Where and When Should Men Wear Their Wedding Rings?

Where and When Should Men Wear Their Wedding Rings?

It seems like there are about 17 million articles about engagement rings out there, but what about the dudes?

Men's wedding bands may be slightly less mysterious, but we’ve still got questions. What finger are you supposed to wear the ring on? Do you have to wear it on the daily? Who buys the thing, to begin with?

Fear not, fraternal friends, for you’ve found the FAQ of all things, dude. As far as wedding bands are concerned, at least.


Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

First things first, what finger should men be wearing their wedding band on? Well, as it turns out, that depends on a few factors.

Traditionally in the US, the wedding band is worn on the left ring finger–AKA the second from the left on the left hand. Some think the Tudor era made this whole lefthanded ring finger a tradition, as they believed the left finger was linked to the heart. Cute.

In some Eastern Orthodox traditions, the ring goes on the right ring finger. The same goes for many countries in Eastern Europe. Think Russia, Greece, Poland, etc.

These days many gay couples choose to wear their wedding bands on their right hands too. For some, it’s to keep things private, and for others, it’s a statement of individuality and their unique love for each other or shaking up the hetero-norms.

Whatever the finger, most men go with the tradition that resonates with them. It’s up to you as a couple to decide what works for your unique relationship. There’s no wrong ring finger.


Daily Dealings

Do men have to wear their rings every day? In general, yes, most men wear their wedding ring every day. You’re married every day, aren’t you?

That shiny little ring is a symbol of love and commitment. However, you can do whatever you want. But maybe discuss it with your partner before ditching the band at home on the daily.

There are, however, definite times you should not wear your ring.


The Daily Grind

You don’t want to wear your ring when it’s unsafe or may damage it. If you work with your hands or chemicals, you may wish to remove your ring before clocking in for the day.

Harsh chemicals, and even those used in cleaning, can damage the finish of your ring. Worse, chemicals could be trapped under the ring, causing irritation to the skin. Best to remove your ring when dealing with chemicals.

Working with heavy things, power tools, heavy machinery, etc., can mean running the risk of damaging your ring or, worse, your finger. If there is even the slightest chance the ring could be bent or get caught on something, it’s best to remove it.

The same goes for heavy-lifting activities like working out, which can bend the ring out of shape and get stuck on your finger.

If you’re a big-time swim fan, it’s best to take off your ring before you take a dip. Chlorine is harsh on white gold, for one thing. Finger size can vary when it’s hot or cold, meaning your ring could slip off. So best to take off your band for indoor or outdoor water activities.

Many men don’t want to take off their ring on the reg. In this case, silicone rings are a great secondary option to wear while you work, at the gym, or any other time you might need a softer solution.



One of the most frequently asked questions in the wide world of men's wedding rings is, who buys the thing?

Tradition says a man buys a woman's engagement ring, and a woman purchases her man's band. However, many couples are choosing to ditch tradition. Opting instead to shop together or choose their own rings.

Like many other things on this list, it’s really up to each individual couple. So you do, you boo.


Now or Later?

When oh when to wear the thing? Many wonder if a man can wear his wedding band before marriage. He can do whatever he wants, but traditionally men wait until the wedding day to don their ring.

However, there’s nothing wrong with wearing it before. It’s more of a personal choice.

Generally, if a dude chooses to wear the ring before the I do’s, it’s more of an engagement ring or promise ring. Does that mean it has to be a separate engagement ring? No, it can absolutely be the wedding band.

Times, they are a changing tho, and some men do choose to have a separate ring to wear before the big day. When the wedding band takes over, these are usually moved to the right hand.

Still, most men choose to wait until their wedding day to start wearing the ring. We say, do what lights you up, man.


Sleuth Vibes

Want to sneak a dude's size without him knowing, or just wondering how to find his size in general? You’ve come to the right place.

If you want to surprise him, you can do a few things to snag his size. If he’s a deep sleeper, wrap a string around his finger when he’s snoozing, and mark where it meets. Measure that string for size and consider it a done deal.

If he already wears a ring, you can just sneak that off to the jeweler and have them size it. Less dramatic, we know, but it’ll get the job done.

Not so secret? Ordering a ring sizing kit online is the best way to go. You’ll be sure to get the most accurate sizing, and you can usually snag one online for under $10.


Old Wives Tales

So, is a man’s ring size really tied to the size of his shoes?

Absolutely not. Who knows how this rumor started, but there is zero correlation between shoe size and ring size.


Snug as a Bug

So, just how tight should that wedding band be?
Generally, a ring should slide comfortably over your knuckle with a bit of friction. The ring should be snug but not tight. We’re not holding any fingers hostage here.

When you try to remove the ring, you should need a little extra oomph to pop it off. A bit of resistance is good. It means the ring won't fall off.


Ready For The Band, Man?

When it comes to most things wedding, you’ll find a tradition already in place. Whether you follow that tradition or make your own is entirely up to you and your partner.

Where you wear your wedding ring may fall to a particular finger, but the daily diligence is definitely up for discussion. When it comes to men's wedding bands, the most important thing is that you’re safe and stylish. So mind those busy hands and find your most perfect band.

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