Ariana Grande’s Engagement Ring

Ariana Grande’s Engagement Ring

With 15+ million IG likes, Ariana Grande’s ring has more clout than most celebrities. Many people are big fans of it - and that includes us. It’s a beautiful 6(ish) carat two-stone ring, with the “second stone” being a Grande family pearl. 

The Eve image

The Eve

To learn all about Ariana Grande’s ring - and how you can get a similar one using our 3D tool - please read on.

A cute story behind the ring…

Ariana’s “Sollow & Co.” ring is a solitaire classic oval shaped 2-stone ring, about 5-6 carats. It’s high clarity, excellent cut with a G or above colour with outstanding symmetry. Looks like it has no inclusions.  It’s a beautiful stone that's really striking. We think it may cost about $350,000…

The Grande Family Jewe… Uh, Pearl 

Let’s discuss the details that make this ring stand out so much. It’s the pearl next to the stone. It makes this ring unique and different from any other celebrity ring, because it’s a combo of old-school and romantic at the same time…

The story goes like this. Ariana’s grandma had a pearl ring made for her with the pearl from her grandpa’s tie pin. Her grandpa died after a long battle with cancer… Ariana’s ring carries sentimental value because the pearl is a family heirloom, which was passed on to her.  

How thoughtful of her fiance. A touching story, right?

Why you don't want Ariana Grande’s ring

The Pearl Issue

You might not know, but pearls usually come with a long list of ways to take care of them. They get damaged super easily. If you wear your engagement ring everyday, then it’s really not for you. Let alone the fact that a two-stone ring would really rub on your finger and might even hurt and scratch your clothes. 

So… before emotions take over, don’t forget to go for the practical option. Ariana’s lifestyle ensures her pearl stays in good shape. She might even have a whole suite of engagement rings. Basically, if you get a ring like Ariana’s forget wearing it all the time…

The bigger the better?

That’s a big fat no. Size is really not the best way to pick your stone. A huge diamond is extremely impractical. It’s going to be such a pain… It’ll scratch your clothes, cling on your hair, spin around your finger because of its weight and it’ll just be heavy on your finger. 

You’d constantly be scared of losing it. The only way to rid yourself of that fear, is to insure it against theft or loss, which is yet another expense in addition to your already mega expensive ring. 

Sports and active lifestyle lovers would just have this ring in their safebox all the time, because they’d almost never wear it. It would just always be in the way. But there is a way out. It’s much more practical to go for a 3 carat diamond, which would look just as bling and stunning and you’d get much more pleasure from wearing it. You wouldn’t even feel it on your finger.

Recreating Ariana Grande’s Ring

Of course, paying $350,000 for an engagement ring seems just impossible. That doesn’t mean your dream can’t come true…

At “Keyzar” we’ll help you pick the perfect ring. You could always go for an oval 5 carat moissanite that is super cheap, or you could go lab-grown and get a stunning stone for just $10,000. Our pro-tip is to use our 3D tool to help you see your diamond and imagine it before you even receive it.

Oval moissanite image

Oval moissanite

You’d still be getting all of the sparkle, since an oval moissanite is perfectly extra and you wouldn’t be spending the price of a house on an engagement ring… I mean you do need to live somewhere with your boo don’t you? 

We’d recommend going for a thin band for the setting because your stone would look massive. A white gold setting would be perfect, but if you want to cut a little on clarity, then it’s best you go for a yellow gold setting.

Ariana’s gorgeous ring from Dalton Gomez is really every girl’s dream. It doesn’t have to stay a dream though! At “Keyzar” we’ll help you get a ring just as gorgeous or even identical AND your credit card balance will be just fine. An oval cut moissanite or lab-grown diamond would really catch your eye just as well and would be a super cheap option. A celebrity ring isn’t something you can only window-shop for… your “happy ever after” can begin from something just as beautiful…

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