Simone Biles’s Superstar Engagement Ring

Simone Biles’s Superstar Engagement Ring

Simone Biles already has a lot of bling to her name-with 25 gold medals, 4 silver, and 5 bronze, she’s one of the most decorated gymnasts of all time. Now she’s added something else: an engagement ring. 

On February 15, 2022, she posted her engagement to football player Jonathan Owens, featuring a video showing off the ring. Owens worked with jeweler Zo Frost to make the ring, a beautiful 3 carat oval cut pave ring with a hidden halo. He even picked out the diamond himself. So here’s everything you need to know about the Olympian's beautiful ring.

Head Oval Heels

Oval cut diamonds have grown in popularity over the last few years, especially with celebrities. It’s an elongated form of a round brilliant, so it has a lot of sparkle. Because it’s longer, though, it looks a little bigger than round diamonds of the same carat. That length also makes the wearer’s fingers look thinner and longer, which is flattering on many different hand shapes and sizes.

2 to 3.5 ct Oval Keyzar Diamonds image

2 to 3.5 ct Oval Keyzar Diamonds

Oval-shaped diamonds are said to symbolize longevity in a relationship, just like the circular wedding band. It’s a timeless cut that can look modern or classic depending on the setting. No wonder it’s been featured on so many famous rings.

Why Not?

There are, as always, downsides to this cut. Ovals show the color of a diamond more than other styles, especially around the thinner edges. They’re also prone to bowties, those dark sections that lose light. The good news is that those can both be prevented with a high-quality cut. The bad news is that the higher quality the cut is, the higher the cost.

3.53 ct Oval Keyzar Diamond image

3.53 ct Oval Keyzar Diamond

Another thing that can drive prices up is demand. And because oval cuts are so popular, jewelers can set those prices higher than other styles. This is especially true now that a bunch of celebrities have oval rings. Besides Simone Biles, you can spot oval-shaped stones on Lady Gaga, Serena Williams, and Katy Perry -just to name a few.

This can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. On the one hand, this style is popular for a reason. Celebrities are trendsetters, and they’ve set a classic, timeless ring as a trend. On the other hand, your ring will always be compared to a famous one, so choose someone you admire (like an Olympic medalist). And at the very least, you can customize your ring a little. Just because you and Eva Longoria both have oval-shaped diamonds doesn’t mean you and Eva Longoria have the exact same ring.

Besides that center stone, other aspects of the ring have some cons. Pave bands are more delicate than plain ones because of all the tiny stones. They require special care and cleaning, making them less ideal for someone in situations where the ring could get hit easily or often. 

And that hidden halo adds sparkle, but it also makes it hard to stack rings. If you’re going to have an engagement ring and a wedding ring, you’ll need to take the halo into consideration and find styles that will sit together. Hidden halos also catch on things easier than rings without, which again isn’t great for someone whose ring could get hit. And, of course, all the small stones of halos and paves add to the cost. 

Go For Gold: How to Get This Ring

Or silver, rather. Simone’s ring is a 3 carat diamond in a hidden halo setting on a silver pave band. The hidden halo means that the ring of diamonds is slightly underneath the main stone, instead of surrounding the upper edge. This gives the ring extra sparkle, but it’s a little more subtle than a regular halo. Pave means there are small diamonds around the band. This combination makes the ring super sparkly, so if that’s your goal, find a setting with a halo and pave. But because the halo is hidden and not as visible from the top of the ring, you can “cheat it” by just getting a pave band. A ring like that will still be gorgeous, but maybe a little less flashy.

Pave Kamellie, 1.5 ct Oval Lab Diamond image

Pave Kamellie, 1.5 ct Oval Lab Diamond

Many of Keyzar’s pave rings have halos, hidden or otherwise, making it easy to recreate Simone Biles’s ring. We also have plenty of options that just have a hidden halo for a more understated ring. You might consider the Pave Kamellie, which has a hidden halo and narrow pave band. Or the Stacey, which has a unique twisted pave band, if you want a ring that’s inspired by Simone’s but not identical. And if you want a ring with a hidden halo but not a pave band, the low profile Maia features a beautiful hidden halo set on a plain band.

Low Profile Maia, 2.3 ct Oval Lab Diamond image

Low Profile Maia, 2.3 ct Oval Lab Diamond

Simone’s center stone is 3 carats, which can be expensive. But to avoid that, Keyzar offers lab grown diamonds and moissanite. A 3 carat natural diamond costs a lot more than a 3 carat moissanite. Jonathan Owens reportedly spent $300,000 on this ring; you don’t need to do that. A 3 carat lab grown diamond runs about $4,000, and moissanite is even less expensive. And with Keyzar’s 3D view tool, you can consider all options from all angles. Diamonds vs moissanite, pave vs plain, halo or not, the choice is yours. 

Get ready to flip into your engagement with a ring inspired by Simone Biles. She’s a fabulous role model, and this ring is a fabulous example to follow. 

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