Lauren Zima engagement ring

Lauren Zima engagement ring

When it comes to heartwarming engagements, Bachelor nation couple Lauren Zima and Chris Harrison’s is high up on the list. Since Chris proposed last fall, these two have been on cloud nine. Part of that might be thanks to Lauren having a hand in designing her own ring - after the proposal! Yep, you heard that right.

Read on for more details about Lauren Zima’s engagement ring redesign, and find out how it looks now. And, get the scoop on how you can recreate the look for your own ring using our 3D tool!

A proposal…with a twist

Chris Harrison proposed to Lauren Zima with the perfect diamond on a simple gold band. He picked the flawless diamond out specially for his bride to be, but wanted her to have the freedom to design her own setting. So Lauren ended up getting a special diamond, and the setting of her choice - sounds like Chris nailed it!

What Lauren Zima’s engagement ring looks like

Lauren’s ring accentuates her classic beauty with its simple design and stunning sparkle. The ring features a sparkling 3 to 4 carat round brilliant cut diamond, nestled between two baguette side stones. The band appears to be white gold or platinum, and the ring as a whole is valued at about $100,000.

What we love about Lauren Zima’s engagement ring

Lauren Zima’s engagement ring brings the bling in a classy and understated way. The round brilliant cut center stone is super on trend right now. It’s also such a classic shape that it’ll be in style forever, so it’s the best of both worlds. We love the amped up sparkle of a round brilliant cut - good choice, Chris!

Can we talk about how Chris let Lauren design the rest of the ring herself? Swoon! Lauren paired baguette side stones with her round brilliant cut - classy, boujee, matchy. These little side stunners help bring out the beauty of her center stone without overpowering it.

How to get the look

Not all of us can drop a hundred thousand dollars on drip. But Lauren Zima’s look is easy to recreate, in a more affordable way - yay! Let’s take a look at what really defines this ring, so you can recreate the look for less.

Center stones like Lauren Zima’s

If the round brilliant cut center stone is speaking to you, you can get it, sis. Sub in moissanite instead of a diamond, and you’ve got yourself a big ol’ stunner at a fraction of the cost. Moissanite looks like diamond’s twin sister, and since it’s lab grown, meaning it’s much less expensive.

<span>5Ct Round Keyzar Moissanite</span> image

5Ct Round Keyzar Moissanite

For a look like Lauren’s, check out round brilliant cut moissanite from Keyzar. Major sparkle and major savings? That’s moissanite, baby!

Or, if you dream in diamonds, you can go with a lab grown diamond instead of natural for more sweet savings. With a lab grown diamond, you can bump up the carat size on your finger and keep more money in your pocket.

Settings Like Lauren Zima’s

Lauren’s silver-tones setting with baguette side stones oozes class. Silver-toned settings are super popular right now, and have a pretty timeless look. Understated settings like Lauren’s let the center stone steal the show, while also pulling the whole look together.

Similar designs that won’t break the bank

We’ve probably been gushing long enough for you to figure it out: we love the look of Lauren Zima’s engagement ring. So naturally, we put together a few looks for you using her ring as inspiration. Check ‘em out here!

Setting inspo

Baguette Three Stone Liv image

Baguette Three Stone Liv

Lauren’s silver-tones setting is set with bitty baguette side stones on either side of her center stone. Meet Keyzar’s Baguette Three Stone Liv - a dead ringer for Lauren’s setting in white gold. The Liv is simple and classy, with two perfectly matched baguette side stones just waiting to be your center stone’s sidekicks.

If you’re into the side stone look but find baguettes a little blah, this one’s for you. You can still rock side stones with a setting like the Round Three Stone Liv in white gold. This little stunner features round cut side stones, adding 0.18 carats in diamonds to your ring.

Center stone inspo

Lauren’s center stone really steals the show, serving major sparkle without being overly large. We love that her diamond is the perfect size to wear every day, somewhere between 3 and 4 carats. And the round brilliant cut is a timeless classic that’s easy to wear.

When it comes to high quality natural round brilliant cut diamonds over 3 carats, you’re looking at a price tag of at least around $30,000. You can slash that price tag by opting for a lab grown round brilliant cut diamond of the same size instead, ringing up between $6,000 and $9,000. Lab grown diamonds are the easiest way to get Lauren’s look for less, saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

If you’re looking for an even more budget friendly option, we’d like to introduce you once again to our good friend moissanite. Pair a 4 carat moissanite with our white gold Baguette Three Stone Liv setting for a spot-on recreation of Lauren Zima’s engagement ring at a fraction of the price.


With a diamond chosen by Chris and a setting chosen by Lauren, this couple created the perfect ring to represent their love. Just like Lauren, her engagement ring is a timeless beauty that’s been serving major inspo for women since the engagement.

With Keyzar, you can recreate Lauren’s look for your own engagement ring, within any price range. To create a ring that looks like Lauren’s or to design your own ring, head on over to our 3D design tool here and have some fun!

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