Simon Cowell’s Engagement Ring

Simon Cowell’s Engagement Ring

Simon Cowell made a statement when he proposed to Lauren Silverman with an exceptionally large oval-shaped diamond. The stone is visually flawless. As a D color stone, it is colorless and rare. D color is the highest color grade in existence.  

Here’s what you need to know about Simon Cowell’s engagement ring and why it might not be the best ring for you.

Round Three Stone Liv, 1.2 ct Oval Lab Diamond image

Round Three Stone Liv, 1.2 ct Oval Lab Diamond

The Story Behind the Ring

Most people would agree that Simon Cowell’s proposal to Lauren Silverman has been a long time coming. Some people have said he proposed because he gained a new perspective after having an accident that almost rendered him paralyzed.

What’s known for certain is that Simon Cowell selected the diamond personally and proposed to his intended on a beach on the island of Barbados where they first met. The result? A beautiful and intimate moment between two people. 

There has been plenty of speculation surrounding the details of exactly why Simon Cowell chose to propose… But one doesn’t need to know why he proposed to appreciate the ring. Simon Cowell presented his beloved with an oval-shaped diamond with two side stones. With a diamond that’s approximately 15 carats in size, you can imagine Lauren Silverman’s reaction.

All that being said, some engagement rings are just too big and Lauren Silverman's is one of them. To demonstrate just how big this ring is, consider that a 15-carat ring is basically as wide as a finger is thick!

It has been said that Simon Cowell’s positively decadent engagement ring set him back nearly $3.4 million. If you’re a man looking for an engagement ring that will make an impression, you might be feeling a bit intimidated by the size of Simon Cowell’s ring. Here’s why you shouldn’t feel that way and how to find the ideal engagement ring without spending a fortune. 

5 Reasons You Don’t Want Simon Cowell’s Engagement Ring

After seeing how large, expensive, and extravagant Simon Cowell’s engagement ring was, you might be feeling a bit discouraged or even intimidated. Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t feel that way.

Too massive

the stone on this ring is too large. Although having a larger diamond might seem like a good thing on the surface, engagement rings featuring oversized diamonds come with certain disadvantages. 

Too heavy

One of the most concerning disadvantages of this ring is how heavy it is. Wearing an engagement ring shouldn’t be strenuous. The ring is so large and heavy it detracts from the experience of wearing it. 

Too impractical

A stone this large isn’t just too heavy, it’s impractical. Imagine trying to perform simple tasks with a stone that large. It would get in the way and prove to be more of a burden than anything.  

Too expensive

We all want to show our partners how much we love them by purchasing the most expensive engagement ring we can afford, but some rings are just too expensive. 

Too over the top

Between the frankly clunky size and jaw-dropping price tag, this ring is just over-the-top altogether. 

The lesson here is that no one should feel pressured into buying an engagement ring that’s this large and extravagant. Rings bigger than 5 carats are impractical for everyday wear - and tough on the pocket, too. 

When shopping for an engagement ring, it’s important to think about what happens after the proposal. You have a whole life to build, and while symbolic, the engagement ring is but one single part of that life. 

Fortunately, Keyzar Jewelry makes it possible to build the perfect engagement ring without spending too much… Or getting a huge, heavy, impractical ring. Here’s what we mean. 

What You Should Get Instead

What you need is a smaller, more elegant, and ultimately more balanced ring. The average engagement ring in New York City is 1.4 carats - and that’s New York, where people have lots of disposable income.

As a rule of thumb, it’s unnecessary to go any bigger than 5-carats for an engagement ring. A 2 or 3-carat ring is going to turn heads, attract attention, and earn the adoration of your intended. A 5 one is absolutely huge, especially when set in a dainty ring like Keyzar’s Emilly.

Twig Emilly, 1.5 ct Oval Moissanite image

Twig Emilly, 1.5 ct Oval Moissanite

If you want to get a large stone - 3, 4, 5 carats - without overpaying, we have good news. A Moissanite diamond can deliver the same exquisite beauty at a fraction of the cost. A lab-grown diamond will be more expensive, but still reasonably priced.

So if you want to impress, consider a 5-carat Moissanite or lab-grown diamond ring from Keyzar Jewelry. Both options will melt your partner’s heart without being clunky, heavy, or overpriced.

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