Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring

Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring

Some engagement rings and the women who wear them are so noteworthy that they influence trends for decades to come. Even seventy years after style icon Jackie Kennedy’s engagement to JFK, her ring still serves major engagement ring inspiration.

When Jackie Kennedy got engaged in 1953, you could say she started the two stone engagement ring trend. With more and more celebrities rocking the two stone look, like Megan Fox and Ariana Grande, the former first lady’s ring is more in style than ever. Read on for the scoop on Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring, and to learn how you can recreate the look using our 3D tool!

What Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring looks like

Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring is a work of art, featuring a 2.88 carat emerald cut diamond as well as a 2.84 carat emerald cut emerald. The ring has a yellow gold setting, and originally featured tapered baguette side stones.

Jackie upgraded the ring years later, exchanging the baguettes for another 2.12 carats in marquise and round cut diamonds. She had it redesigned so that the side stones would look like a laurel wreath wrapping around her center stones.

Jackie’s emerald and diamond stunner is a ring fit for royalty - let’s take a look at what’s so alluring about this one of a kind ring…

What we love about Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring

JFK and Jackie looked at dozens of ring before finding the right one Iit turns out Jackie liked the look of two stones rather than one - which was a bold choice in the 1950s! She pretty much started the two stone trend.

In 2022, Megan Fox’s engagement ring is giving major Jackie Kennedy vibes, featuring both an emerald and a diamond as center stones.

Even though her emerald and diamond are different colors, we love the put-together look that comes from them having the same cut. Two emerald cut stones in the center gave Jackie more flexibility when it came to side stones. When she redesigned her ring with marquise and round side stones, the ring still looked classy and put-together thanks to the uniformity of the center stones.

Speaking of side stones…

We love the effect the side stones have on Jackie’s ring as a whole! They help showcase her center stones, while adding tasteful sparkle to the ring. Side stones are even more popular now than they were then, and are a great way to add carat weight to any ring.

How to get the look

For a ring just like Jackie’s you’d need - well, you’d need Kennedy money. Since that’s not the case for most of us, more affordable engagement rings are the name of the game. But we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to share that will help you get a similar look for (much) less.

Center stones like Jackie Kennedy’s

The most striking feature of Jackie’s ring is its emerald cut center stones. And at just under 3 carats each, center stones of this size make for an engagement ring that’s perfect for everyday wear.

3 carat diamonds can still be affordable, especially lab grown ones. Or, you can go for a diamond alternative like moissanite, which will save you even more money while getting the same look.

If the cut is what captivates you most about Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring, we have good news. Keyzar offers emerald cut diamonds - both natural and lab grown - in a variety of carat weights, so you can find your perfect center stone no matter what you’re looking for. We also carry emerald cut moissanite, for spectacular sparkle at an affordable price.

Settings Like Jackie Kennedy’s

Jackie’s engagement ring is set in yellow gold, and is decorated with just over 2 carats in marquise and round accent stones. Settings with accent stones are readily available, so you can easily get this extra sparkly look.

Similar designs that won’t break the bank

Jackie Kennedy’s iconic engagement ring would still turn heads today, so it’s no surprise that women still look to it for inspiration. If you’re feeling the love for this beautiful design, you’re in luck. We’ve put together some looks here reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy’s to inspire you and help you recreate her look!

Setting inspo

Chelsea image


Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring setting is defined by its smattering of round and marquise cut accent stones. Keyzar’s Chelsea setting in yellow gold also features round and marquise cut accent stones, just like Jackie’s. The accent stones of the Chelsea setting add an additional 0.35 carats in diamonds to the ring.

Twig Emily image

Twig Emily

Jackie designed her setting to look like a laurel wreath, and we love the nature-inspired look, too. Our yellow gold Twig Emily setting is similarly nature-themed, with a band that looks like twigs woven into a circle. The Twig Emily is also studded with round cut accent stones, giving you even more of the Jackie O look.

Center stone inspo

Jackie’s center stones are just shy of 3 carats each, which is a perfect size for daily wear. And 3 carat emerald cut diamonds look particularly spectacular - just ask Jackie! Their elongated shape help create an elegant, flattering look on the hand.

Natural 3 carat emerald cut diamonds can run you a whopping $30,000. Alternatively, you can opt for lab grown 3 carat diamonds for anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000, depending on the other 3 C’s. Choosing a lab grown diamond can save you lots of money while still giving you a real diamond for your engagement ring.

If you don’t have your hear set on a diamond and are looking for a high quality, more affordable option, check out moissanite. Pair a 3 carat emerald cut moissanite center stone with a yellow gold Chelsea setting will have you looking quite Jackie-esque - and at a much lower price. 


Decades after Jackie Kennedy’s engagement to JFK, we still can’t get enough of her stunning engagement ring. There’s lots to love about her look, from her emerald cut center stones to her mixed cut accent stones.

You can recreate this American royalty look with diamonds, moissanite, and settings offered by Keyzar. To recreate this look or create your own custom ring, head over to our design tool here and find out what you like!

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