds to detail your engagement ring, creating an arresting display that is fitting for a statement ring.

This short guide will equip you with the essentials on the pavé setting and the types and features of this exquisite engagement ring style. 

What are pavé engagement rings?

Pavé engagement rings are embellished with single or multiple rows of small, pavé-set diamonds. image
Pavé engagement rings are embellished with single or multiple rows of small, pavé-set diamonds.

Pavé engagement rings are embellished with single or multiple rows of small, pavé-set diamonds. The term pavé is French for 'pavéd', describing the appearance of the stones.                         

This unique diamond setting creates rows of diamonds set so closely together that the precious metal prongs and beads that hold them in place may appear imperceptible.

Pavé diamonds may: 

  • - partially or completely cover the shank or band of the ring (pavé diamond shank or diamond band engagement rings)
  • - surround the center stone
  • - be used to create a central feature in the ring   

    History of the pavé setting

    This intricate gemstone setting is likely to have developed from ancient techniques, but it first came to prominence in 18th century England as a popular method for embellishing intricate Georgian jewelry

    The original technique involved carving small holes called divots in the metal to set the stones with the creation of prongs that were pushed up and over the stone to hold it in place. 

    Why choose a pavé ring?

    Pave Natalie 

    The numerous small brilliant diamonds make pavé rings unforgettable:

    Stunning appearance

    Pavé detailing adds intricacy to any engagement ring design. Including more diamonds in an engagement multiplies the reflection of light to increase the brilliance of the entire ring. pavé-set diamonds are effective at enhancing the beauty of a center stone as they pick up light from every angle. 

    Versatile design

    You can include pavé-set diamonds in a variety of engagement ring styles. 

    Though they add brilliance they won't overwhelm or distract you from your center stone.

    These rings also stack beautifully with plain or accented wedding bands or coordinating eternity rings.

    Exceptional craftsmanship

    Pave Natalie 

    The design and creation of a pavé engagement ring require the expertise and skill of a master setter, who may have to set tens or hundreds of these miniature stones in a single ring. This labor-intensive work contributes significantly to the cost of a diamond band engagement ring.

    Pavé-set diamonds create a dazzling display

    Engagement rings of this style include pavé-set diamonds, known as melee or accent diamonds, which are small brilliant-cut diamonds that are between 0.001 and 0.2 carats in size. The diamond size largely determines the width of the band.

    Types of pavé ring setting

    Innovations of the tools and techniques used to enclose the individual pavé diamonds have led to the development of several versions of the pavé setting. Here are the most common types of pavé-setting used in engagement rings: 

    Petite pavé

    This form of pavé is like the traditional technique but uses extremely small prongs to hold the diamonds in space. This achieves maximum exposure for an enhanced visual effect.


    Micropavé is a modern technique that creates lines of uniformly sized diamonds less than 0.01 carat in size. This more recent pavé technique sets tiny diamonds directly into drilled holes in the surrounding metal. Multiple rows of these diamonds create a honeycomb pattern.

    French pavé 

    This distinctive form of pavé, also known as fishtail pavé, uses V-shaped grooves to hold the individual diamonds in place. The effect produced makes a ring look as if it is a single multi-faceted diamond.

    Pros of the pavé ring

    </b><b>This exquisite design is a vivacious and elegant choice for your ring. image
    This exquisite design is a vivacious and elegant choice for your ring.

    Here are some of the pros:

    More sparkle!

    The pavé diamonds deliver a dazzling upgrade to any ring design and are sure to delight both the wearer of this ring and the admirers it will acquire. The brilliance and scintillation of these smaller stones will attract all eyes to your ring finger, especially if you have chosen a diamond band engagement ring.

    A larger-looking center stone 

    Pavé detailing can make your center stone appear larger. These small brilliants multiply the number of facets that reflect light, creating a glow that enhances the beauty of your center stone. 

    A cost-effective way of upping your carats

    A pavé setting ups the total carat weight of the engagement ring without a marked increase in cost. This considered enhancement is usually more cost-effective than increasing the carats of your center stone.

    Cons of the pavé ring

    Pave Michelle

    Bear these key points in mind when selecting a pavé engagement ring:

    Pavé is not understated 

    The pavé engagement ring may be too bold for someone who is looking for a classic solitaire or other understated design. The brilliance of pavé can be worked into a more nuanced design by including a hidden halo.

    Be prepared for snagging

    If you are a lover of merino or cashmere, a ring with particularly prominent settings and prongs can snag on these fabrics.

    Resizing can be difficult

    Take care to size your pavé engagement ring carefully, with professional help if required. Resizing and other modifications can be difficult and consequently expensive if you have a diamond band as your jeweler will have to add or remove whole stones.

    Is a pavé ring fragile?

    Pave Kamellie

    The many, individual settings of small stones increase the potential of losing an individual stone. Over a lifetime of wear, like other rings, the settings can loosen or a stone can become dislodged by an inadvertent impact. This does not mean that the stones were not competently set, and, as small diamonds, you can affordably replace them.

    Caring for a pavé engagement ring

    Pavé rings can benefit from considered wear, avoiding rough activities that may increase the risk of dislodging a stone. 

    Gentle cleaning methods like ultrasonic cleaning are also protective.

    You can also have a pavé engagement ring checked and serviced annually to ensure that the settings remain secure.


    Pavé diamonds are ideal for maximizing the sparkle of your engagement ring while keeping all eyes on your center stone. Though pavé engagement rings cost more, a lifetime of beauty and fine craftsmanship is well worth the investment.

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