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Everything You Need to Know About Side Stones Style Rings

Many engagement ring styles come with side stones. You’ll see them in pave rings, three-stone rings, accented rings, and more. But how do you know which side stone styles are “in” - and which aren’t?

By reading this guide. Today we’ll cover how side stones change a ring’s look, whether they’re a good choice for engagement rings, and more. 

What are Side Stones?

Side stones, also called accent stones, are smaller gems on either side of the center stone.</span><span> image
Side stones, also called accent stones, are smaller gems on either side of the center stone.

Side stones, also called accent stones, are smaller gems on either side of the center stone. They are often (but not always) lab diamonds. There are 3 common styles of settings with side stones: 

Pave. Pave settings add all-over sparkle and draw attention away from the gold. If a pave setting is “busy” enough, it can make the gold underneath the stones completely invisible. 

Three-stone rings. Three-stone rings add size and sparkle to the center stone. They can give the ring’s crown a new, different look. They can also change the visual shape of the ring. 

Accent stones. Accent stones are usually small. They’re meant to jazz a ring up a little without changing its look too much. They can also draw attention to specific elements of a setting’s design. We use accents in the Twig Emilly to highlight the leaf design in the setting.  

How Big Should Side Stones Be?

Side stones need to be sized carefully. Otherwise they can overpower the center stone or become invisible next to it. At Keyzar, we’ve spent countless hours finding the perfect side stone-to-center stone proportion. 

Three-stone rings

Accent stones should be a quarter to a third of the center stone’s size. In custom designs, they can go up to half or two thirds of the center stone’s size.

Pave rings

The total carat weight of a pave ring’s side stones can vary greatly. The sparkly Pave Kamellie is a pave setting that has side stones with a total carat weight of 0.25. The Pave Rachel has a 0.96 TCW and is so dense with side stones you can’t see the gold in it head-on. 

Accent rings

Accent ring side stones need to be sized carefully. A little goes a long way; for example, the Twig Emilly features just 0.03 TCW of side stones. That doesn’t sound like much but it’s enough to stand out, even next to 5-carat center stones.  

Which Cuts Look Best as Side Stones?

Liv With Round Side Stones 2 ct Pear Moissanite</b><b> image

Liv With Round Side Stones 2 ct Pear Moissanite

Side stones can be cut in most shapes. Common choices include baguette, square, round, and pear. Whether you want to match the center stone’s shape with that of the side stones depends on your ring - and your sense of taste. 

In pave settings, round and square stones are the norm. For accents, cuts vary. For three-stone designs, we like baguette, pear-shaped, and round stones. We’re especially fond of brilliant, angular ring crowns made by princess cut center stones flanked with baguettes.

Which Center Stones Look Best With Side Stones?

Round, square, and oval cut center stones are popular choices to pair with a pave setting. Pear and Marquise cut center stones pair well with accent stones. Any diamond cut can pair with side stones and benefit from the added sparkle.  

Are Side Stone Engagement Rings In Style?

Engagement rings featuring side stones are timeless and always in style. Celebrities who’ve recently bought or received side stone engagement rings include Meghan Markle, Heidi Klum, and Priyanka Chopra. 


Deciding whether or not you want side stones is an important engagement ring decision. Three-stone, pave, and side stone settings will all add sparkle and size to your center stone.

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