4 Carat Engagement Ring

4 Carat Engagement Ring

What's the deal with “4 carats”?

As with most gemstones, the allure of a four-carat stone is its rarity. It is over four times the size of the average engagement ring, so your selection will really stand out.

3.01 ct Cushion Diamond image

3.01 ct Cushion Diamond

Four-carat diamonds aren't easy to come by. You need a rough diamond of a suitable size, and quality to yield those pristine carats. Even with expert cutting, a rough stone is going to lose around half its original weight. So it's easy to see why a four-carat engagement ring is an exclusive buy. 

The optics of a 4-carat ring 

If you're hunting for the perfect engagement ring, you're probably already well-versed in the 4 Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carats. The size, look, and craftsmanship of a 4-carat stone will make your engagement ring impossible to ignore. Here's what you need to look out for:  

Supersize me

</b>Kristen, 4 ct Pear Moissanite<b> image

Kristen, 4 ct Pear Moissanite

Let's be honest. Even though carat size does not determine the actual size of the diamond, a 4-carat ring is always going to be humongous! It's hard to believe that for such a stunning display a 4-carat stone still weighs less than a gram

A 4-carat engagement ring is definitely going to call attention to the hand of the wearer. 4-carat diamonds boast larger facets for light to play within the stone, creating amazing fire and scintillation. 

Show off your shape!

The shape of your diamond affects the look and cost of a 4-carat sized diamond. For example, elongated shapes like pear or oval are going to look larger than a 4-carat round brilliant which is just over a centimeter in diameter.

The spread of a diamond is also a factor you want to consider. Spread measures the width and depth of the stone. A shallower stone often looks much larger but may sparkle less.

Crystal-clear is going to cost you

Perfectly colorless and clear 4-carat diamonds are extremely expensive because they are scarce. To produce an acceptable 4-carat diamond cutters often compromise on color and even ‌inclusions to get a stone that is at least eye-clean. 

Game set and match!

With a large diamond like this, you'll want a mount that really shows it off. Prong settings do a great job holding your diamond and letting lots of light in through its large facets. With such a large and valuable stone, avoid tensioned settings and secure your gem with six to eight prongs. 

A forgiving setting can have a transformative effect and provide wriggle room for a less-than-perfect 4-carat diamond. If color and clarity grades are low, opt for metals like rose or yellow gold that can mask a tint. 

How much does a 4-carat diamond cost?

Four carats is going to be pricey, but the final price you'll pay is determined by these key factors:

  • - The type of stone selected, either natural diamond, lab diamond, or Moissanite
  • - The 4 Cs of cut, clarity, color, and carats
  • - Diamond shape
  • - Where you buy your engagement ring

Look to the lab to make great savings

For a 4-carat natural diamond, you can easily pay prices that span $30,000 to $100,000 or more. So more and more people are taking a serious look at lab-created diamonds and Moissanite as a cost-effective alternative.

Kristen, 4 ct Radiant </b></strong></span><strong><b><span>Moissanite</span></b><b> image

Kristen, 4 ct Radiant Moissanite

Lab-created diamonds are physically and chemically identical to natural diamond, but they can be up to 40% cheaper than natural stones. Moissanite is even more competitively priced, potentially shaving over 75% off the price per carat of an equivalent natural diamond. 

Fancy that!

The shape of your gem can also influence the cost of your 4-carat engagement ring. A classic round brilliant can be thousands of dollars more than fancy shapes like pear or marquise that have a much lower price per carat.

The best deals are online

Your money will go further if you buy your 4-carat engagement ring online. After all, online jewelers don't have the overheads of brick and mortar stores and you'll have so many more gorgeous, 4-carat gems to choose from.

You can even search for an "almost" 4 carat stone. These 3.8 or 3.9-carat gems have all the size and sparkle of a 4-carat diamond without the price tag!

Pros and cons of a 4-carat engagement ring

Lindsey, 4 ct Oval Moissanite image

Lindsey, 4 ct Oval Moissanite

If you are still unsure about taking the plunge and making a 4-carat engagement ring your own, ‌look at the pros, and cons of these fabulous gems.

Pros of a 4-carat engagement ring

Don't just daydream - there are plenty of great reasons to make a 4-carat engagement your own.

4-carats is always going to be a big deal

An engagement ring with a rock of this caliber has definitely entered the “bling” category. Brace yourself by more than just a casual glance from passers-by when your ring is out and about with you.

Daily wear won't wreck your ring

With a decent setting you don't need to worry about losing your four-carat stone on your daily commute. Four carats it a great size that is still wearable, so ‌get that beauty out of the box!

Lab diamonds and Moissanite make this 4 carats achievable 

Lab-created diamond and Moissanite have made it easier than ever to upgrade the one you love! Lab diamond and Moissanite rings bring the cost of 4-carat engagement ring well under $20,000. Compare and contrast these fabulous 4-carat lab-created and Moissanite gems:

This is a stunning 4 Carat F VS2 Round Brilliant Lab Diamond which comes in at  $17,169.00 https://keyzarjewelry.com/products/4-00-round-f-vs2-ank-round-igi-517210156

And here is a 4 Carat Round Brilliant in Moissanite for only $2,000.00 https://keyzarjewelry.com/collections/loose-miossanite/products/4ct-round-keyzar-moissanite

Take a look at this gorgeous 4 Carat G VS1 Princess Lab Diamond for  $16,665.00 https://keyzarjewelry.com/products/4-00-princess-g-vs1-inno-princess-igi-lg520287875

And this exquisite 4 Carat Princess Keyzar Moissanite is only $2,000.00 https://keyzarjewelry.com/collections/loose-miossanite/products/4ct-princess-keyzar-moissanite

This 4 Carat J VVS1 Oval Lab Diamond has the wow factor and is only  $9,945.00 https://keyzarjewelry.com/products/4-00-oval-j-vvs1-ank-oval-igi-515223923

But you can get the same 4 Carat oval shape in Moissanite for just $2,000.00 https://keyzarjewelry.com/collections/loose-miossanite/products/4ct-oval-keyzar-moissanite

Cons of a 4-carat engagement ring

Pave Kamellie, 4 ct Oval Moissanite image

Pave Kamellie, 4 ct Oval Moissanite

And of course, there are going to be some reasons ‌why four carats may be a just little too much for you!

This is not the ring for the discrete

A 4-carat engagement ring cannot help but draw attention to itself and its wearer. If you don't want doors opened for you, upgrades to business class, or someone asking you for an autograph, this isn't the ring for you. 

Perfectionist beware!

If a colorless and flawless gem matters to you, prepare to pay big-time. However, if you can tolerate some color and flaws, you could save thousands by choosing an eye-clean diamond with just a hint of tint!

Best as a solitaire

4 carats hold their own as a solitaire engagement ring. But if you are looking for a three-stone or side stone ring matching the accent stones can be a challenge. 

In conclusion

Why not push the boat out with a jaw-dropping 4-carat engagement ring? It'll be worth it for the smile on her face!  

Four carats look amazing whether you choose a natural diamond, lab diamond, or Moissanite stone. At this size, you also have a lot of options for creating the statement ring that will turn heads. 

Going large with  4-carats is cost-effective compared to 3 and 5-carat engagement rings. And, as you can see, if you opt for lab diamonds or Moissanite you'll save thousands. 

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