Scheana Shay Engagement Ring

Scheana Shay Engagement Ring

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay made major waves when she got engaged in the summer of 2021. Fans had mixed reactions to her ring - some loved it, and some were confused about her choice of center stone. Either way, Scheana’s controversial ring sparked a big conversation about diamond alternatives, and we’re here for it!

Read on to get the details on Scheana Shay’s engagement ring, and decide for yourself whether you think it’s timeless or tacky. And, discover how you can recreate the look for yourself using our 3D tool!

Shindey ring image

Shindey ring

What Scheana Shay’s engagement ring looks like

Scheana’s engagement ring features a whopping 12.74 carat pale pink cushion cut morganite as the center stone. Her setting is a 14k white gold band studded with smaller pave diamonds. Let’s take a deeper look at what’s so unique about this reality star’s engagement bling…

The story behind the ring

Last summer, Scheana’s fiance and fellow reality TV star Brock Davies proposed with the ring of her dreams. She wanted pink morganite instead of a diamond because of the stone’s meaning: love and romance. Brock understood the assignment, and worked with Los Angeles jewelry designer Kyle Chan to create Scheana’s morganite ring.

What we love about Scheana Shay’s engagement ring

Rocking a morganite engagement ring makes Scheana our diamond alternative queen! Younger generations are more aware of the environmental impact and ethical concerns of diamond mining. So diamond alternatives like morganite and moissanite are becoming more popular, and it’s wonderful to see celebrities like Scheana making the switch.

Scheana’s center stone is a cushion cut shape, and we’re fans of this cut on any stone. The cushion cut gives vintage glamor vibes, and seriously amps up the sparkle. Its abundance of facets gives her morganite so much fire, which perfectly fits her personality!

White gold and pave diamonds create the perfect setting for Scheana’s crown jewel. The pave diamonds add just enough bling to complement the center stone and add some sparkle.

As for the color - pink! - we think it adds a swoon worthy element of romance to the ring. Scheana wanted pink morganite since it’s a symbol of love and promises, which is perfect for an engagement ring.

Why you don’t want Scheana Shay’s ring

5Ct Cushion Keyzar Moissanite image

5Ct Cushion Keyzar Moissanite

12.74 carats?! Scheana herself has mentioned that the size of center stone makes her ring too big to wear every day. A 5 carat oval cut moissanite is a more practical size for everyday wear.

A huge rock like Scheana’s can look a little off on petite fingers. And actually, it can feel a little off, too. Scheana admits to wearing another diamond band under her engagement ring to help keep it in place on her finger. That’s a big hassle you don’t want to deal with every day just to wear your ring.

Morganite also isn’t the most durable stone for an engagement ring. Iit clocks in at a 7.5-8 on the Mohs hardness scale. So it can get damaged or scratched more easily than moissanite or diamond, which score 9.5 and 10, respectively.

How to get the look

The Kylie image

The Kylie

Scheana’s ring has a lot going for it, and with diamond alternatives becoming more popular, some women want to recreate her look. But morganite isn’t for everyone, and neither is a clunky 12 carat center stone. But you can still rock a similar look, with a few tweaks to make it more practical and more durable!

Center stones like Scheana’s

While Scheana’s engagement ring features morganite, we’d recommend moissanite or diamond instead since they’re much more durable. Cushion cut diamonds and moissanite are brilliant and full of fire, and are sure to dazzle just as much as Scheana’s.

If your inner Scheana is begging for a huge cushion cut center stone, give her moissanite. This affordable diamond alternative looks just like a diamond, but costs much less. So you can get the bold cushion cut gemstone of your dreams for an even dreamier price.

If you’re not into hefty center stones but love the look of the cushion cut, a natural or lab grown diamond might be in the cards for you. Keyzar offers a variety of cushion cut diamonds, so you can choose a carat weight and look that works best for you and your budget.

Settings Like Scheana’s

Scheana’s engagement ring setting is simple, on trend, and of course - sparkly. When you’re choosing a pave band, keep in mind that the thinner the band, the larger your center stone will look.

Getting the look without getting looks

Scheana’s engagement ring set the internet in a blaze, talking about its size, its center stone, and its value. Here’s how to recreate the look with more durable gemstones than Scheana’s morganite, in a way that will have people admiring your taste!

Setting inspo

You can’t go wrong with a white gold pave diamond setting for your ring, just like Scheana’s. Keyzar’s pave Kamelie setting, our thinnest pave engagement ring band, looks stunning and modern in white gold. This dainty setting allows your center stone to shine, and adds a perfectly feminine touch to this look.

If you want to add even more sparkle when it comes to your own ring, try on the Pave Rachel setting for size. The Rachel shows off three rows of pave diamonds, for triple the bling on your ring.

Center stone inspo

As even Scheana has admitted, her 12.74 carat morganite center stone is too bulky to wear every day. We’d recommend sizing down to a 3 to 5 carat center stone - which still looks pretty huge!

The cushion cut aspect of Scheana’s ring is more important than size when it comes to recreating this look. Cushion cut center stones have tons of brilliance and fire, so if you’re a sparkle lover, this is the shape for you.

Natural cushion cut diamonds around 3 carats usually run between $20,000 to $40,000. For a more affordable option that also gives you more carat weight, check out lab grown cushion cut diamonds between 3 and 4 carats for under $10,000. Lab grown diamonds allow you to get that big center stone look for a lower price than natural diamonds.

For an even more affordable way to rock a big ol’ center stone, moissanite is your best option. You can pair a 5 carat elongated cushion cut moissanite center stone with the Helen setting in white gold to recreate a wearable, affordable version of Scheana’s engagement ring. 


Scheana’s nontraditional ring showed us all that you don’t need a typical diamond ring to have a beautiful engagement. We love its uniqueness and beauty, and with the variety of center stones and settings available at Keyzar, you can recreate her look in an affordable way.

Whether you’re newly inspired to rock a cushion cut moissanite or a white gold pave band, you can design your dream ring with Keyzar here

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