Why Katy Perry’s Engagement Ring Stands Out

Why Katy Perry’s Engagement Ring Stands Out


Round Three Stone Liv, 2 ct Oval Moissanite image

Round Three Stone Liv, 2 ct Oval Moissanite

Orlando Bloom proposing to Katy Perry on Valentine’s Day in 2019 couldn’t have been more romantic. It seems that Bloom was set on making sure the Teenage Dream singer wouldn’t be the one that got away. He locked it down with a stunning vintage ring that perfectly matches Katy’s bubbly personality.

Keep reading to find out all the details about Katy Perry’s engagement ring. And, find out how you can create a similar look for your own ring using our 3D tool!

What Katy Perry’s engagement ring looks like

Katy Perry’s engagement ring is as unique and bold as the singer herself. With a two carat oval ruby center stone and a halo of eight diamonds surrounding it, the ring looks like a flower. The array of stones is set on a simple yellow gold band, allowing the floral design to stand out and make a statement.

Katy and her fiancee welcomed a daughter in 2020 - and named her Daisy. So it’s clear to see that the floral design of her engagement ring is meaningful to this little family!

What we love about Katy Perry’s engagement ring

Katy’s always rocked a bold, colorful style, so her engagement ring suits her perfectly - nice work, Orlando! We love the vintage look of the ring, and its nod to classic royal engagement rings like Princess Diana and Princess Eugenie’s.

The deep red tones of her ruby center stone are gorgeous, and prove that diamonds don’t always have to sit front and center in an engagement ring. And the amplified halo look created by the diamonds that surround the ruby is simply heavenly. Halo settings are super on trend right now, and we love that Katy’s ring puts a unique twist on the look.

How to get the look

Katy’s ring is a work of art, and has lots of us drooling over the look. But since most of us aren’t balling on a celebrity budget, we need more budget-friendly options. Luckily, there are some affordable ways to recreate Katy Perry’s engagement ring for yourself. Let’s talk about what makes this ring, so you can design a similar look for less.

Center stones like Katy Perry’s

0.58 ct Oval Diamond image

0.58 ct Oval Diamond

While you might not want to rock a ruby every day, the size and cut of Katy’s center stone are, dare we say, perfection. A two carat oval cut center stone is the perfect size to wear every day, and doesn’t have any sharp edges that could snag or break.With a shape like this, you can go for a diamond or even moissanite for a more affordable version.

For a center stone like Katy’s, check out oval cut moissanite from Keyzar. A center stone like this makes a sparkly statement. Thanks to its lower price point, durability, and serious sparkle, moissanite is the perfect diamond substitute.

If you prefer diamonds, you can still save some dough by opting for a lab grown stone. Since they’re less expensive than natural diamonds, you can get the same look for thousands less.

Settings Like Katy Perry’s

Katy’s engagement ring brings to mind vintage glamour and royal rings. Her oversized halo setting gives it those classic vibes, especially in yellow gold. The floral design gives nature girl vibes, and nature-inspired settings are getting more and more popular.

Similar designs that won’t break the bank

Okay, we know Katy’s vintage and ruby look isn’t for everyone. But it has so many gorgeous elements to use as ringspo! We’ve put together some looks inspired by Katy’s ring so you can use them as inspo for your own ring. Take a look and see what you think!

Setting inspo

Vintage glam is the name of the game when it comes to Katy Perry’s engagement ring setting. Yellow gold helps set the tone, while an oversized diamond halo adds to the sparkle factor. Our Pave Lenny setting matches the vibe, with a classic diamond halo that adds 0.71 carats in diamonds to your ring.

Pave Lenny, 4.5 ct Oval Moissanite image

Pave Lenny, 4.5 ct Oval Moissanite

Katy’s ring is big on the nature theme, with its floral pattern. Let your inner nature lover shine with our Twig Emily setting in yellow gold. The Twig Emily setting wraps around your finger like a golden vine, offering extra sparkle in the form of tasteful diamond side stones.

Center stone inspo

While Katy’s ruby center stone is a bit non-traditional, the shape and size of the stone are on point. A 2 carat center stone is big, but not too big for everyday wear. And, the oval cut is great for those who want a rounded shape, but are after something more unique than your standard round brilliant cut.

Natural 2 carat diamonds can carry a hefty price tag, depending on their clarity and color grades. But they’re much more affordable than larger stones, and offer much more finger coverage than the average 1 carat stone. To cut the cost of your oval cut diamond, you can opt for a lab grown diamond. They cost about 30-40% less, so you can bump up the quality of your stone.

2 ct Oval Moissanite image

2 ct Oval Moissanite

If you love the oval cut look but want a more affordable option, moissanite is your solution. 2 carat oval cut moissanite will look just as beautiful as a diamond and last just as long! Pair a 2 carat oval cut moissanite with our Pave Lenny setting in yellow gold for a Katy Perry inspired look.


Between the blood red ruby and cute floral design, Katy Perry’s engagement ring is an absolute stunner. It perfectly mirror’s Katy’s personality and taste, and its vintage royalty vibes are to die for. Unique rings like Katy’s are the perfect option for women who want something different and special.

At Keyzar, you can recreate a look like Katy’s for your own engagement ring, no matter your budget. To start designing a ring based on Katy’s, or to create your own totally new design, check out our 3D design tool here!

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